Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
Gardenia Villas Villas Dubai 8,046,540 Q1 2020
Forest Villas Villas Dubai 11,864,937 Ready To Move
Creek Vista Tower C Apartments Dubai 835,454 Q1 2023
One Park Avenue Apartments Dubai 1,544,585 Q4 2022
Sobha Creek Vistas (Tower A) Apartments Dubai 1,248,975 Q3 2021
Sobha Creek Vistas Tower B Apartments Dubai 790,000 Q3 2021
Hartland Quad Homes Townhouses Dubai 5,337,940 Q1 2020
Water Canal Villas Villas Dubai 34,616,769 Ready To Move
Hartland Aflux Apartments Apartments Dubai 900,280 Q1 2020
Hartland Greens Apartments Apartments Dubai 961,290 Ready To Move
Hartland Estates Villas Villas Dubai 8,046,540 Q1 2020

Properties for sale in Sobha Hartland | List of Off Plan projects in Sobha Hartland

Sobha Group is predominantly one of the biggest development entities in the region. Being an established master developer, Sobha Group has multiple state-of-the-art projects to their name within the region and their name is often taken in synonymy with everything quality, class, and elegance. Sobha Hartland is one of Sobha Group’s most well-received, applauded and acknowledged developments in the city of Dubai. Nestling in the heart of central Dubai in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Sobha Hartland is a mixed-use development featuring stunning Properties for Sale in Dubai like Villas for Sale and Apartments for Sale within it. Taking after its name, the development is expected to bloom into a highly sustainable one with the greenest of the foliages this city has witnessed.

Why choose Sobha Hartland?

At par infrastructure, unmatched class and elegance and an aura full of panache are just few of the reasons as to why one should choose Sobha Hartland as their ultimate address in the city. This master-development is expected to be one of the most sought-after destinations in the city attracting not just local but foreign investors given the magnitude of its scope. Due to its central location in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, this development features close proximity to all the key locations one requires in their vicinity like Educational Institutions, Medical Centers, Grocery stores, Retail and Leisure spots etc. Thus, this investment is most definitely a very fruitful one and would only get more and more valuable with time.

Properties for sale in Sobha Hartland | List of Off Plan projects in Sobha Hartland

Nearest School and Nursery in Sobha Hartland:

The area itself has its own school and nursery. Here is a list of school/s nearby:

  • Hartland International School

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