What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

We don’t think anyone in the world hasn’t heard about living in the tallest tower in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is one of the most touristic buildings in Dubai. In addition, Burj Khalifa is very much loved by investors to buy apartments in Dubai and tenants to rent apartments. Here is the question of why life in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa can be special? To answer this question, we visited one of the housing units in Burj Khalifa to check the conditions in the house and its specific facilities. And finally, we have to say that life in the Burj Khalifa is much higher than a Guinness World Record can be. Below we examine living in Burj khalifa. Stay tuned.

What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

What is life like in Burj Khalifa in Dubai?

Have you ever thought about living in the Burj Khalifa? Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world. What facilities can await the residents of the tower? Imagine living in the tallest and most luxurious tower in the world, the Dubai Burj Khalifa, and invited guests. How can you guess how your guests feel?

Burj Khalifa Dubai is located right in the center of Dubai. With the emirate’s largest shopping mall right next to the Burj Khalifa, residents never feel deficient in terms of shopping. Also, despite the very stylish restaurants close to reaching very good cuisine, they also have a very good reach for delicious dishes.

Burj Khalifa Residence

below we examine the great conditions of life in Burj khalifa.

  • The extraordinary views of the Burj Khalifa that no other tower can have

We have to say that this is our very favorite option. We have to say that all towers with more than 20 stories in Dubai provide you beautiful views. But it’s just Burj Khalifa residential units that give you great aerial views of the whole city of Dubai. We dare say that the sky is limited to the Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high and has 160 stories. More exciting than Burj Khalifa is Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to be taller than the tower. In the interesting facts about Dubai Creek Tower, we check some points about this tower which would be interesting to know. In addition, Dubai Creek Park is near Dubai Creek Tower and there are a lot to do in it.

From the 19th floor to the 108th floor in Burj Khalifa, the tower’s residential units are located. We really don’t believe you limit yourself to 20th-floor landscapes when there are 88 floors up to see more beautiful scenery. Plus to make the landscapes more attractive, floor-to-ceiling windows of each apartment are provided by Marder’s Boutique RealtyDubai.

It can be exciting to imagine when you enter your apartment and see the whole city of Dubai in front of you. As you know, Dubai is very luminous and glamorous at night. So your vision of Dubai at night can be fantastic, and we think there can be nothing better than watching this scene to end your day.

What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

  • Facilities in Burj Khalifa are fit for a King

What features will get your attention? Valet services, Jacuuzies, and tennis court, which one? It is very common for residents of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to enjoy very luxurious facilities because living in the tallest tower in the world alone is not enough. Our envy was aroused when we saw the details of the amenities in Burj Khalifa. Living in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is like living in a 5-star hotel and you can use the facilities of this 5-star hotel for free. If you have reviewed our site, you have noticed that we have reviewed various buildings in Dubai for more information about the use of these buildings. Another building with an article about it on the Dxboffplan website is the Al Twar Center in Dubai.

The Al Twar Center is a building where you can do most of the paperwork in Dubai under one roof. In your guide to Al Twar Center in Dubai, we have introduced all the centers and offices in it.

Below we introduce some of the Burj Khalifa’s facilities:

  • Valet parking
  • Concierge service
  • Tennis Court
  • Indoor/outdoor swimming pool, the second-highest swimming pool
  • Jacuzzis
  • Fitness center
  • Recreation room for gathering & events
  • 24 hours maintenance
  • Business center
  • Security
  • Communal garden
  • Having a meal at the world’s highest restaurant
  • Market
  • Resident library
  • Yuga and message center
  • 2 Night clubs, one on the basement floor, another on the 144 floor which is the highest nightclub in Dubai

And we have to say that because you are a resident of Burj Khalifa, you will be treated as a VIP in any of these places.

What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

  • Apartments in Burj Khalifa are what dreams are made of

When you take a look at one of these apartments, you will find out why Burj Khalifa is the most luxurious address to live in. Burj Khalifa has 900 residential units including studio apartments and 1-4 bedroom apartments. Be sure to have gorgeous dark-stained wood floors with a state of the art luxuries fittings, and elemental floor-to-ceiling windows. And these, give you the striking views of Dubai we mentioned earlier fondly.

What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

  • Reach your apartment in Burj Khalifa

You may need to use two elevators to get to your apartment in Burj Khalifa. We have to say that these elevators are the fastest in the world. Using these elevators in the first stages can be a little confusing, but not as confusing as you think. You usually have to spend 5 to 10 times.

Burj Khalifa Residence

New York Times published the words of some residents of the Burj Khalifa

The paper presented a challenge among residents of the world’s tallest towers with the question. What life can be like in these skyscrapers? Residents of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa sent these sentences to The Newspaper Times:

  • I could watch entire storms pass away
  • Outside our door. High up in Burj Khalifa, we board one of the tower’s 57 elevators and are catapulted even higher to the 123rd floor, as if we were weightless objects being effortlessly lifted through the air
  • Our ears adjust several times as we sped along at almost 60 feet a second
  • We have our coffee in the wood-paneled residents’ library, elegantly carpeted with a design mimicking the undulations of dunes and wispy serifs of Arabic calligraphy
  • As we entered the lobby we are greeted with the calm-invoking aroma. Our posture shifts as we relax and breathe in the air of refinement.
  • The Burj Khalifa was designed with Middle Eastern influences in mind, drawing on patterns from traditional Islamic architecture, like mashrabia window lattices that screened families from the harsh desert sun and provided privacy in dense villages
  • This is a building that calls us to be personally reflective in spaces of pure harmony and to be grand in our own aspirations, just as the building is itself

Burj Khalifa Residence

Cost of living in Burj Khalifa

As you must have guessed, living in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa can’t be cheap at all. The price of the cheapest apartments in Burj Khalifa has soured to nearly AED 5000 sqft which is almost USD $ 1400 sq ft according to the search released by Arabian Business.

What does Living in Burj Khalifa Dubai like? How does it feel to live in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

Burj Khalifa the Glamour of Dubai

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we reviewed life in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. We have explored the luxury facilities provided for living in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Real-life glamour can be achieved by living in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. There are tons of celebrities and high-profile socialites who frequent the building, because of the Giorgio hotel, which is located in Burj Khalifa. Dubai is one of the most luxurious choices for celebrities to invest in and buy property, and many celebrities own an apartment or at least a villa in Dubai.

If you want to own a home like these famous people in Dubai, be sure to contact Dxboffplan’s real estate consultants via WhatsApp. You can also find your dream home by reviewing our site and the properties for sale in Dubai according to your budget and facilities.

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