First time at Creek Park Dubai? Here are 12 Things to Do

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In our minds when we think of Dubai, we tend to think of a tall, luxurious building that dominates the city. Nevertheless, there are many innovative attractions in the city, as well as fairly unknown green spaces. Creek Park is one of these lesser-known green spaces. It is located between Bur Dubai and Deira and is the city’s largest park. It is a great spot for picnics, walks, and outdoor activities for all ages. Creek Park is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience a different side of Dubai. Despite the major cost of living in Dubai, Creek Park is a great spot for those looking to experience the outdoors without breaking the bank. With a variety of activities and attractions, Creek Park is the perfect spot for relaxing, exploring, and having fun.

Below we will examine what to do in Dubai Creek Park.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

About Creek Park in Dubai

Dubai Creek Park is located on Dubai Creek and opened in 1994. Dubai Creek connects the port of sea trade to the desert. It is accessible by water and has three helipads, a communication center, and an emergency room. It passes through the middle of the Dubai City area. Creek Park is the second-largest park in Dubai. It covers vast acres of lawns, gardens, and children’s play areas. Its lush green scenery and a cool breeze from the sea make it the best place in Dubai to spend an evening with your family and loved ones. Creek Park has five entrance gates. Three gates are on the main street, and two gates are on one side of the Al Garhoud and Al Maktoum bridge. The entry fee for this large park is just AED 5 per head for adults. The good news is that Creek Park has parking that is so accessible for visitors. For those looking to invest in real estate, Creek Park is located in one of the best neighborhoods to buy property in Dubai. The neighborhoods surrounding Creek Park are known for their quality housing, desirable amenities, and access to public transportation.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Things to Do in Creek Park Dubai on your First Visit

The following is a list of things to do in Creek Park Dubai that you need to know about:

Watch the Dolphin Show in Dubai Creek Park

One of the exciting things to do in Creek Park is to go to the dolphin show. As you know, dolphins are very clever animals. To fully understand this, you can see this show at Dubai Creek Park. This show is very interesting for both children and adults. Dolphins perform some wonderful tricks, like juggling and jumping through hoops. If you’re lucky, you can see dolphins swimming with their disciples.

There are other facilities like a mirror maze, a 5D and 7D teacher, a trampoline, as well as a dolphinarium. There are also 20 types of birds in the park that you can see closely.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Enjoy a Picnic in Dubai Creek Park

One of the thousands of ways to spend a holiday in Dubai is to go for a picnic in Creek Park. Not only can you enjoy the greenery, but you can also see a beautiful view. In addition, numerous BBQ spots are provided in the park where you can enjoy cooking and barbecuing with your friends and family. There are several pre-installed barbecue stations to choose from in Creek Park in Dubai. The thing to keep in mind is that if you are planning to go on a picnic on the weekend, you have to arrive early. Because during the holidays the park gets crowded very quickly.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Learn at Children’s City in Dubai Creek Park

Visiting a children’s city in Dubai Creek Park is a requirement if you come to the park with your children. The children’s city helps kids learn things through fun and hands-on experiences in an indoor infotainment center. The places provided here include a planetarium, a nature center, a global exhibition, a technology gallery, and an earth science gallery. Children under the age of 6 can participate in the games based on their age. There is also a theatre in the venue that can be fun for both children and adults. The Creek Park in Dubai is a great place to visit for those who are considering getting a UAE golden visa. Not only does the Creek Park offer a variety of activities, but it also provides a great opportunity to explore the culture and beauty of Dubai. Furthermore, with the UAE golden visa, visitors can enjoy a longer stay in Dubai and experience all that the Creek Park and the city has to offer.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Enjoy the Play Area at Dubai Creek Park

You can take your children to the Creek Park playground if you don’t have time to visit the kids’ city. While you relax or take a stroll nearby, your children could use the swings, slides, and climbing frames in the playground. This play area has everything to keep your children happy and entertained. We suggest you join in the fun and recreate your childhood memories in the play area.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Rent a Dhow in Dubai Creek Park

Take advantage of the opportunity to ride a dhow here. To ride on Dubai Creek, you can rent a small wooden dhow at Dubai Creek Park. When you ride a small wooden dhow, you visit the tiny boardwalk near the dhow area. It would be a memorable ride for you because of the traditional dhow and the serene atmosphere of the area.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Enjoy a Mini Train Ride in Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park is huge, and if you come to the park with your children and want to walk around and see the whole park, it can be very frustrating. Going for a ride on a mini-train would make it fun and easier for you and your family. While a little one finds it extremely exciting, it is relaxing for adults, and you can visit different areas of the park really easily. If you want to be safe from the overwhelming sunshine of Dubai in the park in the afternoon, be sure to visit the park by mini train.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Explore the Park on a Bicycle in Dubai Creek Park

If you want to exercise while visiting the park, you can visit the park with a bike. Cycling allows you to visit the park at the speed you want and make your own good time. You can see beautiful scenery while cycling, including themed gardens and flowerbeds. If you don’t have a bicycle, you could rent one in the park. It would be a great way to explore the park with your friends or family. If you get tired, there are plenty of benches to rest and enjoy the view. You can also take pictures of the scenery to remember your visit.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Go on a Cable Car Ride in Dubai Creek Park

Perhaps the most exciting hobby after cycling and mini-trains in Creek Park is a cable car ride. A cable car covers 2.3 kilometers of the park and lasts for 30 minutes. The cable car ride gives you an aerial view of the park as well as the surrounding area because you ride 30 meters above the park. It is a great way to see the beautiful Dubai Creek and check out the numerous attractions of old Dubai. You can have some amazing views of the old Dubai skyline so we suggest you take your camera.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Enjoy a Delicious Meal in Dubai Creek Park

Usually, going out in Dubai ends with eating, which is also true in Creek Park. There is one main restaurant famous for its seafood. Alongside this, there are many snack kiosks, outlets, and old cafés in which you can grab a bite or drink on the go. If you love Middle east food, there are several shawarmas that you can taste. In addition, you can also find international food options such as pizza and burgers. There are also several ice cream stands and dessert shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Play Golf in Dubai Creek Park

The Dubai Creek Park gives you a perfect opportunity to play mini-golf. You can practice or show off your golfing skills on an 18-hole course in Creek Park. Both locals and tourists are interested in the mini-golf club at Dubai Creek Park. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. It’s also a great way to have fun and challenge yourself. The course is well maintained and equipped with all the necessary equipment.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Barbecue Spots in Dubai Creek Park

Barbecue spots are just one of the free facilities that are provided in Creek Park. Families who love to go on picnics where they can cook and enjoy meals. Barbecue spots spread across the park. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis and have grills, picnic tables and other amenities. The park also has a playground, walking trails, and benches for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural scenery.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Shop Gold near Dubai Creek Park

We suggest you not miss the once-in-a-lifetime chance to window shop for gold at one of the most extensive collections of gold in the entire world. If you are in Creek Park, head to the gold souk in Creek Deira, and do not forget to bargain. And if you are interested in gold, read about the most popular gold shops in Dubai to be more familiar with the gold shops in Dubai.

12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

Creek Park in Dubai; your New Favorite Destination

Visit Park Creek and breathe in its clean air if you are tired of surfing Dubai and need a break. The Dubai Creek Park package is one of the most affordable packages one can find in Dubai. With many free facilities and low wages, everyone can have a good time. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of Park Creek, filled with natural beauty and fresh air, and make the most of your break. With its convenient location and low prices, Park Creek Park is an ideal place for an enjoyable and affordable vacation.

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12 Things to do when at Creek Park Dubai for the first time

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Facilities at Creek Park Dubai include a mini-golf club, barbecue spots, walking trails, benches, a playground, and a gold souk.

Most of the facilities at Creek Park Dubai are free to use, including barbecue spots and walking trails.

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