1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

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The Arab city of Sharjah is renowned for its souks, upscale malls, and trendy stores. Every year, the beautiful location attracts millions of people for a wonderful Sharjah shopping experience. Amazing shopping awaits you in the form of clothing, fragrances, accessories, jewelry, and other luxury goods of all kinds. To enjoy all the amazing shopping experiences that Sharjah has to offer, you should consider getting a UAE golden visa. With this visa, you can stay in the UAE for up to 10 years and enjoy all the shopping, sightseeing, and cultural experiences that Sharjah has to offer.

Although, it is important to remember that not all stores in the UAE carry expensive items. In Sharjah, you can get excellent apparel as well as daily necessities, accessories, and other items for 1 to 10 dirhams! Let’s examine these 1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah in more detail.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

These shops are often mom-and-pop shops that are owned and operated by local entrepreneurs who want to offer quality products at affordable prices. The variety and range of items offered in these shops are quite diverse, ranging from clothing and accessories to electronics and homeware. They offer customers a unique way to find items that are not typically found in other stores. Here is a list of Sharjah stores that range from one to 10 dirhams, where you may find a veritable feast of deals:

1. Bein Al Qasrain Gifts, One of the Best 1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

At Bein Al Qasrain Gifts in Sharjah, you’ll find a diverse selection of cosmetics, apparel, toiletries, and daily necessities. Whatever you buy, it will all be ready for pickup for less than AED 10. So if you are residing in one of the great properties in the area with the help of great developers like Arada Developments LLC, make sure to check this affordable shop out. Not only that, but the store also offers free delivery within Sharjah for orders over AED 100. With its convenient location and great prices, Bein Al Qasrain Gifts is the perfect choice for all your shopping needs.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

2. Gift Zone, another One of the Top 1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

Gift Zone is a well-known retailer for gifts in Sharjah, stocking anything from apparel to baby care items. What more could you possibly need when you can get everything for just 10 dirhams? It is a great place to shop for birthdays, special occasions, or just to treat yourself. With so many items to choose from, you can find something for everyone. Plus, with prices so low, you don’t have to break the bank to show your loved ones how much you care.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

3. Al Wahda Discount Centre, an Awesome 1 Dirham Shop in Sharjah

You’re looking for a budget retailer nearby. Visit the Al Wahda Discount Center in Sharjah’s Al Majaz. The majority of the daily necessities and other accessories in the store cost less than AED 20!

It is an excellent location to buy all the necessities that you need on a daily basis but is unlikely to be discovered in a supermarket. So if you are living in homes from a reliable developer like Eagle Hills Properties, this is a fantastic place to be close to your home. Here, you may find a wide variety of reasonably priced options for apparel, shoes, home goods, stationery, kitchenware, tools, toiletries, and trinkets. Because things typically run out later, buy what you see. Every month, new items are added to the inventory.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

4. 2 Dirham Shop Center in Sharjah

Are you trying to find an inexpensive store in the area? The two Dirham Centers in Sharjah would be quite advantageous to you. In this outlet, you may get a sizable quantity of goods for just 2 Dirhams. You can purchase your gifts there if you’re on a tight budget. Additionally, the store offers a variety of items such as clothing, toys, and household items. It is also open seven days a week, making it easy to visit when convenient. Moreover, the store has friendly and helpful staff who can guide you in selecting the right items for you. It’s a great place to get a good bargain and get a lot of items for a low price.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

5. Day to Day is Also a Great Place to Shop from 1 to 10 Dirhams in Sharjah

One of Sharjah’s most well-known cheap stores is called Day to Day, from very tiny beginnings more than 20 years ago with a shop in Nasser Square in Dubai to several branches that have continued to expand throughout the years. If you are living in a great and reputable property like the ones from Al Futtaim Group real estate, check out this amazing chain store near you.

There are now six branches available to assist you, and more are being added in an effort to reach out to those who want to get more out of their everyday necessities. Day to Day, as the name suggests, has everything you may possibly need for daily use. The shop provides everything you might possibly need, from cutlery to cosmetics. Day to Day has two sites in Sharjah, one in Al Majaz and the other in Al Safa Plaza.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

6. Al Arsah Souk, an Affordable 1 to 10 Dirham Shop in Sharjah

One of Sharjah’s most affordable shopping locations for tourists on a tight budget is Al Arsah Souk. On weekends, a considerable number of people visit Sharjah’s Heritage Area. The greatest time to shop is during the weekdays when there are fewer people and less hustle and bustle. The Souk provides goods that are well within your price range and is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and then again from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Traditional jewelry, handcrafted goods, health-related things, antiques, and more are available for purchase. The greatest place to shop in Sharjah for traditional goods is here. One of Sharjah’s oldest marketplaces, it originally served as a trading hub for merchants from the Bedouin tribes, Persia, and India.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

7. Al Jubail Souk, a Well-Known 1 to 10 Dirham Shop in Sharjah

Go to the Al Jubail Souk on Corniche Street if you are a die-hard meat eater. The Souk is a marketplace with several vendors selling meat, dates, seafood, and other products. Take a look at the meat vendors that specialize in lamb, offal, and beef. Delicious non-vegetarian dinners may be had for two dirhams. This cutting-edge traditional market features Islamic Emirate architecture and a distinct Arabian personality. The Souk is Sharjah’s traditional fish market and a great spot to do your supermarket shopping. One of the finest locations for tourists seeking a genuine Arabic shopping experience is the Souk. Here, shoppers can find traditional spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more. The market also offers cultural attractions, such as music and street performances. It is a great place to find traditional items and souvenirs.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

8. Central Souk, a Popular 1 to 10 Dirham Shop in Sharjah

The Central Souk ought to be one of your first visits while deciding what to do in Sharjah. The Central Souk is a well-known Sharjah landmark with a blue tile-trimmed front and is one of the most photographed structures in the city. Due to its prominent placement on the five-dirham note, this Souk is also representative of the UAE’s heritage.

You may discover anything from contemporary watches and apparel to genuine regional trinkets and souvenirs in the more than 600 stores spread across two levels. Shops selling regional delicacies, handcrafted goods, and elaborate carpets and kilims may be found on the top floor. A brilliant row of stores selling genuine precious stones, gold, Bedouin jewelry, and diamonds can be found on the lagoon side. Some artisans in this area are capable of recreating a design using just a drawing.

If you visit Sharjah with your family, the Central Souk is a must-see and authentic one-stop Middle Eastern shopping experience for everyone. Consider purchasing a handcrafted toy from here if you’re looking for entertaining activities for children.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

9. Al Juma Souq, a Magnificent Shop to Look for 1 to 10 Dirham Goods in Sharjah

The Friday market in Sharjah offers a taste of the classic Arabian souq (market). The renowned Friday Market, with its open market set amid mountains and valleys, draws tourists from all around the area. Additionally, it promotes tourism in Masafi. It has managed to keep the vibe and air of a traditional souq.

The market, which is famed for the diversity of things it sells—from toys, rugs, and pots to vegetables, fruits, and plants—is situated in the Hajar Mountains. Due to Masafi’s peculiar environment with exceptionally high rainfall, the Friday Market, also known as Souq al Juma’a, is particularly well-known for its fresh and locally grown products. It is regarded as a major depiction of regional history and culture as well. Despite being known as the Friday market, it is open every day of the week, not only on Fridays and holidays.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

10. Saqr Souk is an Excellent Place to Search for 1 to 10 Dirham Goods in Sharjah

In the past, Souk Saqr served as a hub for the trafficking of gold, and the busy shoreline was crammed with dhows carrying cargo for Iran, Pakistan, and India. Today, you may tour this genuine antique market while lounging in air-conditioned luxury along the Corniche.

You may stock up on spices, herbs, henna, scents, oils, perfumes, sheesha pipes, and flavor-infused tobacco at extremely affordable prices. Along with bigger retailers offering Arabic abayas, sheilas, and serials, there are other women’s tailors with a focus on ethnic, wedding, and beaded clothing.

The Saqr Souk in Sharjah is a very authentic location to shop. The market is filled with vendors that always have big discounts. Even if it’s busy, the market is still worthwhile attending. You’ll be astounded by the colorful maze of hand-woven carpets, fragrant spices, conventional pottery, and more. The finest purchases at this market, which is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, are spices and paintings. Saqr Souk, near the busy waterfront dotted with dhows, was originally a site for gold trafficking. The market is next to the Central Souk, famed for its Iranian items, and runs parallel to Sharjah Creek. Shopping in Sharjah’s Souk provides a rich historical and cultural experience.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

11. Blue Souk, a Fascinating Marketplace Having 1 to 10 Dirham Merchandise in Sharjah

Blue Souk, one of Sharjah’s main marketplaces, is the ideal location to buy souvenirs and experience an authentic Arabian bazaar. This marketplace is also referred to by the locals as the Souk al-Markazi and Central Souq.

The Central Souk received its name from the beautiful blue tilework that adorns its facade. This retail center has about 600 stores spread across two wings, some of which are entirely devoted to technology, perfume, gold jewelry, cuisine, and gifts. The upper floor has shops selling carpets and trinkets from Tibet and Afghanistan, while the main floor has stores offering pricey designer clothing and gold.

If you negotiate well, you may frequently get substantial discounts on things on the upper level, which has the authentic feel of an Arabian bazaar. Shopaholics must visit the Central Souq or the Blue Souq, which is a little hectic and hopping with activity.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

Other Discount Shops in Sharjah

You might think about these well-known cheap stores in Sharjah in addition to the stores mentioned above if you want to shop on a tight budget.

1. Brands for Less, a Great Outlet for Bargain Shopping in Sharjah

One such outlet for bargain shopping in Sharjah is Brands for Less. There are three price points accessible in the shop. Within AED 25, AED 50, and AED 100, you may buy apparel, home décor, shoes, and other items. The shop is accessible online in the UAE as well.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

2. Clearance, a Great Bargain Store in Sharjah

Clearance is the next store on our list of bargain stores in Sharjah. Clearance has a few things like silverware, keychains, and phone cases for under AED 5. Other items, including apparel, accessories, luggage, and shoes, range in price from AED 10 to AED 200.

Want to purchase goods while relaxing in your home? Online stores in Sharjah provide you with the ideal answer. In a single motion, click, choose, and pay!

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

3. Maqaami, a Famous Online Shop Selling 1 to 10 Dirham Wares in Sharjah

Maqaami is one of the most well-liked solutions in the Emirates for online shopping in Sharjah. You name it, Maqaami has it: speakers, sports equipment, household goods, cosmetics, and electronics. The best part is that most of these items can be found for less than AED 20.

In addition to these minor things, this store also sells blenders, mixers, ovens, tablets, cellphones, and routers. Although the costs for these goods are often greater than AED 20, they are still reasonably affordable.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

4. Our Shopee, a Top Online Bargain Retailer in Sharjah, Has 1 to 10 Dirham Goods

Look no further than Our Shopee if you’re seeking further Sharjah-based online bargain retailers. With enticing discounts and bargains, it provides a large range of cosmetics, travel, and homeware products for under AED 50 to further reduce your shopping experience. This online shop also sells jewelry and toys in addition to these products. Our Shopee guarantees quick shipping and round-the-clock customer support.

1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

A Few Last Words About 1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

Our list of the 1 to 10 dirhams in Sharjah is now complete. Sharjah’s 1 to 10 dirham stores are well known for being significantly more affordable than the largest malls. For instance, you can find a trendy T-shirt for 5 dirhams at a 1 to 10 dirham store in Sharjah, which may cost 25 dirhams at a high-end mall. They also offer a far wider selection of goods. These stores carry practically all of the necessities for daily life. In order to meet the needs of people with a limited budget, the UAE has a large number of reduced shops and boutiques.

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1 to 10 Dirham Shops in Sharjah

frequently asked questions

There are several locations in Sharjah where you can find 1 to 10 dirham shops. These include the Al Nahda area, the Al Majaz area, and the Al Qasba area. These areas are known for having a variety of shops and businesses that offer items at a range of prices, including those that cost 1 to 10 dirhams.

These shops offer a variety of items, such as clothing, accessories, and household items. They also offer food items, such as fruits, vegetables, and other snacks. Some of these shops also offer small electronics, such as phone chargers and USB cables.

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