Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2023

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Since Dubai is a city with all the facilities, there are very high-quality dance classes. These classes are suitable for those who want to learn this fine art, or who want to increase their abilities and make their dance more beautiful. Below we list the best dance classes in Dubai for you.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

Top Dance Classes in Dubai

There are different clubs in Dubai on different terms. Each of these clubs offers different classes or whether they offer a type of exercise or class. In one article, we provided you the cheapest gyms in Dubai and Below we review the best dance classes in Dubai.

  • James and Alex Dance Studios in Dubai

James and Alex Dance Studios is located in Dubai Media City, so the people who are in love with dance and live in Dubai Media City can use these classes easily. The institute has 3 dance studios with an area of 4000 sq ft. James and Alex Dance Studios is really famous for its ballet dance classes. Alongside ballet classes, they hold tango, Zumba, and salsa dance classes. The institute also holds the most comprehensive belly dance class in Dubai.

By hiring highly experienced instructors, the institute has been able to provide quality dance classes for children and adults in the form of modern and traditional dances. The students of this complex love the energy of the classes and the happy and positive environment of the institute. If you want to learn contemporary dances, be sure to enroll in this school, and also do not neglect salsa dance classes, which are very popular.

  • Dance Studios in Dubai

The institute was founded to showcase the world of ballroom dancing to all of you. The classes which Dance Studios provide include cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot, waltz, and other ballroom dance classes in Dubai. The institute is an excellent and professional place for people who want to reach the top level from beginner level.

The institute has been able to train the best dancers by employing compassionate and experienced instructors and following international educational methods and special ones. You can learn everything from posture to footwork, which is master to ballroom dancing.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

  • MAD: MAD About Dance Dubai

If you are living in properties for sale in Al ManKhool, and you are looking for a dance class too, choose MAD. Classes in this series teach you a new way of dancing, combined with laughter and excitement. We have to say that in this class, the focus is on learning to dance and fitness. The MAD collection is best known for teaching children to dance in Dubai. The classes which are MAD provide include individual and group dance classes, Bhangra, Zumba, hip hop, jazz, classical, and contemporary dance form. Zumba classes in this complex are among the best Zumba classes in Dubai.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

  • Pole Fit Dubai

If you are looking for a dance class other than Zumba in Dubai, but want to do enough exercise, we recommend that you take classes at the institute.  Apartments for sale in JLT are a convenient place to reach Pole Fit Dubai, but this is a great class for people who want to learn to thrill and dance at the same time. These unique and special classes help you improve your stamina and strength alongside tempered flexibility. In these classes, through dance, you can have a full-body exercise and an exciting and fun way to boost your self-esteem.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

  • Sharmila Dance Center in Dubai

A piece of good news for those who are living in Al Barsha, they can conveniently take a part in Sharmila dance classes. The types of dance classes that Sharmila provides, include street jazz, lyrical contemporary, ballet, and hip hop dance forms. Although the number of affordable dance classes in Dubai is very high, this center is very of interest to people who are learning to dance.

A different option that Sharmila has presented holding an annual summer workshop. These five days event allows students to have a chance to learn from local and international instructors.

We have to say that their biannual dance show is really interesting which is a celebration of different dance genres and provides a platform for emerging dancers to take the center stage. We should also say that in this celebration, the audience is very stunned to see the skills of the dancers.

  • Heart of Dance in Dubai

For those who are living in apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai, and searching for a dance school, Heart of Dance is a perfect choice. Using a professional team of teachers, the institute makes you a professional dancer. Trainers pay special attention to checking your progress on dance skills.

The institute believes that to achieve long-term and short-term goals in dance, private and group classes each have their impact.  The coaches work with you to get your swing and salsa move right, they give attention to everything from physical conditioning and correct posture to flexibility and apt footwork.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

  • Arthur Murray Dance School in Dubai

Arthur Murray Dance School provides different ballroom dance classes in Dubai. If you are an amateur dancer, or you search dance classes for couples, Arthur Murray Dance School is a perfect choice. The institute has internationally experienced instructors who teach you all the movements of each dance, whether sophisticated Waltz or the sassy tango.

If you are interested in ballroom and you live in Jumeira lake towers, here would be a great choice for you.

  • First International Dance Studios

It is one of the best Dance Schools in JLT, so it’s convenient and accessible for those who live in JLT in Dubai. Along with the different dance classes it offers, the institute is one of the few dance classes in Dubai that also offers B-Boy dance classes in Dubai. Dance classes are held for both beginners and professionals who want to update their dance skills.  Students who have learned the dance in First International Dance Studios have a chance to perform in different local concerts, music videos, and international competitions.

  • Latin Soul

Cesar and Elizabeth are the founders of the Latin Soul in Dubai. This institute provides an exciting new art form, the Argentine Tango in a fun environment in their studio in TECAM. So the people who live in TECOM can have access to this institute. With their exciting start, they were able to attract 500 students for their dance classes.

Students in this class learn the technics and beautiful and up-to-date movements. They are trained by professionally trained instructors and can attend private and group classes at different levels. The institute specializes in bridal and groom dances. So if you want to surprise family and friends on the most beautiful night of your life, contact this institute.

  • Cello Music and Ballet Center

Cello Music and Ballet Center provide different classes such as jazz, hip hop, belly dancing, martial arts, and Irish tap. The Cello’s main focus is teaching ballet, drama, and music to young and amateur students. The good news is that Cello offers ballet classes for mothers and children from the age of 18 months. Also, children from 2/5 to 15 and adults can take part in these classes. The classes in this complex are designed according to the level and ability as well as the age of the students participating in the class. The institute emphasizes teaching children at an early age.

  • Zouk Dubai

Zouk Dubai is known as Brazilian Lambada. Zouk is danced to a slow-quick-quick-slow rhythm, with quick movements danced to R&B tracks with a Latin twist. This kind of energetic dance quickly became famous among Dubai’s youth.  Nayan De Abrew and Samantha ho, his dance partner, founded this institute.  Zouk Dubai is a non-profit organization with volunteers and part-time teachers. The money earned in the Zouk classes is reinvested into the annual Zouk festival held every year at the end of November. The Zouk Festival attracts DJs and dancers from all over the world.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022

  • Oriental Dance Academy

Re-flourish your creativity and attractiveness with the belly dance that this institute offers. Oriented Dance provides a mixture of both Turkey and Egypt belly dance styles. Training different movements for different organs in a routine is guaranteed to be the perfect exercise for your cardiovascular vessels. The people who are living in the Springs and Oasis Center properties can use these classes easily. Dance classes include 3 classes, Classic belly dance, Modern belly dance, and Oriental Teather. The institute also offers classes to become a dance instructor. These students should complete the pre-college level certificates offered by the academy.

  • Nisha Dance Center

Nisha Dance classes are for those who love grooving to Bollywood dance numbers and the people are looking to have a great time dancing to some lively Indian Music. Nisha Dance Center was founded by Nisha Shivnani. The institute’s goal is to break down age and cultural barriers by offering this dance style to people of all ages, abilities, and cultures. Dance classes are usually held privately, but if you wish to train with your friends, small groups are also acceptable. The other activity that Nisha Dance Center does, is providing dance shows for a number of events including fashion events, exhibitions, flashmobs, product lunches, dinner, and wedding events.

Top 13 Dance Classes in Dubai in 2022


Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we provided you with a list of the best dance classes in Dubai. As you’ve seen, these classes offer a variety of dances and are scattered throughout Dubai. So you can live in any neighborhood of Dubai and you can access one of these classes.

So don’t worry about where you live in Dubai, as all the amenities are scattered in different neighborhoods of Dubai just by checking out the properties for sale in Dubai, find your favorite home. Our experts are ready to help you in this regard. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp and use our free consultation.

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There are so many dance classes in Dubai as there are any facilities in this city. Some of them to mention are James and Alex Dance Studios, Dance studios, and Sharmila Dance center.

These classes are scattered throughout in Dubai offer variety of dances.

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