Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai Everyone should try

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In terms of color, flavors, and textures, Korean food is nothing short of a symphony in your mouth. From the fiery kimchi to the savory bulgogi, Korean food is sure to be a treat for the taste buds. The flavors are distinct and yet blend together in perfect harmony. With the abundance of Korean restaurants in Dubai, you can experience the taste of Korea right in your own backyard. Korean food is also incredibly healthy, with a focus on fresh ingredients and many dishes that are low in fat. It is also very versatile, so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. With its unique flavors and health benefits, it’s no surprise that Korean food is becoming increasingly popular in the UAE. With the increasing popularity of Korean food in the UAE, the country is becoming a hot destination for Korean expats. This, in turn, has led to the growth of the UAE’s Golden Visa program, which offers a path to permanent residency for expats who invest in the UAE. Let’s check out Korean restaurants in Dubai.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a very migratory city, and due to the various facilities for immigrants, they are less homesick. For example, in an article, we reviewed the conditions of Pakistani immigrants in Dubai. If you are a Pakistani person and are concerned about moving to Dubai, review moving to Dubai from Pakistan. As a result, Dubai, with its diversity of immigrants and touristic nature, provides facilities that are welcoming for all citizens.

Korea’s food is known for its healthfulness, wholesomeness, and deliciousness. The unique blend of Korean flavors makes it one of the top cuisines to try in Dubai, although it shares some similarities with other Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. If you are interested in Chinese food, be sure to check the Chinese hot pot restaurant in Dubai. Take a look at the best Dubai Korean restaurants below:

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Sumibiya, a Famous Korean Restaurant in Dubai

Sumibiya is a famous Korean restaurant in Dubai located inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai. This restaurant serves delicious foods you can enjoy with your family or friends. You can satisfy your taste buds with mouth-watering kimchis, finger-licking noodles, and varieties of salads, kaiso, and wakame salad.

If you are new to Korean cuisine, you may wish to try Sumibiya restaurant. Without worrying about the price, you could try any dish at Sumibiya. It gives you room to develop a taste through trial and error, as it is one of the more affordable Korean restaurants in Dubai. The average price for two is AED 88 to AED 179.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Kpop Kitchen, one of the best Korean Restaurants in Dubai

Kpop Kitchen serves Korean classics in an elegant setting, and it is popular with food connoisseurs. Tofu steak, kimchi, beef bulgogi, soups, and salads are some of the freshest dishes at this bistro.

This popular eatery in Jumeirah Lake Towers has a classic Korean dessert. This dessert is vanilla pancakes served with green tea and ice cream for your sweet tooth. So if you live in reasonably priced Jumeirah Lake Towers apartments, don’t miss this delicious Korean dessert. The average cost for two is AED 210.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Shogun, one of the Multi-branch Korean Restaurants in Dubai

You can’t look past this little gem of a restaurant if you’re looking for authentic Korean food. It is located in two locations in Dubai, Al Rigga and Dubai Media City Community. Culinary delights ranging from traditional soups to stews to kimchis are offered by the Shogun restaurant in Dubai.

Bibimbap, which is a combo of rice, meat, and assorted vegetables, is also available here. We could say that bibimbap is Korea’s favorite comfort food. The average cost for two is AED 180 in both branches.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant in Dubai with Wheelchair Facilities

Seoul Garden offers a fine spread of Korean cuisine in Dubai with a strong focus on authenticity. Here you can find kimchi pancakes, smoked duck, spicy soft tofu stew, noodles, and meat hot pots. Wheelchair-accessible, kid-friendly, and free wifi is available in Seoul Garden. There is a good sitting capacity in Seoul Garden. They could accommodate many people at once, but to be on the safe side, reserve a table beforehand. It is located in Al Karama. The average cost for two is AED 170.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

HYU, JLT, Another Korean Restaurant in JLT Dubai

HYU is a perfect dining destination in JLT, combining Korean cuisine in a homely setting. This restaurant serves delicious and healthy meals. The restaurant started in 2010 and is managed by a husband and wife duo.

We suggest you try Dakgangjeong, which is crispy popcorn chicken, Bibimbab, and Yangnyumgalbi, which is marinated beef short rib in this restaurant. Something that not all Korean restaurants can claim to do, but HYU offers a do-it-yourself barbecue facility. The average price for two is AED 240.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Experience a Korean meal at Sonamu Restaurant in Dubai

Sonamu is one of the best Korean eateries in Dubai. It offers plenty of culinary delights and is located in Deira’s flashy Asiana Hotel. You can find delicious Korean fare here, from a wide assortment of appetizers – seared scallops, pan-fried tofu, fried calamari – to various sashimi and seafood platters.

If you are looking for a delicious Korean buffet, Sonamu is a good option, and it is a private dining area. Take your family to this unique restaurant in Dubai. It is wheelchair friendly, so don’t worry about accommodating elderly family members. The average price for two is AED 500.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Kimchikin is a kind of Korean Street Food in Dubai

Kimchikin brings the colorful Korean culture to Dubai with Korean fast food. You can enjoy crispy fried chicken, kimchi, bulgogi fries, fried calamari, and kong namul noodles. In addition, there are K-pop music videos playing in the background and beautiful graffiti adorning the walls.

My all-time favorite street food in Korea is took, which is rice and fish cake atop sweet chili sauce. So we have to say you can always eat topoki in Kimchikin. This could be the right place for you if you are a fan of street food. The average price for two is AED 90.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Sobhan, a Korean and Japanese Restaurant in Dubai

Siobhan is a popular casual dining restaurant in Dubai that offers fusion Korean and Japanese dishes. Sobhan restaurant offers a unique and flavourful dining experience. Salmon roe, garlic prawns, fried hammour, and sautéed glass noodles are delicious dishes you can find here.

You can enjoy unlimited platters of a Korean favorite when the restaurant has all-you-can-eat barbecue facilities. If you’re living in fairly priced Sheikh Zayed Road villas and you’re interested in Korean food, don’t miss Sobhan restaurant. Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the best neighborhoods in Dubai to buy property, and it is conveniently located near Sobhan, making it a great option for those who want to be close to the restaurant. The average cost for two is AED 225.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Namu, a Korean and Japanese Restaurant in Dubai

This is another restaurant offering Korean and Japanese dishes in Dubai. Namu is located in Business Bay in Dubai and is a fine-dining restaurant. From teppan seared soybeans to mushroom tempura to relish, there is a diverse selection of eclectic fusion dishes.

There are some vegan options, too, for vegetarians. These vegan options include vegetable pancakes, asparagus, green soybean puree, and some noodles. Residents of reasonably priced apartments for sale in Business Bay in Dubai have good access to Namu restaurant. The average cost for two is AED 315.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Manna Land Korean Restaurant, another Best Korean Restaurant in Dubai

Manna Land has become a favorite with people by offering Korean classics in a wonderfully contemporary and intimate setting. Tofu casserole, seafood stew, beef and vegetable hot pot, and Korean-style chicken soup with ginseng make everyone from different parts of Dubai come here.

So if you’re living in fairly priced International City Dubai apartments, you have good access to this restaurant. It has another branch in Al Hudaibai. The average cost for two is AED 180 for the International City branch and AED 190 for the one.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Kimpo, another Korean Street Food in Dubai

You have to reserve a table before visiting this restaurant, and every Friday night is ladies’ night. This funky bar is adorned with neon lighting, K-pop artwork and features live DJ music.

This hip restaurant honors Korea’s traditions while mixing them up with classics such as japchae, a type of glass noodle stir fry, and kimchi fried rice. The favorite among its patrons is the classic Kimpo pizza consisting of salmon, sesame seeds, kimchi mayonnaise, and yuzu jelly.

The pride of their menu is the Korean fried chicken. They have vegan options on their menu too. There is valet parking, and free parking is available too. In the end, it is a Korean restaurant with a full bar and drinking age screening.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Hanok, the Korean Restaurant in Dubai, also Serves Japanese and Chinese Meals

It is located in International City and is certainly not to be missed. Hanok is a critically acclaimed, award-winning Korean restaurant in Dubai that serves Chinese and Japanese food.

Chicken dishes, jjajangmyeon, which is noodles in a black bean sauce, bibimbap, indulgent tteokbokki, which is spicy rice cakes, japchae, and kimchi fried rice, are the delicious dishes offered by Hanok.

Bingsu is a unique Korean dessert prepared in this restaurant and is made up of crunchy shaved ice accompanied by sweet red beans and coconut. Bingsu is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and comes in chocolate, caramel, coconut, jackfruit, and matcha.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Kaffe Bloom, Korean street food at a reasonable price in Dubai

Another Korean street food in Dubai is Kaffe Bloom but at a reasonable price at this time. The food here is not your traditional Korean fare, from a kimchi tuna melt to a bulgogi sandwich.

Cheese teokbokki and beef bulgogi bibimbap are some of the delicious dishes prepared here. You can also get bingsu from the restaurant in the flavors of milk and strawberry, mango yuzu, and green tea if you are keen on a sweet treat.

You can’t book a table in this café. There is no alcohol on sale, but you can try a bubble of tea and a variety of other beverages.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Koryo Korean BBQ, a Takeaway Korean Restaurant in the Mall of Emirates

This Korean outlet has two locations, one at the Mall of Emirates and one at Burjuman Center. Look no further if you are just looking for a quick bite from a mall and crave Korean cuisine.

These stores serve high-quality takeaway food with an identical menu. The delis food available here includes bulgogi, kimchi jjigae, tteokbokki, and more. Karyo combo box, several side dishes are prepared for you to have with your main meal.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

Kung Korean Restaurant and Karaoke, one of the Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai

This is the place for you if you love Karaoke. While restraining yourself from embarrassing yourself, the restaurant offers private Karaoke rooms so your party can sing your heart out.

Kung Korean Restaurant started a decade ago. They hope to live to see many more aspiring singers and dancers. Many traditional foods, including our usual suspects, like bibimbap and ramyun, were served in this establishment.

Serving alcohol is done at this place, and the portions are sizable. The interesting point is that the serving staff typically wear traditional Korean clothing known as hanbok.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

The Best Korean Restaurant in Dubai

Thank you for following us to the end of this article. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai for you. There are many kinds of restaurants in Dubai, such as Korean, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, and more. If you are interested in Indian food, take a look at Indian restaurants in Dubai.

As you can see, Dubai is a very migratory city because of its facilities. For example, if a person in Dubai misses his home by going to a Korean restaurant and eating food, he or she will feel completely in their homeland. So if you’re looking to immigrate to Dubai, don’t worry about nostalgia for your home at all. This is because anything that comes to your mind is the best in Dubai. Contact Dxboffplan Real Estate today, and let us walk you through the cost of properties in Dubai! Our team of experienced real estate professionals is here to help you find the perfect home so you can make the most of your time in Dubai.

Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai everyone should try

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The best Korean restaurants in Dubai offer a variety of traditional dishes, such as bulgogi, kimchi jjigae, teokbokki, bibimbap, and ramyun.

Yes, some of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai serve alcohol.

The atmosphere of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai is unique in that the serving staff typically wears traditional Korean clothing known as hanbok.

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