35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Apart from searching for the best restaurants in Dubai, the top Dubai sports pubs and venues are great locations to relax with your friends while watching live sports. When it comes to live sporting events, a fan’s selection of sports bar is frequently just as significant as their team preference. To watch your favorite football team while sipping cocktails and snacking on foie gras, you’ll need a pint glass, a slew of widescreen TVs, sports shirts hung on the wall, and, of course, plenty of cheers.

Try one of these bars the next time Chelsea takes on the Chennai Super Kings at Yas Marina Circuit. Given that the much-anticipated Fifa World Cup is currently underway and football leagues all over the world are once again heating up, now is an excellent time to visit some of Dubai’s best sports pubs to watch all the live-action with friends and family. The best sports bars in Dubai to watch football are mentioned below, including the best sports pubs.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Check Out the Best Sports Bars in Dubai

We all know how cool it is to gather with your friends and family, grab a drink and watch a great match of your favorite team. Here are the best sports bars in Dubai.

Barasti, a Top Sports Bar in Dubai

Barasti Beach Bar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike because of its lively bar ambiance and mouth watering food. Its platform, which is on the coast, provides a stunning view on both sides, with a striking contrast between Dubai’s tall buildings and the glittering blue Arabian Sea.

While the live band on the ground level provides a more laid-back, calm atmosphere, the more energized partygoers walk downstairs where resident DJs get the dance floor rocking. Without a question, this celebrated bar has emerged as a major figure in Dubai’s social scene. Before moving forward, it’s important to note that Barasti isn’t a dedicated sports bar despite having numerous TVs and frequently running specials. However, this well-known semi-open air pub goes all out when there is a big event, like the World Cup. They typically set up a huge screen so that even the smallest rider can keep up with the action.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Underground Pub, one of the Best Sports Bars in Dubai

The fact that the bar staff is trapped inside a London Underground 1996 Rolling Stock after it crashed into the establishment may surprise patrons. It doesn’t matter; this was planned. With its red-brick interior and overall gloom, the bar seems like a stop on the London Underground. However, it is air conditioned and doesn’t smell bad like the actual Underground.

The bar is perfect for those of you who support London-based teams, whether it is Arsenal or Harlequins, as it is designed after one of London’s most prestigious engineering fetes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Liverpool fans routinely crowd the venue.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Locker Room, one of Dubai’s Finest Sports Bars

There are several bars in Al Barsha that enjoy showing live sporting events, but the fact that we chose The Locker Room suggests that it must be worthwhile. There are several seats available and a pair of pool tables. There are so many TVs hanging on the walls that we lost count, but that just means you can watch several sports at once.

Pockets of fans can get together in their own huddles due to the numerous TVs that are strewn throughout every square inch of the wall. Due to the multiple partitions, those who choose to watch cricket or football can do so, while others who prefer to quarrel over what is displayed on the main screen at the conclusion can do so as well.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Crown and Lion, one of the Best Sports Bars in Dubai

It doesn’t get much more comfortable than the Crown and Lion for British people who want to watch live sports in a bar. Because of the wood-paneled walls and earthy smells, you may go there with your football jersey and not feel out of place.

The Crown and Lion have a great “pubby” ambiance that is enhanced by numerous screens and enough seats. For large sporting events, there is ample standing room to fit everyone in; it nearly seems like home.

McGettigan’s, a great Irish Pub in Dubai

Despite not being a chain of only sports bars, McGettigan’s understands conversions from offside regulations. The well-known Irish chain is a terrific venue to watch live sports, especially rugby and Premier League football. But first, a word of advice: if the Six-Nations is on, you should dress in green.

The atmosphere of McGettigan’s is fantastic, and most of the patrons are Irish, who are unquestionably the nicest people. As a result, if you’re hoping to catch some rugby or GAA, you’ll probably get carried away with the evening.

One of the most well-liked sports bars in Dubai is McGettigan’s JLT, which has a number of HD TVs and a calendar with activities including cricket, football, rugby, and more. McGettigan’s JLT is a superb sports pub and a popular weekend hangout in addition to being one of the top locations in Dubai to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Harvesters, a Top Sports Bars in Dubai supporting Manchester United

Harvesters Pub is the headquarters of the Manchester United UAE Supporters Club; thus it stands to reason that this homage to the English “local” is a fantastic venue to watch live sports. Although it may not be the roomiest setting, the urban bar atmosphere makes watching sports feel a little more personal.

There is no greater environment to watch Manchester United attempt to regain some respect than in the company of other Red Devils. It still seems dapper despite its average size.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Fibber Magee’s is a Great Sports Bar Straight from Dublin

Fibber Magee’s is the closest and most crowded pub you can get for individuals who enjoy cramming themselves in. The back-alley pub is a tiny piece of Ireland, complete with barrels, toucan-themed wall art, and a staircase that leads nowhere. If you want to watch sports in the same manner that people do in Ireland, go to Fibber’s.

Fibber’s always generated a buzz, in part due to its more intimate dimensions, whether they are broadcasting the Premier League, IPL, rugby, or, of course, GAA. If nothing else, it will help cure your homesickness because you’ll stand in line at the bar like you would on a busy Saturday back in Dublin.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill, one of Dubai’s Top Sports Bars

All sports bars serve bar food, but only a select handful do it as well as The Huddle. Due to the size of both venues, Bur Dubai and Al Barsha, the atmosphere is excellent for larger broadcasts. It isn’t very expensive either.

The Huddle frequently attracts groups of friends to its bar because of how open it is, making it a popular gathering spot. There are enough screens to keep distinguish sports apart.

There are football shirts on walls and TV screens everywhere you turn. That is how you are greeted at this sports bar in the Citymax Hotel in Al Barsha. This is one of the friendliest pubs in Dubai, playing a variety of games like basketball, cricket, football, and rugby. You may enjoy a fantastic game with friends while paying reasonable charges. They also have a site in Bur Dubai if you want to be closer to Old Dubai.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Girders, a Fine Sports Bars Located in Dubai

In the JA Ocean View Hotel in JBR, there is a sports bar called Girders that has an industrial aesthetic. It makes sense on several levels right away. Because of its location at the end of The Walk, you can do some shopping or grab a quick bite to eat before heading out to watch the game. Another good cause is the presence of draught taps on the table.

It might get fairly dangerous depending on the game and the teams involved. However, the Girders is a fantastic site to watch sports. Its industrial motif will keep you calm when you’re 6-1 down against Stoke City.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Quantum Sports Bar, an Awesome Sports Bar in Dubai

You won’t fit in at Quantum if you prefer watching live sports while surrounded by horse brasses, hops bags, and Left-wing economic views. This bar takes a much more elegant and professional approach to typography. This contemporary bar has a silver finish and is bordered with vinyl ceiling tiles, Formica strips, and strip lights.

The atmosphere at Quantum is much more relaxed, with the emphasis on sports watching rather than the raucous chanting that is usually associated with it. If you want to see a game in a more refined setting, here is the place to be.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Brew House, Watch Great Sports in Dubai the American Way

You can dine in a rustic atmosphere with neon signs at Brew House, which is situated in the Citymax Hotel in Business Bay, Dubai. At this American steakhouse and beer garden in Dubai, you can watch the game on live television while dining on glamburgers, wood-fired pizzas, grilled fish, and steak as well as their famous wood-smoked barbecue and comfort cuisine.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Double Decker Swissotel Al Murooj, a Top Sports Bar in Dubai with an Underground Vibe

This British-themed pub, which rates as the greatest sports bar in downtown Dubai, is the ideal spot to get a sense of home with its London Bus and Underground vibe. The Double Decker pub is a well-liked location to watch sporting events live.

The Fire Alarm Burger, Buffalo wings, and their special Mexican platter are all on the menu. It’s a terrific spot to listen to good music, meet interesting people, have delicious drinks, and spread positive energy because there is both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Don’t miss their excellent Double Decker Pool & Brunch package on Friday afternoons.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Distillery Gastropub, the Best Sports Bar in Dubai for Hipsters

Visit this late-night gastropub to experience Dubai’s legendary hipster scene. Distillery is the ideal hangout area for a fun lunch and drinks with friends because it is within a 10-minute walk from Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Distillery certainly lives true to its name with a wide variety of unique spirits, bizarre cocktails, and artisan beer.

Distillery is the place to go if you’re looking for a relaxed setting that hosts entertaining ladies’ nights, post-work happy hours, and weekend brunches. Every Saturday from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm, they also offer Late Brunch, which is excellent food and drink at a terrific price.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

CLAW BBQ Crabshack and Grill, an American Restaurant to Watch Sports in Dubai

CLAW BBQ is a home away from home with its vibrant atmosphere and American restaurant ambiance. This bustling restaurant is a must-visit for everyone and is recognized for its scrumptious Texas Beef Brisket, Texas Toast, Jumbo Shrimp, Pork Ribs, Burgers, Hot Wings, and many other wonderful dishes.

Its bar features an unmatched selection of drinks served in moonshine jars and pitchers, along with a jukebox in the corner. Expect to find a vast variety of rum, the city’s largest range of tequila, and beers on tap. With 50-inch TVs in the bar and a private games area at the CLAW Barn, you won’t miss any of the excitement from the world of sports.

Claw BBQ is a typical American sports bar located in the heart of Dubai that serves both dine-in and takeout orders. Over a footbridge, Souk al Bahar is conveniently accessible from Dubai Mall. So if you have bought a house from Emaar properties in Dubai, make sure to check this place close to your home.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Stables / Rodeo Drive, one of the Best Pubs in Dubai

Stables is one of the city’s most well-liked pubs and a weekend favorite for locals of Dubai. The enormous screens, inviting décor, and regular happy hour specials make it one of the top sports bars in all of Dubai. Stables has you covered for live world cup screenings of either football or cricket. The first floor of Rodeo Drive is also accessible if Stables is busier than normal. Additionally, they have televisions where you can watch the games, and while the players are having a break, you can kill time by riding their mechanical bull!

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Trophy Room, a Great Place to Watch Sports in Dubai

This hotspot at the upscale Fairmont on Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the city’s newest sports bars. It has an eponymous trophy case, low-slung seating, and an open ceiling to give it a chic yet edgy vibe. This Dubai pub is winning fans among sports fans because to its diverse cuisine and one of Sheikh Zayed Road’s longest happy hours. Large screens can be found all across the facility, and on one end there is a master screen made up of nine separate screens.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Long’s Bar is a Fine British Sports Bar in Dubai

One of the well-known British sports bars in Dubai, Long’s Bar, provides the ideal atmosphere for watching live broadcasts of any sporting event. They have screens all around and a fully stocked bar in the middle. You won’t miss a single second of the game because every table at Long’s Bar has a TV in its direct line of sight.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Headlines, an Affordable Sports Bar in Dubai

The best location to find affordable sports bars in Dubai is Headlines on Sheikh Zayed Road. If you go, you’ll see that the entire pub is decorated with the flags and uniforms of several sports teams. This is one of the most entertaining locations in Dubai to watch sporting events thanks to its eccentric and vibrant furnishings and TV displays. Make sure to sample some of their renowned Indian cuisines while you’re there.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Belgian Beer Café, a Top Sports Bar in Dubai Straight from Belgium

One of Dubai’s finest sports bars, the Belgian Beer Café is located in Barsha Heights and serves traditional Belgian fare and beverages. Your sense of place will be enhanced by their cuisine and beverages as well as the cozy wooden decor.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Kickers Sports Bar, one of Dubai’s Best Sports Bars

This bustling restaurant is a must-visit for everyone and is recognized for its scrumptious Texas Beef Brisket, Texas Toast, Jumbo Shrimp, Pork Ribs, Burgers, Hot Wings, and many other wonderful dishes. Kickers Sports Bar has not only established itself as a popular spot to watch sporting events but also as one of the top bars in Dubai. Kickers are a top choice when asked “where to watch football in Dubai?” because there are TV displays on almost every wall and a large screen outside on the patio.

Residents of the flats for rent in Dubai Sports City vouch for the welcoming ambiance of this local bar in Dubai. It’s understandable how this made it onto our list of the best sports bars in Dubai with its offerings of a ladies’ night, quiz night, Thursday Rock n’ Roll night, and a reasonably priced Friday brunch.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Stars n Bars, one of the Newest Sports Bars in Dubai

Stars n Bars, one of the newest sports bars in Dubai, is situated in the stunning La Mer beachfront community. The Yas Island location of the first franchise branch is a very hip place to go out in the city, and the Dubai location is also building a following thanks to the high-concept wall art and laid-back atmosphere of this American sports bar. Stars n Bars is a terrific place to watch the game and hang out with friends because it has enormous televisions as well as video game consoles, pinball machines, and foosball tables.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Amsterdam Hub, a Fine Sports Bar in Dubai (Temporarily closed)

This sports pub in JBR is a terrific venue to watch football in Dubai. It’s a welcoming area with barrels used as tables. At this oddball tavern in JBR, you might wander into a game of football even though they also show other games. If you want to take a break from watching the action on one of the televisions at this sports pub in Dubai, the pool table and darts are ideal diversionary diversions. (Note: This bar will shortly reopen; it is currently closed.)

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Barrel 12, one of Dubai’s Greatest Sports Bar

The industrial-themed bar is located just before the tunnel leading to Atlantis at the top of the famous Palm Jumeirah. It offers a number of big screens to watch all the action-packed events, as well as some cool specials and fantastic pub fare. With seven massive TV screens and spectacular views of the Palm Marina East, this is one of the greatest bars in Dubai for watching sporting events while sipping on your favorite beverage.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Rose and Crown, a Top British Sports Bar in Dubai

The Rose and Crown is the greatest option for a traditional British sports pub in Dubai to watch the English Premier League. Any British ex-pats missing their hometown pubs should come here to sample the brews and chow down on some traditional pub fare. This authentic British pub in Dubai will keep the customers satisfied with its numerous giant screens broadcasting live action, darts and pool tables, and some amazing music!

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Nezesaussi Grill, one of the Best Sports Pubs in Dubai

Some of the tastiest burgers in town can be found here, along with tidy wooden furnishings and sports memorabilia on the walls. That is the focus of this sports pub in Downtown Dubai with a rugby theme. If you’re looking for things to do in Downtown Dubai, this pub is a terrific place to see a game because it has a lot more family-friendly atmosphere than the other establishments on our list of the top sports bars in Dubai. You may not be aware, but the unusual name stands for Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Nezesaussi Grill has a location in Dubai Marina. So if you live in Dubai Marina properties, this is a great place if you’re looking for a sports bar there as well!

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Qube Sports Bar, Experience One of the Best Sports Bars in Dubai with Your Friends

The Qube Sports Bar in Meydan provides the most opulent experience for viewing the game, in keeping with Dubai’s international reputation for extravagance. The cubical screen placed in the middle of the bar, which shows the game from every aspect conceivable, is the centerpiece of this inclusion on our list of the best sports bars in Dubai. This Dubai pub has several other TVs strewn about it, as well as dart boards, pool tables, and other diversions to keep you entertained in between performances.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Time Cafe, Have a Great Time with One of Dubai’s Best Sports Bars

The best sports bars in Dubai to watch a game are Time Cafe, which has many TVs throughout with pool tables and live music to keep you entertained at halftime. They also provide a fantastic Friday brunch deal with the ultimate buffet.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Barrels Sports Arena, a Great Sports Bar Situated in Dubai

Another long-time favorite for a pint and some amazing sporting action is the Barrels Sports Arena, which is a well-known hangout for sports enthusiasts in Dubai. In addition to appealing discounts, this sports bar in Bur Dubai offers live game broadcasts.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Fisherman’s Hub, Check Out one of the Best Sports Bars in Dubai

Sports fans frequently gather at this British bar in Bur Dubai, which is a part of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa, to watch sporting events. The Al Fahidi Historical District is nearby. This sports bar in Dubai is a must-stop if you want to catch the most current games because it serves up delectable pub fare and has large screens to show the best matches of the year.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Dubliner’s, a Fascinating Sports Bar in Dubai

The Dubliners, an Irish pub, is another excellent location to watch the next games in Dubai. This family-friendly tavern is great for watching the game in a calm setting. You can bring your children along because there are several board games to keep them occupied.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

The Irish Village, another Great Sports Bar with Irish Vibes

The Irish Village, a well-liked hangout on the weekends, is renowned for its stadium-style seating for football and other sporting events. During the summer, they also create a large air-conditioned tent for sports fans to enjoy. This is also one of the top pet-friendly locations in Dubai, allowing guests to bring their four-legged companions with them.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

QD’s, another One of the Best Sports Bars in Dubai

Want to watch a game with the gorgeous creek waters as a backdrop? Visit QDs in Al Garhoud right away! Two giant HD screens are available to watch the game on, as well as some amazing deals on their food and beverage menu. With a wide variety of flavors, it’s also among Dubai’s top Shisha bars.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Bidi Bondi, Amongst Dubai’s Top Sports Bars

An authentically fun-loving Australian sports pub is Bidi Bondi. A number of enormous, wall-smothering projectors, as well as a dozen or so additional TV screens that swarm about the central, four-sided bar, can be seen at Bidi Bondi’s, which can be found on the beach-level of the Palm’s Shoreline Apartments. This sports pub on the Palm Jumeirah is the epitome of simple pleasures, and it’s especially fantastic when there is rugby playing. Rivalries and teasing aside, this place is a welcoming place to have fun.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Garden on 8, a Modern Sports Bar in Dubai

Garden on 8 is a vast, airy, modern sports pub with a huge patio and an equally sizable screen outdoors in Dubai’s Media City. It is arguably the antithesis of Fibber Magee’s. Sure, it’s amazing on game days, but during the major finals, this venue is a totally savage place.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Offside, One of the Best Sports Bars You Can in Dubai

Offside is a premier sports bar in Dubai with an upper terrace bar and a massive, retina-stunning screen at one end. It is one of the more recent additions to the JBR entertainment scene. You may enjoy some excellent BBQ food here to pair with your fairly priced pint while craning your neck to watch as many of the large TVs that line the bar as you can.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

Which Best Sports Bar in Dubai Should I Choose?

Dubai has shown to have the best things, great for perfectionists; from the best parks in Dubai to the best nightclubs.

So, it really depends on your preferences but it can be safely assured that whichever you pick will definitely provide an awesome experience with your family and mates. Other well-known and best bars in Dubai where you can watch sports, including football, include the well-known Player’s Lounge & Club (also known as Player Sports Bar Dubai) in Bur Dubai. You might also consider Barasti Beach Dubai, Lock Stock and Barrel, Nippon, Reform, and other trendy hangouts, but because these venues aren’t exclusively sports bars, they won’t be on this list.

So if you are living in Dubai homes or are just traveling, make sure to give them a try. For more information about Dubai properties, check out Dubai off plan properties.

35 Best Sports Bars in Dubai (2022 review)

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