What are cheapest properties in Dubai?

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When it comes to buying property in Dubai, many people may think that the real estate market of Dubai is expensive. It should be said that the real estate market in Dubai offers low prices in comparison to other capital cities in the world. However, it was expensive in the past. But, if you think that most of properties in Dubai still don’t suit your budget, here are some of the cheapest properties in Dubai. Read on to the end…

What are cheapest properties in Dubai?

Cheapest apartments for sale in Dubai

Apartments for sale in Dubai are the most popular options for investment and to live in. So, here are cheapest properties in Dubai…

Fiora at Golf Verde: Fiora at Golf Verde is one of the cheapest apartments in Dubai that you can consider. This amazing collection is located at Akoya Oxygen (Damac hills 2) community that is among the most popular areas in Dubai. Here are the main features of this incredible apartment…

The Fiora Collection offers studio, 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR apartments that are well equipped and offer a great design. The prices for these units start from nearly AED 300K which is amazing, literally!

Fiora in Golf Verde|Damac Properties
Fiora at Golf Verde – Affordable yet Elegant Apartments

It should be said that low price doesn’t mean this apartment isn’t great. As it is one of the best projects of Damac Properties, it offers a well-connected location, contemporary architecture, and amenities including state of the art gym, landscaped gardens, parking etc.

An attractive payment plan makes this amazing project even more budget friendly!

Oxford Residence: Oxford Residence is also among cheapest apartments in Dubai that offers easy payment plan. It is perfect for those who are looking to budget-friendly investments. Here are details about this project…

The amazing collection of Oxford is a project by Iman Developers, and is located at Jumeirah Village Circle. Jumeirah Village Circle is a popular area for families who prefer a serene community.

A well-connected neighborhood, a thoughtful design as well as amenities like kids’ play area, infinity swimming pool, branded appliances, etc make Oxford Residence one of the most preferred properties in Dubai.

Oxford Residence 2 in JVC
Oxford Residence – Budget-Friendly Apartments in JVC

Oxford Residence offers studio, 1BR and 2BR units, and the starting price is only AED 380k!

Samana Golf Avenue: Samana Golf Avenue is one of the best projects of Samana Developers, and is situated at Dubai Studio City. The unrivalled views of Dubai Skyline as well as a wealth of world-class amenities make these apartments among the most exclusive yet affordable ones!

A connected location, a unique design and also amenities such as 24/7 security, a miniature golf course swimming pool and gym make Samana Golf Avenue even more appealing.

This incredible collection offers studio, 1BR and 2BR units with an excellent 7 year payment plan!

Samana Golf Avenue at Dubai Studio City | Samana Developers

Cheapest villas for sale in Dubai

Families prefer to live in villas that offer proximity to the city’s main landmarks and also amenities. These properties become even more popular when they offer a low price. So, here are cheapest villas for sale in Dubai

Rukan Townhouses: Rukan Townhouses are among the most popular villas in Dubai offered at exceptional price. These amazing townhouses are located at Dubailand Oasis, and offer amazing features…

Easy access to Dubai’s main landmarks, a unique lifestyle as well as amenities including BBQ area, swimming pool, clubhouse, gardens and kids’ area make Rukan Townhouses among the most desirable properties in Dubai. In addition, a simple design gives Rukan Townhouses timeless grandeur that not every home boasts!

The magnificent collection of Rukan offers 1BR, 2BR and 3BR townhouses, and the starting price for these incredible townhouses is AED 300k. Rukan Townhouses are not only among the cheapest villas in Dubai, but also 1.5% monthly installment makes them as budget-friendly as possible!

Rukan Townhouses at Wadi Al Safa, Dubai Land | Continental Investments

Spring Townhouses: Spring Townhouses are also among the cheapest villas in Dubai. The Spring Collection offers a paradise-like style through its stunning surroundings, while the residents can also enjoy the best of urban living!

These magnificent townhouses are located at Arabian Ranches III that is filled with world-class amenities and also amazing benefits!

An abundance of world-class amenities, incredible connectivity as well as a great design make these properties among the most popular ones in Dubai and also in the UAE.

This collection offers 3BR and 4BR townhouses with the starting price of AED 1.2 million. Post-handover payment plan makes these townhouses even more exceptional. If you are also looking for cheapest villas in Dubai, this one is for you. Go for it!

Spring Townhouses in Arabian Ranches III | Emaar Properties

The Valley Townhouses: being one of the best projects of Emaar Properties, The Valley Townhouses are perfect choices for families who seek an affordable property choice.

The amazing townhouses of The Valley are beautifully crafted homes located at The Valley that is among the most desirable communities in Dubai. These popular townhouses are filled with amenities including fitness area, BBQ area, shopping mall, parking spaces as well as landscaped areas. This collection also offers close proximity to Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches and The Sustainable City.

A contemporary design and a serene area create a unique style of living for the residents of The Valley Townhouses. This collection offers 3BR and 4BR townhouses, and the starting price is just AED 1.16 million. Above all, a flexible payment plan makes these properties beyond affordable!

Eden Villas at The Valley | Emaar Properties

According to the above, Dubai is one of the best places in the world to invest in real estate. Dubai real estate market offers attractive prices, high rental returns, easy payment plans as well as great capital appreciation. And these are the reasons why many investors from around the world choose Dubai as their first destination to invest in.

If you are also looking to invest in the extraordinary real estate market of Dubai, there are a variety of options for you. No matter how much your budget is. Just explore Dubai’s most desirable properties in dxboffplan.com and choose your own dream property in Dubai…!

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Yura in Gulf Verde is one of the cheapest houses in Dubai. This amazing complex is located in Akoya Oxygen Community (Damak Hills 2) which is one of the most popular areas in Dubai.

Kesford Residence is one of the cheapest areas to buy property in Dubai that also offers an easy payment plan, making it a great choice for those looking for affordable investments.

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