Arabian Ranches III
#Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
1Elie Saab Villas 2 Villas Dubai AED 4,865,888 Q4 2025
2Elie Saab Villas Villas Dubai AED 4,650,000 Q3 2025
3June 2 Villas Villas Dubai - Q4 2024
4Caya Villas 2 Villas Dubai AED 3,442,888 Coming Soon
5Bliss Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 1,690,000 Q4 2024
6Caya Villas Villas Dubai AED 3,442,888 Coming Soon
7Spring Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 1,234,888 Q4 2022
8Sun Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 1,458,888 Q1 2023
9Joy Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 2,275,888 Q2 2023
10Ruba Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 1,794,888 Q1 2023

Arabian Ranches 3 - Prime Location

The 3rd wing to the already popular Arabian Ranches, Arabian Ranches III is all set to hit the property scenario in the UAE. Arabian Ranches is one such development that certainly needs no introduction due to its popularity and wide spread acceptance within the region. It is due to this very reason that Emaar Properties has yet again come up with another phase of this magnificent spacious villa and townhouses community named now as Arabian Ranches Phase III to continue and carry along the already renowned and well-established namesake of this mega development. To remind of how spectacular and magnanimous this master development is, here is a brief look back at what Arabian Ranches is and how has it escalated to these heights of recognition and popularity within the region and the expertise and master mind of Emaar Properties behind it. Arabian Ranches, as the name quite self explanatory implies, is the true classic taste of the Arab world in the form of a lavish, luxurious and splendid residential development. Arabian Ranches was the pioneer in establishing the true community spirit through the Villas for Sale in Dubai it entailed.

Arabian Ranches 3 - Master Plan

These magnificent villas are now divided in the form of seven spacious enclaves  with each enclave having a specific name and  further comprising of sub-sets of villas inside them. Lying close to a central road like Al Qudra making commute extremely feasible, Arabian Ranches has indisputably been the first choice of investors whenever it has come down to choosing the most apt and commodiously infrastructured residential vicinity for families. An iconic development by the renowned ‘Emaar Developers’ in the region, Arabian Ranches is in the truest sense of the word, a representation of the quintessential Arab world.

Properties for sale in Arabian Ranches | List of Off Plan projects in Arabian Ranches

Comprising of an enclave of a total of seven villas, the first phase of the development is planned to be developed within the time-frame between 2016-2018. The residential development at large, comprises of enclaves offering 3,4,5, and 6 BR independent commodious villas. However, the first phase- the ‘Casa‘ is expected to be comprising of 3 & 4 bedroom villas. Turning out to be a major hit and breakthrough within the first quarter of its launch in late 2012, the development was sold like hot cakes within a mere timeframe after its launch. Following this success, Emaar then launched a number of different enclaves in the years 2013 & 2014.

Arabian Ranches 3 - Master Plan

However, the latest addition and the last phase of the enclave namely ‘Azalea‘ was then accomplished in the year 2015.Given its central location, the development is feasibly accessible through Al Qudra Road and are expected to connect the existing ranches with ranches phase. Talking about the ever so magnificent Emaar Properties behind this mega development, A name that certainly requires no introduction, this development entity due to its omnipresence in approximately every other mega project within the region has now become a household name. Yes, we are certainly talking about Emaar Properties. Emaar is not just a property development entity but is rather a representation of what Dubai as a city has to offer in all its glitter and glory. The real-estate and property management extension of the famous Emaar Group, Emaar Properties has strode through all the roadblocks to achieve this exemplary success and recognition. The real estate flagship of one of the most famed and popular groups within the region i.e. Emaar Group, Emaar Properties held and stood firmly on its ground for all these years now.

Properties for Sale in Arabian Ranches Phase III | List of Off plan Properties

After the notion of an extra ordinarily well planned and laid out real-estate development company budded in the minds of the owners of the Emaar Group, this flagship property development firm rose to new heights in 1997. It has been since then for almost two decades now that Emaar Properties did not turn back from this overwhelming ride to success and acceptability within the region. The real estate wing of Emaar Group, is one of the most locally as well as globally renowned master developers in the UAE. Being a pioneer of large scaled and massively planned master developments, this mega developer has delivered some break-through projects and developments in the region. Emaar Properties is a well-trusted name in the UAE and is well-received both in the commercial as well residential sectors as it diversifies in both. Thus, when it comes to premium, at par lavish and luxurious developments, Emaar Properties tops the list everywhere and takes the lead. Now an official entry and member of Dubai Financial Market, Emaar Properties is not just a local but a globally renowned and established multi-national wing of the original Emaar Group. With various of its operational offices and branches in different countries, the property development and management operates across the globe providing state-of-the-art property developments and projects under its superior flagship with the finest engineering and infrastructural abilities to it and therefore, stands tall and proud today as Emaar Properties in the world.

Properties for Sale in Arabian Ranches Phase III | List of Off plan Properties

Why choose Arabian Ranches Phase III?

Whenever we are faced with any ‘WH’ questions such as what, why, where and how, at, we do something called mapping out where we draw the best solutions for all those cognitive and practical hurdles that we are faced with. In this case, those roadblocks are: Why should I invest all my money into this property? Is this investment going to turn out as profitable as I estimate it to? Would this explicit piece of land prove as bountiful in the future as lucrative as it looks right now? How would my life sustain within the premises of this development? Would I have access to enough facilities and touch points in the surroundings of this place? Well, these and other hundreds and millions of questions are the ones that keep on popping up time and again in an investor’s brain once they start setting their mind to any investment. Be it personal, residential, commercial or even leisure, whatever is the kind for any investment, these are the mental roadblocks that are bound to bother one before arriving to any decision.

June 2 Villas By Emaar Properties

However, no matter how natural and unavoidable these questions may seem, our job is to cater to all of them and be of utmost help, guidance and assistance to our customers. This is the reason that we research all these inevitable queries and factors and then provide our customers with a well-thought upon, detailed and elaborate account of all the factors as to why should they chose any particular development. Well, in the case of Arabian Ranches Phase III, it is a multi-purpose development. Also, not just that, but in addition to being a highly desirable residential location, Arabian Ranches Phase III By Emaar Properties is an equally well planned and sought-after commercial and leisure destination too. It is this very fact that makes this master-development a very favorable investment as it is an attraction not only to locals but also foreigners alike.

June 2 Villas By Emaar Properties

In addition to that, the development enjoys a very nuclear location due to its proximity to some very popular and connecting roads of Dubai. Schools & Colleges, Universities, Hospital & Pharmacies, Banks & ATM’s all fall very close to the residents or even visitors coming to Arabian Ranches Phase III. Linked with the nearest metro stations, as mentioned earlier, malls like Mall of the Emirates etc are in utmost proximity to this splendid and beautiful community of Arabian Ranches Phase III. Thus, all those planning on living in this lavish yet serene habitat must all heave a sigh of relief because they are surrounded with all kinds of commute provisions i.e. metro stations, cabs and public transports etc. So what are you waiting for? If not this mega development, that also with a global outreach, where would one invest their money in? Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of investing in such a fruit-bearing piece of land that is only expected to generate more and more fruitful outcome in the future and become a global landmark within the whole region.  Thus, Arabian Ranches Phase III is one of the most meticulously and intricately planned and laid out residential communities in the Emirate. Emaar Properties’ marvel, the gated and secure residential development is surrounded by activities, amenities and recreational facilities on all four sides of it. All the families residing within the development bear testament to the fact that they never fall short of fun and bonding activities with their families while living in Arabian Ranches Phase III. From Shopping to Dining to Weekend fun, everything is in abundance at Arabian Ranches Phase III. Thus, one should definitely and most certainly not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of investing in such a fruit-bearing piece of land that is only expected to generate more and more fruitful outcome in the future and become a global landmark within the whole region.

Properties for Sale in Arabian Ranches Phase III | List of Off plan Properties

Hence, for the ease of understanding and to provide our readers with a more facilitated idea of how close they would be to all the day to day necessary and key locations of the city, we have coiled up an elaborate and well-researched list of all the closest locations list by list. Thus, following is a list of some of the closest recreational, leisure, and important locations and destinations to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

Nearest Schools and Nurseries to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

The whole area of Arabian Ranches Phase III has its own schools and nurseries in the surroundings. The list goes as follows:

  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Jebel Ali Village Nursery
  • Raffles Nursery
  • Ranches Primary School
  • Safa Community School
  • GEMS World Academy
  • Nord Anglia International School Dubai
  • Jebel Ali Village Nursery
  • GEMS Metropole School
  • Jebel Ali School

Nearest Hospitals & Health Care Centers to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

The whole area of Arabian Ranches Phase III entails a number of some of the best hospitals and health care centers in its proximity and are as follows:

  • Mediclinic Arabian Ranches
  • Aster Medical Center
  • Aster Clinic Arabian Ranches
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
  • Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center
  • Mediclinic Meadows

Nearest Malls & Shopping Centers to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

The complete list of all the closest and nearby malls and shopping centers to Arabian Ranches Phase III goes as follows:

  • Arabian Ranches Village
  • The Ranches Souk
  • The Village Community Mall
  • Cityland Mall
  • First Avenue Mall
  • Auto Mall
  • Legends Mall

Nearest Banks & ATM’s to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

One of the most important necessity is that of a Bank’s or an ATM’s proximity to one’s address. Therefore, Arabian Ranches Phase III has catered well to that need and below is a list of some of the closest Banks and ATM’s to the development:

  • RAKBANK ATM – Arabian Ranches
  • United Arab Bank – ATM
  • Emirates NBD – ATM
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank ADIB – Branch
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – ATM
  • Emirates NBD – Branch
  • Standard Chartered Bank – ATM
  • Mashreq Bank – ATM
  • Mashreq Bank – Branch

Nearest Hotels to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

When you are living within a central residential development, it is important to be aware of the hotels, diners and restaurants available within your vicinity. Below are some of the hotels that lie in close reach to Arabian Ranches Phase III:

  • Park Inn by Radison
  • Ghaya Grand Hotel
  • Aloft Me’aisam Dubai
  • Courtyard by Marriott Dubai
  • Ramada Chelsea Hotel
  • Abidos Hotel Apartments
  • Treppan Hotel & Suites
  • Hotel Ibis
  • Grandeur Hotel
  • Elite Byblos Hotel
  • Sheraton, Mall of the Emirates
  • Hilton Garden Inn Dubai
  • Novotel Suites
  • Al Habtoor Polo Resort

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Arabian Ranches III
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