Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t-Miss

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When you visit Dubai, you’ll understand why it’s one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. You have made the right decision if you have considered purchasing fairly priced Dubai homes for sale. Now, you have to check out the best restaurants in Dubai since it’s totally worth it. Food from all around the world, including Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Lebanese, is available for sampling. We’ll focus on the best  Afghan restaurant in Dubai, which is a favorite among Dubai diners. Learn about the top Afghan eateries in Dubai that provide traditional dishes like Kabuli pulao, chapli kababs, and stews. In addition, they provide excellent service and traditional cooking techniques.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

The Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai!

There are so many Indian and Pakistani eateries in the city that Afghan cuisine and its delectable dishes are often overlooked. Afghan food is influenced by the cuisines of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent but has its own unique flavor profiles and combinations.

Thankfully, it has some of the top Afghani restaurants in Dubai, and once you have their delicious food, you’ll become a lifelong fan. With a UAE Golden Visa, you can enjoy the vibrant, multicultural city of Dubai and all it has to offer. From the delicious and unique Afghan restaurants to the stunning beaches and luxurious homes, Dubai has something for everyone. With a UAE Golden Visa, you can access all of these incredible experiences the city has to offer.

Now without further ado, here are the top Afghani restaurants in Dubai you shouldn’t miss.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Sthan, one of the Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai

Sthan, a restaurant in the center of Karama, is the first on our list of the top Afghan eateries in Dubai. Sthan offers food from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in addition to Afghan specialties.

This little eatery has tasteful, cozy cuisine and uncomplicated décor. If you like melt-in-your-mouth Pashtuni taftans, hearty kormas, or tender chapli kababs, this is one of the best Afghan restaurants in Karama, Dubai. Not only is this restaurant delicious, but it is also very affordable. You definitely get your money’s worth here. Despite the cost of living in Dubai being higher than in many other cities, you can still enjoy the unique flavors of Afghan cuisine without breaking the bank. Sthan is just one of the many affordable restaurants in Dubai that offer delicious, traditional Afghan dishes.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Afghan Khorasan Kabab, Don’t Miss This Top Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

Afghan Khorasan Kabab is a true hidden gem located in Al Quoz across from the Dubai Bowling Centre. This little eatery offers tasty kababs that have held their flavor and quality over time. This Afghan restaurant in Dubai offers a variety of dishes, including tikka kababs and unique Shinwari kababs.

The classic Afghani pulao, with its flavorful rice and tender beef, is another favorite among repeat customers. Make sure to mark this eatery down on your must-try list because there is lots of parking close by.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Wakha, a Fascinating Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

The most well-known Afghan restaurant in Dubai, Wakha Restaurant, is a favorite hangout for residents, especially students attending one of the best schools in Al Barsha. They want to enjoy delicious Afghan cuisine prepared by the best Afghan chefs. Suppose you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Dubai to buy property. In that case, the Afghan restaurants mentioned here can give you an idea of the local culture and the incredible experiences the city has to offer. Al Quoz, Al Barsha, and Karama are all great neighborhoods in Dubai with lots of amenities, a vibrant atmosphere, and excellent investment opportunities. In addition, you can also enjoy the unique flavors of Afghan cuisine, which makes living in these neighborhoods even more enjoyable.

Wakha Restaurant takes pleasure in delivering delectable Afghani food made with natural spices, and clients can select their own cuts of meat. Along with dinner, freshly baked bread is provided. In summary, there are three sites for Wakha, one of the most well-known Afghan restaurants in Dubai. There are two other Wakha Afghani locations in Al Barsha and Al Nahda. It is distinguished by delivering Afghan and Shinwari foods that are excellent and flavorful while also being healthy. Home delivery is an option if you want to sample grilled pork and dumplings at home.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Bayman, one of Dubai’s Best Afghan Restaurants You Can’t-Miss

When you notice the extensive selection of traditional foods on the menu, your mouth will start to water. The meal known as “qabuli pulao” will be served with cured lamb shanks over aromatic rice flavored with cardamom and cumin, with carrots and almonds on the side. At Kadu Borani, a traditional flatbread stuffed with spiced pumpkin is cooked and served as a wonderful starter.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Afghan Kabab House, a Fine Afghan Restaurant in Dubai to Go with Your Family

One of Dubai’s top places to get Afghani kebabs is the restaurant. A wide range of traditional Afghan foods are available on the menu. One of the standout items is a thin rice dish that has been marinated in cumin and cardamom, combined with soft lamb chunks, and topped with carrots and almonds. You may also sample the mouthwatering Afghani bread there.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Barbeque Delights, one of the Finest Afghan Restaurants in Dubai

Even while The Walk at JBR has a lot of restaurants, relatively few cafés, pizzerias, and other establishments offer buffet service. Although there is an à la carte menu at Barbecue Delights, which is located near Amwaj Rotana at the further end of the once beachside food strip, the buffet appears to be the main attraction for most customers. You can fill yourself stupid with Indian, Arabic, and a few less obvious cuisines for a fair price.

The majority of the grilled meats, salads, and bread are delectable and filling. Although BD serves Indian food, its curries are far from outstanding and are similar to stews served at school lunches. However, if you’re looking for a cheap, no-frills lunch and don’t want to struggle for a seat elsewhere, there’s plenty to fill up here.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Kishmish, a Truly Great Afghan Restaurant

If you’ve never had Afghan food before, Kishmish, Dubai’s first fine-dining Afghan restaurant, is the ideal location to start. Kishmish, a restaurant in Dar Al Wasl Mall, mixes a chic and modern ambiance with delicious food. Their menu offers traditional Afghan fare like the Mantou, lamb-stuffed dumplings, Aash, a warming stew, and mouthwatering chapli kababs. The restaurant also offers a variety of other dishes, including a variety of rice dishes, salads, and desserts. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. Kishmish is the perfect place to experience Afghan cuisine.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Shahista Restaurant & Café has One of the Best Afghan Cuisines in Dubai

Shahista, a restaurant serving Afghan cuisine for the first time of its sort, has just opened its doors in the Garhoud neighborhood. It offered locals a distinctive eating experience. As one of the most diversified cuisines in the world, Shahista restaurant expertly combines the culinary customs of four major cultural regions: the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Far East. These regions contribute to the unique and flavorful dishes that the restaurant offers. It is quickly becoming a popular destination for anyone looking for a delicious and different dining experience.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Ariana Kabab, Don’t Miss Out on Great Kebabs in One of Dubai’s Finest Afghan Restaurants

Visit this restaurant as well as Juma Al Majid Heritage & Culture Center. Visitors will like the Afghan and Pakistani delicacies on the menu. Visitors may expect tasty grilled chicken, shawarma, and pilaf from Ariana Kabab chefs.

This eatery offers food delivery to make things simpler for its customers. The staff is cute, according to most users. Clients concur that prompt service is provided here. This restaurant offers meals at a fair price.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Kabana, an Excellent Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

Kabana in Jumeirah 3 is the next establishment on our list of recommended Afghan restaurants in Dubai. Dubai’s Kabana delivers a fusion of Afghan and Mediterranean food and is situated in the hip Jumeirah neighborhood. The restaurant is decorated brightly and hospitably and features outside seating ideal in the cooler months. Customers also adore the succulent lamb chops and chicken tikka kababs, even if the Kabuli Pulao is the menu’s standout dish.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Al Kabab Al-Afghani, one of the Most Popular Afghan Restaurants in Dubai

Many of the locals frequent Al Kabab Al-Afghani, which is a popular eatery in the reasonably priced neighborhood of Al Qusais. This restaurant, which has three locations in Dubai, is the best place to find genuine Afghan food. Enjoy a refreshing Afghan salad, traditional mantou, and some of your favorite meals like charcoal chicken or boti chicken at this Afghan restaurant in Al Qusais. The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes as well. You can choose from different appetizers, entrees, and sides. Prices are quite reasonable, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Kabul Darbar, Enjoy Great Cuisines at This Top Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

If you’re in the mood for some delectable Afghani Pulao, a rice dish flavored with raisins, lamb, and carrots and served here with your choice of kababs, head over to Kabul Darbar in Deira. Their comprehensive menu also includes curries and barbecue dishes, and guests love their soft, fresh naans. Customers can choose to eat at a standard table or the traditional majlis-style seating. Nevertheless, parking is a challenge at this Afghan eatery in Deira, Dubai.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab, a Well-Known Afghan Restaurants in Dubai

Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab is our last recommendation for the best Afghan restaurants in Dubai. Another popular little cafe in the Deira district, Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab, serves a variety of kababs, pulao, and curries from Afghanistan. Don’t pass up the unique Afghan soup or, shockingly, the shawarma, both receiving excellent reviews from consumers. The atmosphere is always buzzing, with friendly and polite staff. The restaurant has a great ambiance, and its prices are incredibly reasonable. Highly recommended!

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Bilal Afghan is one of the Greatest Afghan Restaurants. You Sure Can’t-Miss

In the UAE, there is a restaurant called Bilal Afghan Restaurant that delivers food to the International City. It offers a variety of Afghani grills and curries.

Cucumber yogurt and Kabuli Pulao with Sea Bream Fish are their top sellers. They also provide a wide selection of dinners and cuisines such as Afghani, Grills, and Curry. They also offer a variety of desserts, including homemade ice cream and baklava. Customers can also enjoy a selection of drinks, such as beer, wine, and tea. Delivery options are available for those who cannot visit the restaurant.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

White Falcon, a Magnificent Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

Deira is a nice neighborhood in Dubai. If you have bought a property from a reliable real estate such as Ellington Group, you sure need to know about the best Afghan restaurants in the city. One of Deira’s most well-known and sought-after eateries, White Falcon, serves Afghan and Indian food to the locals. The restaurant serves excellent meals in terms of both quality and quantity through a variety of items on its menu while having a simple décor.

It is a modest eatery that offers mouthwatering “bheja” (brain) fried, paratha, samosa, pulao, etc. The chefs here prefer high-quality spices to provide rich taste and scent to the dishes they take great satisfaction in delivering. Try their meat prepared in rich gravies and a side of egg dishes that have been tailored to your palate.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

What’s your Take on Dubai’s Afghan Food?

This was the list of the best Afghan restaurants in Dubai. It is safe to say that Dubai has the best Afghan restaurants that you can find, but which one is right for you depends on a lot of factors. You can also check out great Indian restaurants in Dubai if you are traveling or considering investing in UAE real estate. Dxboffplan real estate specializes in UAE off-plan properties and is the ideal villa or apartment for sale in Dubai. With our expert knowledge and vast network of contacts, we can help you find the perfect property to fulfill your needs.

Best Afghan Restaurants in Dubai You Can’t Miss

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Afghan restaurants typically serve a variety of dishes, including Afghani, grills, and curries.

The most popular dish at Afghan restaurants is typically the Kabuli Pulao with Sea Bream Fish.

Yes, many Afghan restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options.

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