24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Shawarma is a traditional Middle Eastern street food and is one of Dubai’s most well-known delicacies, despite not truly a particularly traditional dish in the UAE.
Shawarma has been around for a long time, originating in the Levant area. So, this food hasn’t originated from the Arabian Peninsula, but it has taken a  great place among delicious foods in the UAE.
Shawarma is mainly a dish having spiced meat that is slowly charred in mouth-watering fat juices, sliced and dabbed with tasty garlic sauce, and wrapped perfectly in a fresh saj or pita with extra pickles and hot French fries. It is definitely worth a try if you have a Dubai work visa and permit and are living in Dubai homes or are just a tourist on vacation.

We have mentioned 24 places with the best shawarma in Dubai here for you to go enjoy these special meals, whether alone or with family and friends.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

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Allo Beirut, a Great Place to Feast on shawarma in Dubai

Allo Beirut is one of the best Shawarma restaurants in Dubai and has proven to be a great option among the city’s fast-casual Levantine scene. At this restaurant, you can either order beef, or chicken, or just go with both of them on a platter instead of being wrapped and ready. You can get to choose between traditional Arabic bread or baked saj too. The pricings are listed from Dhs 11 for small and from Dhs 20 for large sizes.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Beiruti, One of the Best Places to Buy shawarma in Dubai

Al Beiruti is a Lebanese restaurant located on Sheikh Zayed Road and has made it to our list of the best Shawarma restaurant in Dubai for 2022. While there is a lot of talk about the Al Beiruti fries and manakish, it’s actually the beef and chicken shawarma platters that continue to steal the hearts of everyone and satisfy their hunger. You can have yours served with grilled potato, thick-cut fries, coleslaw or salad. The chicken Shawarma costs AED 40 and for beef, AED 42.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Hallab, a place in Dubai with the best shawarma

Al Hallab is one of Dubai’s more luxurious shawarma places. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be wrapped in gold or filled to the brim with caviar. Al Hallab’s Midas expertise is in the freshly baked and soft bread that covers a juicy wedge of chicken, a serve of pungent garlic paste, crunchy pickles, and fresh fries. You can also get to enjoy your meal on the terrace.

The prices start at AED 11 for shawarmas and AED 34 for extra fries, pickles and garlic.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Falamanki, one of Dubai’s Best Places for Trying Shawarma

Al Falamanki oozes an abundant charm and provides its customers with some of the greatest Lebanese pastries you can find in Dubai. Ordering the tender and tangy beef-filled shawarma rolls never fails as well. While you are at this restaurant, you can also order the eggplant seasoned with the magical mix, mop it up with hot saj and be satisfied completely. This place is located in Jumeirah 2, so if you are living in Jumeirah park properties, make sure to check this amazing place for a quick meal.
The price of each shawarma here costs AED 50.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Ijaza Cafeteria, Another Great Place With the Best Shawarma in Dubai

This fascinating cafeteria is located at Jumeirah as well. The Al Ijaza cafeteria has been a trustworthy place on Jumeirah Beach Road for decades. With its long menu of multi-coloured juices and affordable snacks, this unflashy cafeteria has managed such a lengthy tenure. Its shawarma is amazing and has been known by visitors from various backgrounds. This dining place also serves fruit cocktails which have surprising names like Corniche, Happy Day and Computer, among other things.

The prices for small-sized shawarma are AED 6.50 and AED 8.50 for a large one.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Mallah, a Suitable Place to Have Top Shawarmas in Dubai

Al Mallah definitely has to be included on your list if you are seeking delicious foods. This shawarma restaurant was launched previously as a humble juice bar back in the late ‘70s, but nowadays it has become a great spot for feasting on shawarma too. The shawarmas here are quite affordable. Enjoy your shawarma with tender meat, a punchy garlic sauce, and soft bread and experience the glorious combination.

The pricing starts from AED 9, making it one of the most affordable places to feast on tasty shawarmas.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Mandaloun, Experience One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai Here

Al Mandaloun is a fascinating place for trying authentic Lebanese meals in the busy surroundings of DIFC. The mixed meat plate is absolutely a tasty and serious meal. This is a perfect place to enjoy a shawarma made with juicy, marinated slithers of both lamb and chicken accompanied by veggies, fries, sesame and delicious garlic sauce.
The price of a shawarma here costs AED 67.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Nafoorah Serves One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai

Al Nafoorah is situated at Palm Jumeirah and is without a doubt one of the most pricey choices on our list. You will never find a better shawarma at this place. The tender chicken is smoky and succulent, the salty pickles are tasty and the bread is fresh and soft. Making it a must-visit for visitors looking for a special shawarma experience.

The price for one shawarma is AED 70.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Al Safadi, a Suitable Place in Dubai with Tasty Shawarmas

This restaurant is another noteworthy place to feast on tasty Lebanese meals in Dubai. There are four branches of Al Safadi in Dubai, so you rest assured that you will never be far from a shawarma wherever you are. The tasty shawarmas here are expensive as well due to the setting at areas such as The Pointe, easily justifying the hefty price tag. Choose the chicken shawarma with hummus for a great combination, or try a fresh bread and pick a plate filled with delicious garlic sauce, french fries, and salty pickles.

The prices start from AED 40 for a delicious shawarma.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Barbar, One of Dubai’s Top Places to Have a Great Shawarma

Located at Hessa Street, Barbar is a Lebanese eatery in Dubai that has the most delicious shawarmas in the city. This restaurant can easily be included in the list of one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Things are kept quite simple and authentic here. All you need to do is order the tasty chicken shawarma along with extra toum, then you will see how delicious your meal turns out. Barbar is now open day and night, seven days a week.

The price here for a shawarma is AED 11.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Bebabel, one of the Top Choices for Having Shawarma

Another great shawarma restaurant is the Bebabel located on Fashion Avenue having stunning views of the Burj Khalifa tower and the Dubai Fountain. Out of a menu that includes genuine and excellent meals, such as fresh salads and swoon-worthy hummus, the beef shawarma platter served here mostly stands out because of its combination of juicy grilled meat, hot and crispy fried potato cubes, fresh veggies, and a creamy tarator sauce for dips.
The price is quite expensive, costing you AED 80.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Beirut Bites offers the Best Shawarmas in Dubai for You to Bite On!

Located in the Tifanny Tower, Beirut Bites offers tender beef slices and delicious chicken pieces, making it a priority for those who want to find shawarma in Dubai. Enjoy your meal along with a zingy beetroot salad and baby rocket, herbed feta, walnut, and lemon oil dressing for maximum pleasure from the flavors.
The price for a chicken shawarma only is AED 25 and AED 39 for a chicken shawarma meal including fries, dips, pickles, salad or rice, coleslaw, and a drink.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Help Yourself with One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai at Bright Moon Cafeteria

Bright Moon Cafeteria is a humble spot that has an absolutely massive menu, but the shawarma here is what many people adore the most. You get your shawarma placed up on a plate, stuffed in a wrap or smeared with hummus, all for just under AED 20. The prices start from AED 5.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Café Beirut is a Place That Offers One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai

With its classically decorated dining room, traditional music and beautiful, shaded outdoor terrace, there’s a lot to love about Café Beirut which was opened recently and we include their tasty shawarmas on that list. Customers also recommend the chicken shawarma Caesar salad besides its delicious shawarmas.
Shawarma prices start from AED 18.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Eat & Drink, one of Dubai’s Best Places to Eat Shawarmas

Eat & Drink is a suitable place for those who are looking for a shawarma that is both tasty and affordable. This eatery has a great selection of tender spicy shawarmas for you to pick from with a wide variety of meat and flavor options. You can try the classic chicken or beef shawarma. You can also try the Mexican shawarma if you are feeling adventurous.

The price for each shawarma here is AED 5.50.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Satisfy Your Hunger with Tasty Shawarmas in Dubai at Farouj Fawaz

Farouj Fawaz is located in Al Barsha and is another top place to eat great shawarmas. Order a generous amount of hummus shawarma and satisfy your hunger like a pro. Farouj Fawaz is a perfect place for eating alone or as a snack with your friends and family. You can also order fresh broasted potato on the side, a great and healthier alternative to classic French fries. Kids can also go there and have a great meal after attending one of the best schools in Al Barsha, whether alone or with their parents.

The price of shawarma here is AED 28.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

IKEA, another Place to Consider in Dubai for Feasting on the Best Shawarmas

IKEA is another great place if you are looking for affordable food located at Jebel Ali. The shawarma served here is prepared with classic Arabic bread with well-seasoned chicken, salty pickles, french fries, and lots of garlic sauce. For dessert, you can even buy a soft serve ice cream cone just for AED 1.

The price of shawarma here is AED 5.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Operation Falafel, a Great Spot to Eat Shawarmas in Dubai

A great fast-casual Levantine dining place in Dubai has to be operation Falafel, being considered now a popular place to go to with branches in the UK, USA, and KSA. Although the eatery is named after one of the most famous middle-eastern foods, ordering shawarma is also a must. When it comes to shawarma, choose between chicken (with pickles, fries, and garlic) or beef (with onion, parsley, grilled tomato, and tarator), wrapped in traditional Arabic pita or saj.
The price for small-sized shawarma starts from AED 14, and AED 22 for large.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Laffah Restaurant Has One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai

Laffah’s chicken shawarma is a delicious way to treat you and your family. The meat is sliced thinly and seasoned in a beautiful and delicious way, having a spicy yet sweet, and also peppery yet fragrant taste. The meat is then put in a tasty sauce and wrapped neatly between a thin piece of bread, before being greatly toasted for a crispy finish.
The prices start from AED 7 making it a quite affordable meal.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Try Vegan Shawarmas in Dubai at Mantoushe

The Mantoushe serves vegetarian shawarma for those folks who don’t eat meat. So if you’re vegan you shouldn’t miss out on the vegan shawarma at the Lebanese takeaway joint Mantoushe. The ‘Beyond Meat Steakwarma’ includes lots of spicy Meat, fresh parsley, salty Lebanese pickles, sliced onions, juicy tomatoes, and tahini sauce. The guacmous is another unique sauce that is actually a mixture of avocados and hummus.

The price of a vegan shawarma here is AED 38.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Metro Falcon Restaurant, reward Yourself with Tasty Shawarmas in Dubai

The Metro Falcon Restaurant is another option for those who are looking to try delicious Arabic shawarmas. The wrap is packed with chicken, fries, pickles, and tasty garlic sauce, along with extra fries. While waiting for your order to be ready and served, you can choose to check the massive menu, having everything from beef stroganoff to tasty Indian breakfasts.
You can drink your meal down with the amazing Titanic juice, costing you AED 13 to get this colorful concoction.
The price of shawarmas here cost AED 16.80.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Shawarma Station, try One of the Tastiest Shawarmas in Dubai

When there’s talk about shawarma in Dubai, the shawarma station is one of many great eateries to go to. It has dozens of chains around the city and while the menu has the likes of falafel, Greek salad, and kibbeh, it’s their juicy chicken shawarma wraps that people mostly love to eat there. The price starts from AED 9.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Shiraz Nights Definitely Has One of the Best Shawarmas in Dubai

The Shiraz Nights is located at Deira and the queues outside the shawarma window suggest that the shawarmas are going to be tasty. All you need to do is try one shawarma to know the truth. The restaurant’s spicy chicken shawarma typically is full of tasty flavors, with slices of meat dripping with fat, a lot of chili-garlic toum, and fresh tomato slithers, neatly wrapped in thin Iranian bread. After that, order a fresh glass of pomegranate juice to wash it all down. The shawarma here is also affordable, only costing you AED 7.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

S’wich, one of the Best Spots for Having Top Quality Shawarmas in Dubai

The shawarma served at S`wich may not be traditional, but when modernization tastes this great, we’re never going to question it. There are magnificent options in the gourmet shawarma selection which includes the Smoking Chicken Castro, aioli, a hot potato, spicy honey-filled beef, and a wrap that mixes Peking duck vibes with shawarma notes to greatly delicious effect. The price of shawarma starts from AED 30.50.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

Which Best Shawarma Place in Dubai should I choose?

Well, it greatly depends on what food you prefer and how much you are ready to spend on a shawarma. We gathered the 24 places with the best shawarma in Dubai for you to choose your option easier and go to the one you think matches your needs. You can even base it on your location. But one thing is for sure, whether for a quick lunch or a hearty 2 am snack, there are lots of amazing places serving shawarma all over the city.

24 Places with the Best Shawarma in Dubai

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