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A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

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Sharjah’s Al Noor Island has become a popular destination for those living in reasonably priced properties in Sharjah and tourists looking to unwind in the family-friendly emirate. When you enter Noor Island in Sharjah, it’s as if you’ve been transported to a whole new world filled with alluring attractions.

This location has a lot to offer anyone looking for time away from Sharjah’s bustling city life and shopping malls. This includes the spectacular lighting shows and amazing art sculptures, the lovely fluttering butterflies, and the serenity of the Literature Pavilion. Al Noor Island is the perfect place to visit for those looking to invest in properties in Sharjah and get a UAE Golden Visa. With its many attractions and natural beauty, Al Noor Island is the perfect place to relax and explore. With no restrictions on foreign investments, a Golden Visa in the UAE is an excellent way to gain access to the many benefits of owning a property in Sharjah, such as tax-free income and free access to world-class healthcare and education.

Here is a guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah for you to learn more about this beautiful Island and what it has to offer.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Attractions on Al Noor Island, Sharjah

Al Noor Island embraces, explores, and experiments with the life-affirming power of light. Here, you may see rainbows that shine at sunset upon ponds and dazzling meadows that shimmer romantically in the air. In addition, you may see spectacular light shows reflecting off brilliant silver metallic sculptures. Al Noor Island celebrates one of nature’s greatest gifts: the miracle of light. This gift can be seen everywhere, from grand displays of technicolor artworks to a serenely lighted children’s playground and the dim glow of lanterns along the water.

Al Noor Island is a fantastic weekend activity for people since there are many things to do there. The same is true whether you are a culture vulture or an enthusiast of nature. In comparison to Dubai’s major cost of living, Al Noor Island in Sharjah is a much more affordable destination. The Island itself is a beautiful place to explore, with lush gardens, stunning artwork, and plenty of recreational activities. It’s also a great place to take the whole family as there are activities suitable for people of all ages.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Butterfly House, One of the Best Places to Visit on Al Noor Island

The architectural focal point is the Butterfly Pavilion, which has a golden sun-shade roof that can be seen from a distance. The butterfly house’s remarkable, organically curved steel framework is covered with tens of thousands of star-shaped metal blooms, which, when the sun shines through them, create decorative patterns on the inside glass pavilion. In addition to 500 unique butterflies and a tropical rainforest environment, the building boasts a gift shop and a sultry café.

The roof, which is made up of three interlocking sections, spans 800 square meters. Visitors stand inside an organic shell supported by nine support points around the perimeter on steel columns that resemble trees. It resembles the cocoon that a butterfly spins. A continuous, three-dimensional edge girder that takes the load off the roof and a network of nodes and triangular connections hold the steel supporting structure in place. It was difficult to systematize the 4,000 distinct nodes theoretically necessary for the steel elements, which were computed using the finite element method (FEM), such that finally, just 600 nodes were required to achieve the ideal balance between variety and efficacy. The load-bearing steel frame and the thin (3 mm) aluminum petals meet at every node, employing a wide range of variable angle brackets at various levels.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

●        Al Noor Island’s Butterfly House Tickets

In addition to your admission ticket, there is an extra fee to enter the Butterfly House. The following details apply to the optional guided tour of the Butterfly House:

-Price: AED 15 for adults and AED 10 for children ages three to twelve.

-From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Art and Sculpture, a Magnificent and Artistic Experience on Al Noor Island Sharjah

Some of Sharjah’s most aesthetically spectacular artworks and sculptures may be seen on Al Noor Island. This Island is recognized as a destination where art and culture are explored and celebrated. Al Noor Island is a visual and sensory delight for fans of art and sculpture, from the shimmering meadows that lead the way along moonlight boardwalks to the soothing tranquility of the Torus work and the flashing lights of the OVO installation.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Torus, an Outstanding Artwork in Al Noor Island, Sharjah

As you approach “The Torus” by David Harber, it tempts you to focus on your own reflection, but as you get closer, you see how beautifully it catches and reflects the surrounding beauty. The glossy, mirror-polished sculpture provides you with a view of an alternative reality and gives you the impression that you are caught up in an epiphanic science-fiction moment.

By tricking the sight and engaging the mind, a 240 cm elliptical artwork made of a double-sided stainless steel doorway manipulates light and reflections to alter perspective. The Torus outdoor sculpture is composed of convex curves with a distinctive center void. The strange benefit of this work of art is that it distorts the viewer’s perception of the surrounding area.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Fossil Rocks, a Prehistoric Magnificence in Al Noor Island

They have a special place in the Island’s environment as distinctive natural occurrences that represent strength and force from the earth.

The installation of minerals and rocks has transformed the Island into a popular tourist attraction. Rock crystal, amethyst, and petrified wood, which are all found in the Island’s northern region, are a few unusual stones that serve as a sort of guardian.

Rock crystal, which was once known as the Arab Diamond in Europe, was discovered in 1995 in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and is thought to be 300 million years old. The largest amethyst mine in the world, located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is where amethyst is mined. Just let the uncompromising genuineness of the Fossil Rocks sweep you away.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

OVO Art Installation, a Beautiful Sculpture on Al Noor Island

It is home to eight distinctive sculptures created by some of the most well-known artists in the world, including the egg-shaped OVO art installation that has been seen in important cities all over the world. The three components it mixes are wood, LED illumination, and water vapor. The two entrances to the sculpture are accessible by a water pool that reflects light. The LEDs, various light projects, and paintings on the 45,470 sq. Meters Island also comes alive at night.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Columns by Susanne Schmögner, an Abstract Beauty on Al Noor Island

‘Columns,’ a technicolor series of colorfully painted columns that stand tall and strong against a backdrop of lush greens that make up the Island’s rich flora and wildlife, was developed by an Austrian designer Susanne Schmogner. These sculptural columns are linear, abstract, and striking; they are barely a foot away from the untamed grasses and striking cactus.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

The Swing, a Truly Immersive and Artistic Work on Al Noor Island Sharjah

The Swing is an immersive work of sustainable art that symbolizes the UAE’s past and present. Seven rusty, abstract pieces of mild and stainless steel with Ghaf and palm tree leaves engraved into them make up the sculpture. The Swing provides tourists and art aficionados with a profound frame of mind by integrating the idea of “anxious waiting” that Emirati ladies went through during the pearl harvest season in the past with contemporary wealth.

The song “The Swing” recalls the pre-oil era of the Pearl Harvest when ladies stood on the coast in anticipation of their husbands’ arrival out of fear of losing them. On the other hand, a family nowadays would relish their time together while relaxing on this long swing. They would feel secure while watching Sharjah and the UAE grow and progress. The work was made using both contemporary and antiquated elements, symbolizing the past and present. With an abstract metal framework made of palm branches, the patterns of the Palm and Ghaf trees are seen.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Steel Sculpture by Edgar Tezak, an Excellent Sculpture on Al Noor Island

Edgar Tezak, an Austrian artist, has an intriguing idea in this openwork ornamental sculpture about permanent incompleteness and ongoing development. The beautiful metal sculpture interacts with the Island’s natural environment, slowly covering itself in rust, according to the artist’s vision. This gives the work a distinctive feel and makes nature a collaborator.

The sculpture resembles punched metal architectural décor, which has appeared at various points throughout art history in virtually every nation, from modest domestic things to architectural accents. The relationship between different eras, nations, and civilizations has been personified in this work.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Installation by Monica Gilsing, a Peaceful Symbol Located on Al Noor Island

Twenty vibrant flags, known as Images of the Wind, represent the peace and freedom of the Island’s natural world. Artist Monica Gilsing draws inspiration from the “immediate moment,” the focal point of the moment. Her works are self-reflective spaces where viewers may immerse themselves.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Literature Pavilion, a Calm and Comfortable Place on Al Noor Island for Reading

Readers and writers may escape the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting the Literature Pavilion on the Island to explore literature, poetry, and all other aspects of the written word. A welcoming environment for the discussion of ideas and literary expressions is created by soft background music, a calming fountain, elegantly constructed seating places, and subdued calligraphic reflections.

With plush cushions, you can read a book, write down your ideas, or just relax and find inspiration. A reader’s and a nature lover’s paradise, you may enjoy your favorite book while listening to chirping birds in this setting.

It looks like a stylized Bedouin tent with floor seating. Tiny lights illuminate the sculpted ceiling at night. They offer a different environment and experience for guests as they flash like abstract stars.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

The Magnificent Landscape on Al Noor Island, Sharjah

The Island’s rich terrain, home to over 70,000 trees and plants, provides the ideal perspective of nature and enhances the design and variety of its buildings. An old Spanish olive tree, tall cactus, medicinal plants, attractive grasses, and much more may be found among a carefully chosen mixture of native species and endangered types from throughout the world.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Maze Garden, a Stunning Labyrinth on Al Noor Island

One can become lost in the pattern of leaves, flowers, and trees in the Maze Garden. Finding the labyrinth’s secret center or just relaxing and spending time in nature are objectives. The Maze Garden provides a unique and peaceful space for visitors to enjoy. It can offer respite from the busy city and is a great place to get some fresh air and sunshine. It’s a great spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Trampoline Pathway, a Fun Way to Walk and Bounce Across on Al Noor Island

A wonderfully entertaining trampoline-style walkway that is enjoyable to bounce across and play on for kids of all ages. It is a fun and exciting activity to explore the Island with. The trampoline pathway is also a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Island of Al Noor.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Unique Pathway, Al Noor Island’s Wonderful Boardwalk

You may stroll around the Island’s wonderful boardwalk and take in the various lighting and plant displays. This can be a great experience for those willing to walk in the area. You can take your time to enjoy each of the displays and the beautiful scenery, or you can quickly walk around and take it all in. There are plenty of shops and restaurants along the boardwalk, so you can make a day out of your visit.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Chorisia, a Fascinating Tree on Al Noor Island Sharjah

The Chorisia tree, one of the most beautiful in the world, blooms in the early fall with lovely silk floss blossoms.

The Ceiba Speciosa has a cylindrical trunk with thick spines in the core. It may sometimes swell up from the base like a bottle to store water and withstand drought for several months. It can even retain dew that accumulates under its branches in the early fall.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Gleaming Meadows, a Really Great Area on Al Noor Island, Sharjah

Visit the Gleaming Meadows to witness the coordinated color-changing of the 1200 fiber-glass blossoms in the shimmering flower bed. Enjoy a romantic stroll as you take in the synchronized light show that is accompanied by music that sets the mood. Be sure to take pictures of this mesmerizing sight and share it with your friends and family.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Cactus Garden, a Spectacular Area on Al Noor Island Full of Diverse Cacti

The Cactus Garden, which has cacti from all over the world, is illuminated spectacularly at night with lights. The major element that illuminates the Island’s structures, pathways, trees, and bridges is LED, which commits to sustainable lighting techniques.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Al Noor Island at Night is a Satisfying Thing to Experience

Noor Island is often called a wonderful place. The location has luscious landscapes, incredible art pieces, and an abundance of flora. However, what really gives it a whimsical feel at night is the brilliant display of LED lights. When the sun sets, the Island comes to life with dazzling neon lights, sparkling fairy lights, and luminescence. This illuminates the bridge as well as the trees, pathways, art pieces, and buildings. One of the must-do activities on Al Noor Island is this breathtaking show.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Some of the Facilities on AL Noor Island Sharjah

There are many facilities on this Island, but we will cover some of them briefly here:

Al Noor Island’s Playground

The playground on Al Noor Island, one of the most well-liked family-friendly destinations, ensures that youngsters will have an excellent time playing outside. Little ones may keep themselves occupied for hours with the variety of swings, slides, climbing frames, and challenging ropes available. As you watch your youngster, the numerous seats and trees in the area allow for good-shaded sitting. Al Noor Island is now completely family-friendly, with activities for everyone, thanks to this facility.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

●        Noor Café at Al Noor Island Sharjah

The Noor Café provides the perfect cuisine if you want to grab a fast snack while exploring Al Noor Island. Featuring a naturally light and spacious setting, the café offers a variety of healthy and refreshing drinks and snacks for your enjoyment. This charming small location becomes a luminarium at night, with light interiors and warmly illuminated furnishings to provide the perfect ambiance for an enjoyable evening.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

●        Yoga at Sunrise (Ladies Only), a Great Experience on Al Noor Island for Women

Al Noor Island’s tranquility and peace are unmatched by many other locations in Sharjah. Making the most of these attributes, the Island offers women-only yoga classes on the second Saturday of each month.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

●        Sky Watch, an Entertaining Activity at Night on Al Noor Island

Are you into astronomy and stargazing? With robust telescopes and local astronomers, Al Noor Island lets you explore the night sky.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

How to Reach Al Noor Island, Sharjah?

Al Noor Island is located in a tranquil area of Khalid Lagoon opposite Al Majaz. This is an excellent spot for those searching for free things to do in Sharjah. You may access the Island through a pedestrian bridge behind the Al Noor Mosque.

Planning a trip to Al Noor Island requires careful consideration of the area’s attractiveness. Al Majaz is a popular place for Sharjah residents to unwind and relax, which results in heavy traffic there. It’s nearly hard to get a suitable parking place, and you risk wasting a lot of time at traffic lights.

Take a cab if you are going to Al Noor Island on the weekend. If driving is your only choice, park your vehicle close to King Faisal Mosque and start your journey walking from there. Obviously, sweltering summer days do not call for this suggestion. Weekday travel to Al Noor Island is acceptable.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Entry Fees for the Al Noor Island, Sharjah

Price of admission*: AED 35 for adults and AED 20 for children ages 13 and under (3 – 12 years).

It is not included in this price to see the Butterfly House.

The entrance charges and ticket prices for other events may seem excessive. The benefits you gain in exchange, however, far outweigh the cost.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Is Al Noor Island Kid-Friendly?

The area is family-friendly. The butterfly garden, playground maze, and trampoline route are all excellent places for kids to play. The visit is definitely worthwhile because it piques people’s curiosity. Throughout the stroll, you can take breaks by sitting on the ground. Bring snacks and food with you. There are also restrooms available.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Visit to Al Noor Island in Sharjah

  • Because people travel great distances to unwind and rest, the area is congested. On weekends, it’s nearly hard to get a legitimate parking space. It’s fine to drive to Al Noor Island throughout the workweek.
  • Take a cab if you plan to visit Al Noor Island during the weekend.
  • Always be prepared with your camera.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses, walk the entire Island (it’s not very huge), and plan ahead for lunch because Noor Cafe only offers limited and pricey alternatives.

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

Al Noor Island in Sharjah: Is it Worth the Trip?

This was the full guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah for those of you who want to experience this wonderful place. This place is intended to evoke the feeling of a tranquil retreat. Every element of this location encourages a closer relationship with your surroundings and the natural world. Going to Al Noor Island makes you feel like you’ve entered a mystical world.

With the constant sound of waves lapping at the coast, the serene ambiance calms your mind. Your total experience on the Island is enhanced by the background meditation music that plays continually. Contact Dxboffplan today to find out more about buying Villas or fairly priced apartments in Sharjah and to take advantage of all the amazing benefits Al Noor Island has to offer!

A Guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah

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frequently asked questions

Al Noor Island is located in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated near the Khalid Lagoon, just a short distance from the city center.

Al Noor Island is home to several attractions, including a butterfly house, art installations, a literature pavilion, a playground for children, and a café. Visitors can also explore the Island's lush gardens and enjoy stunning views of the lagoon.

Al Noor Island is easily accessible by car or taxi, and there is ample parking available on-site. Visitors can also take a bus to the nearby Al Majaz Waterfront and walk to the Island from there. Additionally, there is a water taxi service between Al Noor Island and the waterfront.

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