Tiraz Apartments 3

Tiraz Apartments 3 at Aljada

Being perfect property option for couples and families, Tiraz 3 is a collection of thoughtfully built apartments situated at Aljada Sharjah. The highly popular collection offers studio, 1BR and 2BR units with the eye-catching views of gardens and courtyards. A prime position in addition to smart home features add even more appeal to the amazing apartments of Tiraz 3. Read on for more details about Tiraz Apartments 3 at Aljada Sharjah…

Tiraz Apartments 3 Overview

Starting Price AED 305,000
Price Per Sqft from AED 884
Area from345 Sqft.
Type Apartments
Bedrooms Studio1BR
Location Aljada
Developer Projects50
Est. CompletionQ4 2022
City Sharjah

Tiraz Apartments 3 By Arada Property Developer

This time, Arada Developers has introduced a highly unique project with increasing popularity among home buyers and also investors. A stunning contemporary design, a number of eyeful gardens surrounding the project, as well as superb amenities such as 2 swimming pools, a family barbecue space, exclusive access to a health club, and kids’ play areas are what make Tiraz Apartments 3 a special housing option for almost everyone. Besides, the amazing project is located at Aljada where the residents can experience a deep sense of community and serenity. This fact adds more value to the project, but there’s still much more to know about Tiraz 3…

Tiraz Apartments 3 At Aljada Sharjah

Tiraz Apartments 3 At Aljada Sharjah

Enjoy A Perfect Location!

Being one of the most sought-after communities in Sharjah, Aljada brings together a premium business district, extensive residential districts, three schools, four hotels, beautifully landscaped parks, in addition to considerable shopping and dining options in order for you to experience the lifestyle you deserve.

AlJada Development

Aljada – Amazing Development

Connectivity of Aljada

Apart from offering unique elements for a comfortable and happy life, Aljada is a handy neighborhood where any place you need will be right on your doorstep. Living in Aljada, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of shopping, entertainment and dining options. Also, you will enjoy a large number of activities in Aljada. Whether it’s walking through lush green parks, dining at incredible restaurants, or simply taking the family out!

Distance to main landmarks:

  • 3 mins to University City
  • 5 mins to Sharjah International Airport
  • 15 mins to Dubai International Airport & Sharjah Corniche
Tiraz Apartments at Aljada

Tiraz Apartments at Aljada

Entertainment In Aljada

Offering Madar, Aljada turns into an entertainment paradise for the family. Madar is an entertainment hub offering a wide list of attractions where you and your family can enjoy a large number of activities. A number of activities in Madar:

  • A free drive-in cinema
  • A popular food district
  • Movie Nights
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Skateparks

So, Aljada is an all-inclusive community where every single day is packed with a feeling of excitement and endless possibility. Welcome to Aljada!

The Boulevard 2 Apartments At Aljada Sharjah

Amenity, Quality, Convenience!

If quality, comfort and convenience are important to you, Tiraz Apartments 3 are absolutely perfect properties for you. Tiraz 3 promises a new style of living in a community where your prosperity, serenity and peace of mind is on top priority!

  • Smart home features in Tiraz apartments
  • Exclusive access to health club
  • Exclusive access to swimming pools for adults and children
  • Children’s play areas
  • Courtyard and gardens
  • Family barbecue space
  • Within walking distance of family entertainment destination (Madar in Aljada)
AlJada Development

Aljada – Central hub

Why UAE?

  • Strategic location
  • Superb infrastructure
  • Stable currency
  • Tax free incomes
  • Incredible safety
  • Happiest people in the world
  • High salaries
  • Highly lucrative businesses
  • Natural beauty
  • Pristine beaches

The Boulevard 2 Apartments At Aljada Sharjah

Great Investment Opportunity!

Yes, an excellent home and also a great investment opportunity. Be in touch with us and receive your home’s keys!

**You may also like Sendian Villas in Masaar being perfect homes and ideal investment opportunities!  

Tiraz Apartments - Elegant Living Room

Tiraz Apartments – Elegant Living Room

Payment Plan

InstallmentMilestonePayment (%)
Down PaymentImmediate10%
1st InstallmentWithin 30 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
2nd InstallmentWithin 60 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
3rd InstallmentWithin 90 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
4th InstallmentWithin 120 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
5th InstallmentWithin 150 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
6th InstallmentWithin 180 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
7th InstallmentWithin 210 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
8th InstallmentWithin 240 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
9th InstallmentWithin 270 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
10th InstallmentWithin 300 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
11th InstallmentWithin 330 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
12th InstallmentWithin 360 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
13th InstallmentWithin 390 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
14th InstallmentWithin 420 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
15th InstallmentWithin 450 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
16th InstallmentWithin 480 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
17th InstallmentWithin 510 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
18th InstallmentWithin 540 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
19th InstallmentWithin 570 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
20th InstallmentWithin 600 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
21st InstallmentWithin 630 Days of Signing Reservation0.75%
Final InstallmentOn Completion70%

Tiraz Apartments 3 Price Range

The sizes & prices above may not be updated. To get updated sizes & prices, click here.
The sizes & prices above may not be updated. To get updated sizes & prices, click here.

Tiraz Apartments 3 Location Map

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This location in the map may not be exact. To get exact location, click here.

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