Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
Fiora at Golf Verde Apartments Dubai 414,000 Q4 2021
Sahara Villas Villas Dubai 1,246,000 Q4 2021
Just Cavalli Villas Villas Dubai 1,300,000 Q4 2020
Bait Al Aseel Villas Villas Dubai 1,291,000 Q4 2021
Aurum Villas Villas Dubai 1,554,000 Q2 2020
Aknan Villas Villas Dubai 1,246,000 Q4 2021
Hajar 2 Stone Villas Villas Dubai 1,137,000 Q4 2020
Evo Townhomes by DAMAC Townhouses Dubai 737,000 Q2 2021
Golfotel by DAMAC Properties Hotel Apartments Dubai 395,000 -
Kenda Villas Villas Dubai 1,100,000 Q4 2021
Biela Villas Villas Dubai 1,323,000 Q4 2021
Casablanca Boutique Villas Villas Dubai 1,896,000 Q1 2020
Bahya Villas Villas Dubai 999,999 Q4 2021
Avencia 2 Villas Villas Dubai 1,300,000 Q4 2021
HAJAR Stone Villas Villas Dubai 1,137,000 Q4 2020
Chelsea Standalone Boutique Villas Villas Dubai 1,350,000 Q1 2020
Cascade Villas Villas Dubai 1,075,000 Q4 2021
Akoya Genus Villas Villas Dubai 1,450,000 Q4 2021
Beverly Hills Boutique Villas Villas Dubai 3,092,000 Ready To Move
Viridis at Akoya Oxygen Apartments Dubai 509,000 Ready To Move
Navitas Apartments Dubai 420,000 Q1 2020
Kensington Boutique Villas Villas Dubai 3,125,000 Q1 2020
AKOYA Play Villas Dubai 1,075,000 Q1 2020
MOD Townhouses Townhouses Dubai 616,000 Q4 2020
Akoya Manarola Villas Villas Dubai 2,297,000 Q1 2020
AKOYA Fresh Villas Dubai 999,999 Q1 2020
Akoya Imagine 2.0 Villas Dubai 2,696,000 Q4 2020
Akoya Cuatro Villas Villas Dubai - Q1 2020
XV Villas Villas Dubai 3,230,000 Q1 2020
Akoya Selfie Villas Dubai 1,325,000 Q1 2020
Ettore 971 Bugatti Styled Villas Villas Dubai 35,000,000 Q1 2020
The Beach By Maison De Ville Apartments Dubai Q1 2020

Akoya Oxygen

UAE’S real-estate has witnessed everything from comfort and affordability to high-end luxurious developments. However, one stone that had remained unturned was the introduction of a complete green neighborhood. A natural and sustainable development to ensure the residents breathe in everything pure and that was when Akoya Oxygen came into being. However, the developers took a hard way to establish their capabilities of developing cleanliness driven, a sustainable and efficient neighborhood in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. Therefore, Akoya Oxygen is that one exceptional nature driven environment-friendly residential area that nestles amidst the busiest metropolitan districts of the city and is the perfect example of a sanctuary for those who want to balance their lives in the most natural way possible along with their responsibilities that living in an out and out metropolis like Dubai brings. Thus, it is for this reason that Akoya Oxygen entails the most beautifully designed sustainability-driven Properties for Sale in Dubai featuring commodiously structured Apartments and Villas for Sale.

Properties for sale in Akoya Oxygen | List of Off Plan projects in Akoya Oxygen

Why choose Akoya Oxygen?

Akoya Oxygen enjoys a highly central location and the location is one such key factor that marks up the major percentage in one’s decision of residing within a certain place. Secondly, it’s not just this ideal location but this residential development also lies in close access to all the major necessary key locations like Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates, some best Educational Institutions in the region and a several Healthcare Centers. In addition, investing in such a sought-after area always comes with a promise of reaping major returns and benefits in the future.

Properties for sale in Akoya Oxygen | List of Off Plan projects in Akoya Oxygen

Nearest School and Nursery in Akoya Oxygen:

The area itself has its own school and nursery. Here is a list of schools nearby:

  • Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai
  • GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa
  • GEMS Wellington Academy
  • Indian International School

Nearest Shopping Mall and Community Center in Akoya Oxygen:

The area itself has its own shopping mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • Dubai Outlet Mall

Nearest Hotel in Akoya Oxygen:

The area itself has its own hotel. Here is a list of hotels nearby:

  • Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubailand
  • Auris Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments
  • Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Hotel

Nearest Hospital and Clinics in Akoya Oxygen:

The area itself has its own hospitals and clinics. Here is a list of hospitals and clinics nearby:

  • Medicentres, Dubailand
  • Aster Clinic Silicon Oasis
  • Farha Clinics Children Centre

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