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11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

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Who doesn’t like bowling? Children, men, and women of all ages enjoy bowling in Dubai.

It’s hard to top the sound of the ball bursting across the lane and slamming into the pins! Even if bowling isn’t really your thing, arcade games, pool tables, and a ton of other entertaining activities are found in bowling alleys. Bowling alleys are a great place to have fun with friends and family. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and practice hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s usually a pretty affordable activity. Bowling alleys are a great way to have fun without breaking the bank, which is an especially relevant consideration in the UAE, where the major cost of living in Dubai can be very high.

So, are you excited to discover the best bowling alleys in Dubai? Here’s our list of 11 awesome bowling centers in Dubai, perfect for your next hangout.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Bowling Centers in Dubai

Bowling is widely popular around the world and has shown to be a very exciting game, requiring complete focus and hand movement skills. Bowling alleys in Dubai offer a wide range of bowling lanes and equipment, making it an attractive destination for those looking to enjoy a good game of bowling. The lanes are well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dubai also boasts some of the best bowling tournaments in the world, making it a premier destination for bowlers. If you want to experience bowling in Dubai, you can try these great bowling centers:

Dubai Bowling Center, an Awesome Place for Bowling with your Friends

A massive fake castle with two intimidating turrets protrudes from the Al Quoz skyline. Al Quoz is another great part of Dubai for those looking to reside in the city. You can check Sobha Group properties for sale, one of the well-known real estate here, to buy properties in the UAE and gain more information.

One of the most well-known structures in the area is the Dubai Bowling Center, which just had a complete renovation evoking the 1980s when bowling was at its peak. The interior now matches the exterior’s medieval design in an equally dramatic way.

There are 16 lanes inside that are of professional caliber to keep the fun bowling every day and night of the week. Additionally, if you become tired of watching your friends and family members compete during their turn, you can divert your focus to the great movies being projected on the projectors. You may order Japanese food from YAMU and have it delivered directly to your pod without ever leaving your lane.

The attraction has areas for basketball, dodgeball, aerobics, and free jumping in addition to an e-games area and classic games like pool and ping pong. Oh, and did we forget to mention the enormous 7,000-square-meter trampoline park where you may let off some steam between shots?

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Dubai International Bowling Center, a Truly Awesome Bowling Center

In 2001, the Dubai International Bowling Center (DIBC) welcomed bowling fans inside. All bowlers are welcome at DIBC, including recreational bowlers, weekend enthusiasts, bowling partners, and seasoned league players. We have hosted a large group of participants, including individuals and corporations, representing many nations and bowling abilities. On weekdays, the DIBC receives about 800 visitors and receives even more on weekends and holidays despite being open for business 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your visit to the International Bowling Centre will be not only exciting but also unforgettable because of the top-notch lanes, bowling knowledge, and warm service. The International Bowling Centre features 36 state-of-the-art bowling lanes as well as bowling shoes and balls, so you have everything you need to start bowling.

The DIBC is the biggest facility in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, with 36 Brunswick synthetic lanes. Every lane boasts a modern floor-mounted console with engaging features for both novice and advanced bowlers, as well as a widescreen score monitor above the lane.

Visitors can participate in a range of leisure and entertainment activities in addition to bowling, including:

  • 8 Ball Billiard
  • Video Games Arcade
  • Elements Game Zone & Cafe
  • Babylon Arabic Restaurant
  • Fast food counter
  • SA Beauty Ladies Saloon
  • Kids Play Area

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Brass Monkey, an Awesome Bowling Center in Dubai

Grow Young Again is Brass Monkey’s catchphrase. Challenge accepted.

Brass Monkey, located at Bluewaters Dubai, is a two-story amusement complex that can only be referred to as a one-stop shop for large kids.

More than 60 arcade games, including Pac-Man and other classic video games, foosball, a booth for temporary tattoos, and more, are available at the fully licensed institution. It also offers 12 bowling lanes, VR racing simulators, a pool and snooker area, and more. Sadly, none of these amenities were open during our visit. Nevertheless, enough monkeying around (sorry), let’s enter the location. The massive new pub is trendy and laid-back with neon signs, bowling pin chandeliers, a space for live music, numerous televisions for sporting events, and an industrial feel.

When we visit Brass Monkey, it’s crowded with grown-ups (we use the term “adults” loosely in this context) who are gleefully taking advantage of everything the vast entertainment destination has to offer. Brass Monkey is an adults-only establishment, so you won’t have to compete with children for a turn at one of the 60+ games there.

The menu is divided into two sections: downstairs (Americana), which is stocked with all-American fares like nachos, pizzas, tacos, and sliders, and upstairs (Bushido), which offers Japanese cuisine like gyoza, bao buns, ramen, and miso salmon. From Sunday through Tuesday, between 6 and 8 o’clock, they offer a limited selection of house drinks for Dhs25 as part of their happy hour. Pints start at Dhs50, mixed drinks at Dhs60, and grape glasses start at Dhs45.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Magic Planet, one of the Best Bowling Centers in Dubai

There are Magic Planet play areas all across Dubai, but the Mall of the Emirates is the biggest and, possibly, the greatest.

Parents may find the flashing neon lights and incessant whirring and whizzing sound overwhelming, but kids appear to adore it despite the fact that it is extremely noisy. In fact, you’ll have a hard time dragging the youngsters away from the bowling alley, fairground rides, and arcade games (you have been warned).

Although admission is free, parents must load a swipe card before giving it to their children to use in the arcades and individual games.

Magic Planet rides and activities are suitable for children of all ages, from the smallest infants to the boldest, most daring older children.

And for bowling, there are also 12 ten-pin lanes, and there are several restaurants where you may refuel after playing arcade games. Merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, and other fun activities are also available.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Wave House, a Cool Bowling Center in Dubai

Another place worth noting on the list of 11 awesome bowling centers in Dubai and a place to go if you’re looking for a fun-filled evening out is definitely Wave House. Atlantis The Palm’s expansive facility is a one-stop destination for a laid-back, action-packed evening out.

This is a place you go to with your jeans and sneakers, so the fact that it isn’t the least bit fancy makes it enticing.

There is a sizable upstairs area filled with arcade games, VR games, and a soft play area for children, in addition to a vibrant and energetic four-lane bowling alley (which we highly recommend you try and reserve a lane as soon as you arrive). There is a separate bar area, a restaurant, and a spacious outdoor deck with views of the wave rider and big, swinging seats where you can refuel. The adults-only bar area is less busy than the restaurant. But one major advantage is that you can order drinks from the table service menu while you bowl. Although the setting is industrial-chic, with exposed pipes and vibrant murals, the pricing isn’t quite as low-key as the attitude. Drinks, food, bowling, and arcade games are all summed up; it’s a reasonable price for a night out.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Switch Bowling, one of Dubai’s Top Bowling Centers

With its blend of contemporary Italian hardware design and cutting-edge technology, Switch Bowling in Dubai focuses on sports, speed, and style. This is reflected in the bowling lanes, ball racks, lighting, huge screens, seating, music, and scoring. Speed, athleticism, and flair are the foundations of the Switch Bowling idea, which combines cutting-edge technology with the elegant Italian industrial design of Pininfarina.

From chairs and ball racks to lanes, huge screens, lighting, music, and scoring, it provides everything you could possibly need for a good night. There is also an arcade, billiards, and karaoke in addition to bowling. To take part in a game, each player must pay AED 30.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Yalla! Bowling, a Really Awesome Place in Dubai for Bowling

Yalla! One of the most popular family-friendly activities in Dubai is bowling, which is a terrific location to hang out and test your bowling prowess. You and your friends and family may compete in rounds of fun on our twelve cutting-edge bowling alleys and ten-pin bowling lanes to see who will be crowned lane king or queen!

Yalla! Bowling is a popular attraction in Dubai, and it can be found in the Magic Planet Mall of the Emirates and the City Centre Mirdif. This is a bowling experience unlike any other since you can fully immerse yourself in the most intense and exhilarating of games owing to cutting-edge visual simulations and cutting-edge computerized score-keeping systems.

Yalla! has been declared one of the top 10 things to do in Dubai on several occasions. Bowling is the ideal fun-filled family activity because it is great for both adults and children. Join Yalla from Magic Planet as you lace up your bowling shoes, hope for a strike, and hit the alleys! Bowling.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Warehouse of Games Limited, another Awesome Place for Bowling in Dubai

In the fast-paced world of arcades and entertainment solutions, you need a service provider who is creative, effective, reliable, and open. In essence, you require a Warehouse of Games. The unequaled selection of products they offer and their incredibly brilliant and experienced team members are the only things that can compare to the top-notch services they offer. Their product line includes naming a few of the top video arcades available in the market, virtual reality, redemption games, kiddie rides, cranes, claw prize machines, soft playground systems, trampolines, and bowling equipment. Additional items they provide are their intriguing Bowling Alley, Climbing Wall, Air Hockey, Photo Booth, and FEC cashless payment technology Major Ride Attractions.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

The 44 Hilton Dubai, a Fun Bowling Center in Dubai for Everyone

There is a large double-lane bowling alley on the top floor of The 44. You can enjoy incredible food and beverages at The 44 at Hilton Dubai while playing fun games with your friends.

An American-style sports pub has a two-lane arcade with pinball and pool tables inside it. The weekly Ladies’ Night, which is held on Tuesdays, contributes to maintaining a festive atmosphere throughout the workweek. Bowling costs 35 DHS per person for each game during the workweek. Each game of bowling costs Dhs80 on the weekends.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Al Nasr LeisureLand, have a Fun Time in This Bowling Center in Dubai

In Oud Metha, close to American Hospital, there is a medieval bowling alley that is a great place for locals and families to try bowling. Many professional bowlers who want to enhance their bowling abilities consider the eight-lane, computerized scoring Al Nasr LeisureLand Bowling Center to be their second home.

If you want to see the original Dubai, devoid of neon signs and interactive screens, you should visit one of the few lanes that sell alcohol. The restaurant has obviously seen better days and could use some TLC. However, due to its nostalgic appeal, it is still one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

Player’s Den, an Awesome Bowling Alley in Dubai

Player’s Den is the bowling alley for you if you want to release your inner athlete and live through films like Million Dollar Baby and Chariots of Fire.

As soon as you enter this establishment, you feel like an elite since there are 8 bowling lanes, 4 billiard pools, and table tennis tables. The retro-style bowling shoes will make you feel like you’re about to compete in a movie bowling competition. There may be few entertainment options in the alley, but they certainly provide the right ambiance.

The room’s mild neon lighting provides just enough playful energy to counteract the sophisticated and dignified atmosphere.

The cuisine and specialty coffee taste fantastic and blend well with the surroundings. They weren’t merely meals consumed at the bowling alley for the purpose of eating. Unfortunately, there are no weekly events there. The area would have made a wonderful location for theme nights. Despite the lack of amenities that make a bowling alley enjoyable, Player’s Den creates an atmosphere that evokes a sense of sportsmanship and competition.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

What Is The Best Bowling Center in Dubai?

These were 11 awesome bowling centers in Dubai. A bowling alley is an excellent spot to take a date, spend a day out with friends, or simply practice bowling for the next tournament. No matter what your preferences are, all these places will provide you with tons of fun. So if you travel to Dubai or have bought one of the houses for sale in Dubai and are looking for excitement, make sure to include Dubai’s great bowling alleys on your list. If you are looking to get a residency visa in Dubai, one of the best options is to purchase property in the city. There are a variety of houses for sale in Dubai that can help you get Dubai residency visa with investing in UAE real estate, giving you the opportunity to stay in the city for longer periods of time and enjoy all the wonderful attractions it has to offer.

Check out Dubai Off-Plan real estate for more information about amazing properties in the area.

11 Awesome Bowling Centers in Dubai

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There are a variety of excellent bowling centers in Dubai, each with its own unique features and amenities. Some of the top bowling alleys include Dubai Bowling Center, Arabian Ranches Bowling Center, and Player's Den.

Most bowling centers in Dubai feature 8 bowling lanes, 4 billiard pools, and table tennis tables. There are also usually retro-style bowling shoes, mild neon lighting, delicious cuisine, and specialty coffee. This makes bowling centers in Dubai great for birthday parties, team-building activities, and corporate events. Customers can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks while playing, making it a great place to spend time with friends and family.

Some bowling centers in Dubai host weekly tournaments and special events, such as themed nights and discounts on food and drinks. These events and tournaments are a great way to socialize and for experienced players to compete against each other. They often offer attractive prizes for the winners.

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