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What to do When in Dubai? 25 Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting Dubai

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Ever heard the expression “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? It means when you are visiting a place, you should follow its traditions and customs. Every nation has a unique culture that prompts people to abide by a collection of unspoken rules. Not being familiar with these rules and making yourself at home in a foreign country can sometimes get you into trouble.

As a metropolitan hub for tourism and trade, the city of Dubai attracts millions of visitors each year from around the globe. The United Arab Nations is an Islamic country, and its culture is an interwoven combination of Eastern customs and Sharia traditions. Rather than involuntarily insulting these customs and traditions and facing the consequences, it’s better to learn about them the easy way! To help you prevent this and have a peaceful visit, we have gathered a list of 25 dos and don’ts of visiting Dubai for the first time. Read on to learn more.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Dos of Visiting Dubai for First-Timers

Dubai is an international tourism hub for good reasons. This exuberant metropolis greets its visitors with never-ending fun and joy. You can never have enough of Dubai’s ultramodern urban infrastructure and iconic landmarks, from the 830-meter-tall Burj Khalifa to the gorgeous Palm Jumeirah. There are also plenty of world-class resorts and hotels that you can spend the time of your life in, and these are just the start!

Dubai is a paradise for adventurers. Whether it’s exploring the Sunken City at the bottom of the world’s deepest pool or being awed by the wonders of the Museum of Future, this beautiful city offers activities the likes of which you cannot find in any other place in the whole world! Buying property in Dubai is a great way to get a residency visa. With the Dubai property market booming, it is a great investment opportunity. It also gives you the opportunity to explore Dubai and all it has to offer. From its world-class resorts and hotels to its stunning iconic landmarks and its vibrant culture, Dubai is a great place to live in and explore.

A quick surf through the internet, and you’ll come across a plethora of articles suggesting places to visit and things to do, but the cultural and traditional norms you should be aware of are usually overlooked. If you are planning your first visit to Dubai, you’ll probably find these tips useful:

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Pick the Right Time for Your Visit

Dubai has a desert climate and gets scorching hot and pretty humid during summers. In fact, the average temperature on a typical summer day in Dubai is 45 degrees Celsius! How can this city attract tourists despite its extreme heat? Pay it a visit in the cold season, and you’ll find your answer.

During winter, you’ll get to see the most appealing face of Dubai’s climate. The temperature seldom drops below 12 degrees Celsius, and rainy days wouldn’t last long. If you want to travel to Dubai, do so between October and April, the ideal season for outdoor activities and enjoying the gorgeous metropolis to the fullest.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Stay Ahead of Time When Booking a Flight to Dubai

Although the perfect season for visiting Dubai starts in October, the best time to browse the flights is actually 6 months sooner. You can usually find tickets with the lowest prices 6 months prior to departure since airlines offer their cheapest seats during this time period. It’s not necessary, however, to buy tickets that soon, but we advise you to check out the available options, and if you’re sure of the timing of your trip, book a flight ahead of time with a fair price. Overall, it is better to purchase tickets at least one month ahead of time.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Book a Hotel in Advance When Planning a Visit to Dubai

Almost half of the fun of a vacation comes from the place you choose to spend your staycation in. This means if you find yourself a convenient hotel, your vacation in Dubai can get even more rejuvenating. Fortunately, Dubai features myriad gorgeous hotels and resorts. However, during the high season, which is between October and April, the beautiful city will be swarmed by tourists, and you might not be able to find a room in the hotel you have been dreaming about spending your vacation in.

If you don’t want to witness all your dreams fade away, we suggest you book a hotel prior to your arrival. The best time to make a hotel reservation in Dubai is at least two to three months ahead of your vacation. The UAE golden visa lets visitors stay in Dubai for up to 10 years on a single visa. This makes Dubai a perfect destination for long-term visitors and expats, and the ideal time to visit Dubai if you are looking to get a golden visa is between October and April. During this time, the weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, and the prices of flights and hotels are usually lower than during other times of the year.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Pack Your Clothing According to the Month of Your Visit to Dubai

Now that everything is set for going on a vacation in Dubai let’s discuss the wardrobe. Keep in mind that you are traveling to a country with a dry climate, so don’t pack heavy clothing. Summers get really hot in the UAE, and if you’re planning to travel during summer, make sure to bring comfortable clothes. It gets a bit chilly at the end of the fall and in the winter, though a light jacket is all you need to repel the cold.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Do Stick to the Dress Code When in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country, and Emirati etiquette demands you to dress modestly and respect the Muslim culture. This does not mean that you have to wear traditional clothing that locals wear. On the contrary, you can wear whatever you want as long as your clothes are modest!

The dress code is not strict in hotels and resorts, and you are free to wear anything you want. In crowded, public areas, however, refrain from revealing and flashy clothes. For women, clothing that is too short, too tight, or transparent are considered indecent. Moreover, men are not allowed to appear in public places topless.

Beaches, too, are among the places where the Emirati dress code is not strict. There are, however, several rules you should keep in mind. If you want to wear swimwear, make sure you do so only on private beaches and in private swimming pools. Topless sunbathing is also prohibited since it is considered offensive. Cross-dressing is not allowed either.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Respect the Islamic Traditions During Ramadan

Ramadan, the 9th month of the 12-month Islamic lunar calendar, is a holy month for Muslims. During this month, Muslims go on fasting from dawn till dusk and refrain from eating or drinking anything. Since the years of the lunar calendar are shorter than the years of the Gregorian calendar, the Ramadan month moves every year, so make sure to check out whether your vacation falls on this month.

During Ramadan, eating, drinking, and smoking in public in front of Muslims is prohibited. Shops don’t sell alcoholic drinks, and restaurants usually close between sunrise and sunset. After the sunset, however, everything returns to the way it was before Ramadan.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Embrace Dubai’s Local Traditions During Your Visit

The Emirati culture has deep connections with the religion of Islam, and this has given rise to a wide range of local traditions. As a foreigner, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the local traditions so that you can establish better interactions with the Emiratis.

The people of Dubai will show you more hospitality when they see your respect towards their traditions and will appreciate your effort in embracing their culture. For a start, wear a friendly smile and greet someone with the Islamic hello “Assalamu Alaikum” or just a simple “Salam,” and you’ll find them treating you hospitably as if you are one of their acquaintances. If you’re curious to learn more, we have gathered a list of basic Arabic words and phrases you must learn in Dubai in another article.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Do Go Shopping in Dubai

Opulent resorts, ultramodern urban architecture, and one-of-a-kind fun activities are not the only signature traits of Dubai. This beautiful city is home to some of the most extensive shopping centers in the whole world! Shopping in Dubai is expensive, with goods costing a lot more than in many other countries. This is due to the high cost of living in Dubai, which is largely driven by its booming tourism industry. However, the shopping experience in Dubai is unparalleled, with its many luxurious malls offering a huge variety of designer brands. Bargain hunters will also find plenty of interesting options, as there are many great deals to be found in Dubai. Shopping is an integral part of the Dubai experience, and it’s an activity that no visitor should miss out on.

If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, make sure you include a visit to the Dubai Mall in your to-do list. This enormous shopping center is in downtown Dubai, and you can find in it literally anything you can think of, from jewelry and a vast array of clothing and perfume brands to house decor, electronics, and more. There are so many things to do at the Dubai Mall that you can stay all day without getting enough of it. Besides, it is located in the proximity of several other attractions, such as the Dubai Aquarium’s Underwater Zoo.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Take the Metro for Transportation When in Dubai

Dubai is a big city, and if you don’t choose a reasonable means of transportation, you’ll spend a huge chunk of your budget on getting from one point to another! Most first-timers make this mistake. If you want to cut back on transportation expenses, one of the best things to do is take the metro. It’s the most inexpensive means of public transport for going around town.

Cabs are also available in plenty and are among the most common means of transportation among tourists. However, they cost more than the metro, not to mention the amount of time you’ll get stuck in traffic on the busy streets of Dubai. Taking the metro, therefore, helps you save both time and money.

There are several things you should know about Dubai’s metro. As a tourist, you can buy a silver card or a red ticket for paying the metro fare. A red ticket expires after 90 days, while a silver card remains valid for up to five years. Keep in mind that fares are charged differently in different districts. Also, you don’t need a ticket for children under the age of 5 since they can travel free of charge.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Bring Your Prescriptions in Dubai

Dubai has strict rules regarding drug use and has a zero-tolerance policy for them. Not only the use of recreational drugs but also the use of prescription medications is tightly regulated. If you are caught carrying any medicine that the authorities don’t approve of, you could easily get into trouble. If you take any specific medication, check the guidelines prior to your arrival to learn about its status. Also, it is imperative that you carry your prescription with you. Your prescription serves as a warrant for carrying the medication you take.

Be Mindful of the Timings in Dubai

Dubai has plenty of beautiful places to visit. For example, you can find some of the UAE’s best parks in Dubai. You can go for a jog or be with your family, enjoying the weather and amenities provided for hours. You can also visit the temples in Bur Dubai or indulge yourself in the many things you can do at Al Qudra. But the timing is critical here. Make sure you check the open hours of the tourist spots you want to visit so you don’t land behind closed doors. Another thing you should remember is that in Dubai, the weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Visit Dubai’s Beautiful Deserts

The futuristic city of Dubai is a spot of civilization on a bed of sand. In fact, you don’t need to get far from the city to reach the desert; just a 40-minute drive away from downtown Dubai and you’ll be surrounded by tall dunes. Dubai has some of the finest desert camping spots in all of the UAE. Here, you can spend a night stargazing and basking in the serenity of the sandy terrain. You can also fly over Dubai’s scenic deserts in a hot-air balloon or embark on a desert safari in a 4×4.

Visit Dubai’s Landmarks

Dubai is full of architectural masterpieces to gaze at in awe. Take, for example, Burj Khalifa, the most iconic skyscraper in the world. There is also the gorgeous tree-shaped artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. This is home to myriad opulent resorts and hotels such as Burj Al Arab, global opulent restaurants, exuberant nightclubs, and soothing spas. Moreover, entry to Palm Jumeirah is free, making visiting this wonderful island one of the best free things to do in Dubai. These, however, are a few of the many wonders you can find in Dubai, so enjoy this beautiful metropolis to the fullest.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Bring Your Driver’s License to Dubai

Are you a car enthusiast dreaming of getting behind the wheels of the world’s most superb cars? Does the roaring of engines make your heart beat faster? If so, then Dubai is your paradise! This gorgeous metropolis will give you the time of your life by allowing you to rent and drive a wide range of magnificent cars, from Lamborghini to Rolls-Royce. Keep in mind, though, that if you intend to drive a rental, you are obliged to bring your international driver’s license with you.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Give Your Dubai Taxi Drivers a Detailed Address

When hopping into a taxi, it’s better not to just give the driver a simple address and leave it at that. You might assume that your taxi driver knows every corner of the city, but that’s not true. Many taxi drivers are expatriates, and they might not know the city as well as you assume they do, so make sure you give them a thorough address of where you want to go. You don’t want to pay a fee and end up somewhere other than where you want to go. It’s better to give the driver references to prominent landmarks in the city.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

About Tipping in Dubai

You might be wondering whether you should tip when visiting a restaurant or receiving a service in Dubai. The fact is, tipping might not be as common in Dubai as in your hometown. If you eat at a restaurant, a tip will mostly be added to the bill, and you are not expected to tip separately. The same applies to taxi drivers. However, tipping is not a rare practice, and you can tip anyone whenever you feel like it. Bellhops and supermarket baggers usually get a small tip for their services.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Don’ts of Visiting Dubai

If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, there are certain things you should be aware of so that you don’t get into trouble. The UAE is an Islamic country, and many of the “don’ts” we have listed below involve repeating religious practices. This, however, does not mean that Dubai is a conservative Emirate. In fact, expatriates constitute most of Dubai’s population, and the gorgeous city attracts many tourists each year, so there is no need to worry since these don’ts will not hinder you from having fun. Our not-to-do list comprises mostly acts considered rude internationally, regardless of where you are.

Don’t Show Aggressive Behavior When in Dubai

Make sure you refrain from aggression when visiting Dubai. Starting fights, engaging in aggressive arguments, and verbal abuse are punished with heavy fines. You could even face jail time or get deported, so it’s best to remain calm and enjoy the fun and beauty of the city in peace!

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Don’t Display Affection in Public

Public display of affection (PDA) is considered offensive and, therefore, not tolerated in Dubai. It’s alright to hold hands or hug in a friendly way, but anything beyond that is a no-no. Kissing or any other display of affection in public can result in a fine or even arrest! Furthermore, if you and your loved one are unmarried, it’s better to book separate accommodations.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Don’t Drink in Public

Dubai has a distinct set of rules regarding alcohol consumption. Although the UAE is an Islamic country, alcohol is legal in Dubai. Your hotel can serve you a wide range of alcoholic drinks, from simple beer to elegant champagne. Drinking is also allowed in bars and most of the restaurants except during the Ramadan month.

With all this being said, drinking in public is prohibited in Dubai. Appearing in public places when intoxicated can result in deportation or even arrest. If you ever lose count of your shots, it’s better to hail a cab and return to the hotel or resort you’re staying at.

Moreover, buying drinks from stores requires a license which you must purchase from official establishments. These licenses are usually expensive, though, so we advise you to buy your favorite drinks from a free shop at the airport upon your arrival. Free shops are less expensive and do not require a license from you, but you can only purchase a limited amount of drinks.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Mind Your Driving in Dubai

Did you know that Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world? That’s right, you will quite rarely witness any crime in this gorgeous city. This, however, means that the law is enforced strictly, and you wouldn’t want to face the wrong edge of the sword of justice.

If you are a law-abiding visitor, you will have nothing to worry about. However, if you get the temptation to bend the law on a frequent basis, you might get into trouble. When driving a car in Dubai, speeding, racing, and reckless driving will be punished with heavy fines. There are cameras everywhere, so you’ll be recorded. Using your phone while driving will also lead to monetary penalties. Needless to say, drunk driving too is extremely prohibited and follows a zero-tolerance policy.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Don’t Take Photographs Without Permission

The gorgeous city of Dubai is full of iconic landmarks and astonishing landscapes that make the temptation to take photographs irresistible. You can take as many selfies as you like or capture the picturesque scenery all you want, but it is offensive to photograph locals and specific buildings in Dubai. You should avoid photographing airports, police stations, ports, royal palaces, and military buildings. Furthermore, if you want to photograph people, ask for their permission first.

Mind Your Clothing When Visiting Houses and Mosques in Dubai

As a city where Sharia law is observed, Dubai has many mosques. Muslims gather at mosques for religious practices, though these holy buildings are not just for saying prayers. Visitors are allowed to enjoy the finest presentations of Islamic architecture in mosques. However, if you plan to visit a mosque, you must stick to certain dress codes.

If you visit a mosque, you should dress modestly. It’s advisable to wear loose-fitting, full-length clothing. Women are also advised to follow the tradition of Muslims and wear a scarf to cover their hair. Furthermore, you should take off your shoes before entering a mosque or a local household because wearing footwear in such places is considered offensive.

Don’t Eat in Public

It is considered rude to eat in public places, especially on public transportation, although there is no law prohibiting it. Sure, you can eat in restaurants or street stands selling food, but it’s better to finish your food there and don’t carry it around while strolling the streets. Moreover, make sure you don’t litter around since you’ll be charged with heavy fines.

Don’t Shake Hands With the Opposite Sex

When greeting an individual of the opposite sex, it’s better not to shake hands unless they offer to do so first. This is because, in Islamic tradition, shaking hands with the opposite sex is considered indecent and rude. Just a simple nod while wearing a friendly smile would suffice.

Don’t Miss Out on All the Fun Dubai Has to Offer

The exuberant city of Dubai greets its visitors with never-ending fun and joy. Aside from iconic landmarks and gorgeous, world-class resorts, there are a plethora of unique, adrenaline-boosting activities that can satisfy your inner adventurer. You can book a skydiving session at Skydive Dubai, ride the world’s longest urban zipline XLine Dubai Marina, visit the Museum of the Future, stroll Dubai’s old town, indulge in the UAE’s delicious cuisine, and a lot more.

Each of these memorable activities can give you the time of your life when you’re in Dubai, so make sure you don’t miss out on any of them. Besides, Dubai’s nature is not all about sandy dunes. There are many gorgeous beaches and seaside resorts in Dubai, making Dubai one of the world’s best holiday destinations.

What to do when in Dubai? 25 Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Dubai’s Time to Shine

This concludes our list of Dos and Don’ts of visiting Dubai. Every nation has its own unique culture and traditions, and the United Arab Emirates is no exception. The UAE’s hub for tourism and trade, Dubai, attracts many visitors from around the globe each year. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists. Aside from conventional social norms, certain religious traditions are also observed in Dubai, from which unspoken rules are derived. If you want a trouble-free, memorable vacation, it’s best to familiarize yourself with Dubai’s cultural and traditional norms prior to your visit. If you are looking for UAE off-plan properties, contact Dxboffplan for assistance. We are experts in the field and are dedicated to providing quality service.

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