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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Pixel Towers Apartments Abu Dhabi Al Reem Island 713,777 Q4 2021
The Dunes Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Nudra 9,477,777 Q1 2020
Al Jurf Villas Plots Land Abu Dhabi Al Jurf 1,737,777 Q2 2021
The Beach Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Nudra 15,877,777 Q1 2020
The Shores Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Nudra Sold Out Q1 2020
Rabia Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Al Jurf 9,742,777 Q4 2021
Joud Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Al Jurf SOLD OUT Q4 2021
Budoor Villas Villas Abu Dhabi Al Jurf 2,571,777 Q4 2021

IMKAN is one of the most reputable and renowned developers that has created the most extraordinary and distinctive buildings across the UAE. In fact, IMKAN is more than just a real estate developer. Read this to the end to know why.

This highly famous developer is dedicated to create the most distinctive buildings. In fact, all the retail, residential, hospitality and commercial projects of IMKAN have something in common. All of them bring aspiration to their surroundings. In addition to this, what IMKAN has placed on top priority is enriching people’s lives. This is what makes IMKAN a highly unique and special real estate developer.

As well as these, it should be said that IMKAN does its best to feed the soul, cultivate an organic sense of community and foster innovation by engaging, collaborating and enriching. All of the amazing projects of IMKAN are the reflection of this goal.

What makes IMKAN different

IMKAN has a strong development and research platform at its core. As well as this, IMKAN has a team of dedicated researchers who work in order to help initiate, articulate, develop and facilitate creative solutions at any level of property development cycle.

Another point that IMKAN takes for granted is raising the overall standards of residents’ lives by contributing to the ecosystem, environment and community of each property that develops.

The partnership

IMKAN has also has partnered up with some other companies in order to make its developments as excellent as possible. For instance, IMKAN has developed its recent project with the partnership of MVRDV. This partnership has been done with the goal of creating a livable and soulful place for people. To do so, IMKAN and MVRDV worked together in order to make difference.

IMKAN’s brilliant projects

The strength and the unique art of IMKAN can be seen in the most extraordinary and exemplary projects that this famous real estate developer has developed. Here are some of them:

  • Sheikha Fatima Park: known as the “secret” development of IMKAN, is set to be a bustling hive of activity. In fact, it is going to be a fun space that is perfect for whole family. Also, it should be said that Sheikha Fatima Park will replace the previous park called Khalediya Ladies Park. As IMKAN has announced, the new park will include places to eat, shops and relax, an adventure zone, in addition to an exclusive space for children and women and interactive educational areas.
  • Pixel: The Pixel Community is located at one of the most sought-after locations of Abu Dhabi, Makers District. Makers District is a mixed-use development on Reem Island where is set to be the new heart of Abu Dhabi. This hoped-for area is home to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.
  • Al Jurf is the most popular location of the UAE where is set to be the new Riviera destination of the region. Al Jurf is situated along the Sahel Al Emarat Coast that adds a new layer of beauty to the stunning existing landscape. Also, Al Jurf is the incredible combination of natural environment and cosmopolitan design making it the most livable location of the country.
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