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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    The Pixel Community is located at one of the most sought-after locations of Abu Dhabi, Makers District. Makers District is a mixed-use development on Reem Island where is set to be the new heart of Abu Dhabi. This hoped-for area is home to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

    Besides, Makers District is a scenic waterfront development that amazingly integrates the best of cosmopolitan living and the beauty of nature. Reem Island is an ideal place where you will find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking views of untouched white sandy beaches. Thus, choose your own piece of Makers District, get immersed in the beauty of nature and start living your dreams.

    Properties for sale in Makers District| List of Off Plan projects in Makers District

    Amenity & Quality

    Pixel is set to make living easy. Pixel community is an amazing place where you will find yourself at the epicenter of an abundance of first-class amenities such as hair salons and medical clinics. Other facilities include kindergartens, laundromats, coffee shops, and kids’ play area. In Pixel community, you have the chance to live conveniently and comfortably to experience the true meaning of prosperity.

    The Difference Of IMKAN

    IMKAN is one of the most reputable and renowned developers that has created the most extraordinary and distinctive buildings across the UAE. In fact, IMKAN is more than just a real estate developer.

    This highly famous developer is dedicated to create the most distinctive buildings. In fact, all the retail, residential, hospitality and commercial projects of IMKAN have something in common. All of them bring aspiration to their surroundings. In addition to this, what IMKAN has placed on top priority is enriching people’s lives. This is what makes IMKAN a highly unique and special real estate developer.

    Properties for sale in Makers District| List of Off Plan projects in Makers District

    As well as these, it should be said that IMKAN does its best to feed the soul, cultivate an organic sense of community and foster innovation by engaging, collaborating and enriching. All of the amazing projects of IMKAN are the reflection of this goal.

    IMKAN has a strong development and research platform at its core. As well as this, IMKAN has a team of dedicated researchers who work in order to help initiate, articulate, develop and facilitate creative solutions at any level of property development cycle.

    UAE, The Country Of “Bests”

    The United Arab Emirates is highly reputable as a country that is an incredible fusion of tradition and modernity. Also, the UAE is a strategic location combining the best of west and east. This is the reason why this amazing country provides its citizens, residents and visitors with first-class entertainment, culture, business and travel.

    The UAE is famous for:

    • The bridge between The East & The West
    • Superb infrastructure
    • Stable currency
    • Tax-free incomes
    • Incredible safety
    • Happiest people in the world
    • High salaries
    • Lucrative businesses

    Properties for sale in Makers District| List of Off Plan projects in Makers District

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