10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

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Even in today’s digital environment, libraries may have a significant impact on society’s advancement. Although their roles and approaches have changed somewhat, they still serve as intriguing pillars of information transmission. The capital of the UAE is the location of several outstanding libraries. The mind can grow and learn best in tranquil surroundings. The best public libraries in Abu Dhabi are all listed in this directory, along with their addresses and phone numbers. if you are a book enthusiast and have recently bought one of the Abu Dhabi homes for sale, then this guide is for you!

Well then, we will now provide information about amazing public libraries in Abu Dhabi you should visit.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

List of Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit

Readers can choose from a variety of libraries throughout the city. There is probably an Athenaeum close to wherever you reside in the city.

Khalifa Park Library, a Top Library in Abu Dhabi that is Worth Visiting

The Khalifa Park Library is top on our list. One of the largest libraries in Abu Dhabi is Khalifa Park Library, which is surrounded by beautiful vegetation. There are more than 50,000 books in this Abu Dhabi public library, including both general and specialized literature. Additionally, it includes a section just for kids called the Children’s Library, and it offers an amazing 10,000 books to develop their creativity and imagination!

This library’s Rare Books Hall and Emirates & Gulf Books Collection are two other noteworthy sections. Periodicals, scholarly publications, and compilations on many academic subjects are available. Numerous other activities are held in the Khalifa Park Library, such as book signings, exhibits of art, storytelling sessions, and celebrations of holidays in the UAE.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Mazyad Mall Library, a Great Library in Abu Dhabi for Book Lovers

Another amazing public library in Abu Dhabi you should visit is the Mazyad Mall Library. The library, which opened in 2012, includes more than 30,000 volumes, including 2,000 kid-friendly selections. The library also provides free Wi-Fi, computers with internet access, book lending services, coordinated school visits, events for kids and adults, and outreach initiatives for neighborhood groups and organizations. Due to the existence of several major primary schools for children aged 6 to 12 in the neighborhood, a specific children’s section was added.

The library has a “self-check-out” service that enables patrons to check out books without interacting with a librarian by utilizing a computer. You are still welcome to use the library as a guest visitor if you don’t have an Emirates ID. Registration at this library is totally free.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Al Bahia Park Library, One of the Most Amazing Libraries in Abu Dhabi

Among the younger bookworms in Abu Dhabi, this public library is well-liked. The lively park that borders the Al Bahia Park Library is nearby. One of the greatest public libraries in Abu Dhabi for kids and teens, with 25,000 volumes available. Residents from all around the city come here to the children’s library in droves.

The library offers unique children’s programs and school visits in addition to its enormous collection. A greater selection of electronic books, magazines, and media is available in the Main Hall.

Yas Island is close to this library. So, if you are willing to purchase a Yas Island property, then this library is most suitable for you.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Library, a Fascinating Islamic Library in Abu Dhabi

Yes, Islam is the focus of everything here. The third story of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s northern minaret houses the library. The parking lot is also fairly large. The collections cover fundamental or important sources of information and references on Islamic history, art, science, and even a variety of papers on how Islamic civilization is viewed by others. There are presently 7000 books in their collections. Excluding more than 100 rare book titles that are important historically, many of them deal with the history and development of Islamic architecture in the Middle East, India, Persia, and Spain.

The general public is welcome to utilize their free internet-connected PC. Another choice is to use your personal laptop. There is Wi-Fi here. Excellent location for studying or simply reading in peace. Using your Emirates ID, you must register there for free. They will give you an ID card. You will be charged if you misplaced the books. The circulation staff will decide on the price.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Al Marfa Library, One of the Most Unique Libraries in Abu Dhabi

Children and scholars can use this particular library. a unique library that appeals to both academics and researchers and kids. Beginning with children’s literature and continuing to specialist books for researchers and scholars, including a specific collection on the oil and gas business, the Al Marfa Library collection includes a wide range of topics. A children’s library and three reading rooms each contain more than 20,000 volumes.

The children’s library has a large selection of books, especially for kids aged 5 to 12, as well as an activity room where kids may watch movies, puppet performances, and stories. A section of the library dedicated to books with in-depth studies on politics, religion, and other specialist topics is one of its features. There is also a section with roughly 2,000 freshly released books in it. There are several publications in Arabic and English, as well as a selection of popular magazines, in the study room. Access to PCs with internet connectivity is available in the Computer Corner. Visitors can get help from the library by utilizing its indexes and subject-specific reference materials.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Zayed Central Library, One of the Top Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit

The Zayed Central Library in Al Ain is the next stop on our list of the most well-liked public libraries in Abu Dhabi. You won’t run out of reading material out here, which is close to the kid-friendly Sulaimi Gardens! This is Al Ain’s biggest public library, with 136,000 books in both Arabic and English.

Books on every subject are available in the Zayed Central Library. Periodicals and scholarly journals are both available. Academic texts and scholarly publications coexist alongside popular reference books and books on obscure subjects. There are, of course, books for young readers as well. A theater, reading rooms, and a bookshop are all included in the enormous building! Watch out for the frequent art exhibits and book signings that take place here.

If you are a student looking for great libraries within great schools, then read our complete list of the best 10 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi. Speaking of schools, if you are an Indian ex-pat searching for great schools in the city, better check out our list of best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi for more information.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Al Wathba Library, One of Abu Dhabi’s Best Libraries That You Should Visit

This fantastic library in Al Wathba Park has a spacious, light-filled ambiance that both children and adults will like.

This Abu Dhabi public library is located in the lovely Al Wathba Park and has a sizable collection of 50,000 books in Arabic and English on a variety of topics. The gorgeous library is light and airy and features reading nooks, internet access, and a vibrant kids’ area with lots of entertaining reading material. Tiger developer is a famous and reliable developer group that is close to this library. If you are looking for amazing properties, it’s a good idea to visit them.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

 Abu Dhabi Children’s Library, a Great Library in Abu Dhabi for Your Children

The majority of libraries in Abu Dhabi provide kid-friendly events and activities as well as children’s sections. Bring your kids to the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library instead if you’re seeking a destination they’ll like as much as the Batman theme park at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. In Al Hosn, inside the Cultural Foundation on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, is the three-story, 5,250 square meter library. The library includes engaging activities and areas made specifically to catch kids’ imaginations and build a passion for books and reading, in addition to the books that kids may read and borrow.

Children can participate in the following activities at the library’s paid workshops: Laser cutting, watercolor painting, crafting, canvas and brush painting, glass painting, decoupage, coloring and drawing, and sketching and coloring are some related techniques. You can check out Emaar off plan properties close to this library if you are looking for beautiful properties.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Qasr Al Watan Library, an Incredible Library in Abu Dhabi

The Qasr Al Watan Public Library is another location on the list. The Palace of the Nation, also known as Qasr Al Watan, is where you can find it at Al Ras Al Akhdar. The palace is a famous historical site in Abu Dhabi. Even from a distance, the façade’s alabaster-white limestone and granite catch the eye. Towering stained-glass domes, flawless marble floors, elaborate patterns on the walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as an extraordinary collection of historical and cultural treasures, are some of the building’s other standout characteristics.

The presidential working palace is called Qasr Al Watan. In the Spirit of Collaboration hall, the Federal Supreme Council and the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates convene. The Qasr Al Watan Library, a working public library, is also there. The library includes a large entrance that is bordered by shelves that are several stories high. It contains 12 wings, each with a different book collection and study spaces, as well as a locked chamber that protects a 2,000-title collection of rare books. Overall, the library contains far more digital editions than print copies of more than 50,000 Arabic and English titles. In charge of running the Qasr Al Watan library is the Department of Culture and Tourism. You are invited to drop by to browse and read, enjoy the library’s unique guided tour, or borrow books if you have a Department of Culture and Tourism library card.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Alliance Francaise, a Top French Library in Abu Dhabi That You Must Visit

Since its establishment in 1974, the Alliance Française in Abu Dhabi and its affiliate in Al Ain have operated as associations under the oversight of the French Embassy. The center, which is located in the middle of the city, provides French classes, hosts cultural events, and has a library. For French speakers, Alliance Française also provides Arabic and English training. It is the sole testing facility authorized to administer tests like TEF, TCF Québec, and DELF & DALF. For those wishing to study in France or immigrate to Canada or Quebec, these tests are necessary.

Micro-Folie Abu Dhabi has been held at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi since April 2019. This project introduces the first digital museum in the UAE that features a collection of more than 500 works of art from 12 renowned French cultural institutions, a virtual reality room, and a Café TV5MONDE, in collaboration with the Francophonie TV channel to share the French language across various devices.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

Last Few Words Regarding Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi

This was our list of amazing public libraries in Abu Dhabi you should visit. Abu Dhabi is home to a number of libraries that serve both adults and children. Visit your local library and check out a few books each week if you want your kids to read throughout the summer but also want to keep an eye on the household budget. Every branch includes distinct special resources, and some branches even have databases to help you with your information requirements.

There are many fascinating properties close to the top libraries in Abu Dhabi. You can check out Dxb off plan if you are looking for great villas and apartments in this city.

10 Amazing Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi You Should Visit!

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Kinokuniya, Magrudy's, and Jarir Bookstore are a few of Abu Dhabi's top bookstores.

Yes, bookworms in the UAE may order books online from retailers like Virgin Megastore or Book Point. So if you don’t feel the need to physically go to a library, check out an Abu Dhabi library online.

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