14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

Achieving the desired weight and proportional limbs in Dubai can be relatively expensive. In the past decade and now, the number of clubs in Dubai and throughout the UAE has been increasing. The good news is that some of them work at more affordable prices. If you’ve ever hatched cheap clubs in Dubai, rest assured you’re not alone and a lot of people in Dubai are looking to find these types of clubs. That’s why in this article we introduce the top cheap gyms in Dubai.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

Top cheap gyms in Dubai

The people who are in the clubs are in two categories, the first group are people who want to exercise with concerns about their health, the second group is people who want to have a very beautiful and proportionate hick and be fit. But we have to accept the fact that both categories probably don’t have enough financial resources to attend expensive gyms and use tutors.

Sometimes people, even though they have paid a high price for the club, are not allowed to use the class because of their busyness. That’s why maybe we should use cheaper clubs to get started. But there are many factors involved in choosing the club. The first factor, as mentioned above, is the cost of the club and whether it is worthwhile for the club in question. After that, uncles such as club facilities, coaches, locations, etc. should be checked. Below we have provided you with a list of cheap gym clubs in Dubai with all the relevant details.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Golds’ Gym, an affordable price gym in Dubai

In recent decades, the club has contributed significantly to the development of the club’s use culture in the Emirates. Golds’ Gym has reasonable price gyms in Dubai and across UAE. All these gyms are fully equipped with modern machines. The other facilities available in the gyms are a sauna, locker room, and a shower. These gyms offer different programs which are divided into 4 categories: strength and conditioning, mind and body, cardio, and dance.

Each new member of the club has an introductory meeting with a coach who can be asked questions about the usage of machines, the effectiveness of certain exercises, food intake, and any other questions. Perhaps the best and most important thing is that you can probably find a branch of Golds’ gym in your area. Alongside Deira, Al Barsha, and Ibn Battuta Gate, you can find a Golds’ Gym branches in Al Hamriyah (mixed gym), Al Hamriyah (ladies only gym), Al Musalla Tower (mixed Gym), Business Village (ladies only gym), Etihad Mall (mixed gym), Etihad Mall (ladies only gym), and Reef Mall (Mixed gym). The final point is about gym membership fees, it is AED 182 for the basic package.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Power Gym, one of the biggest gyms in Dubai

In terms of the gym’s magnitude, Power gym is one of the biggest clubs in Dubai, with an area, spread over 10000 sq. ft. You can work on fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle disease management, in a suitable environment for working in a gym, and you can either use a tutor or attend group classes.

The club’s best and most cost-effective program is called the fit-to-the-pocket- program, which provided great value for money and is fairly cheaper. This app is suitable for people who are just starting out or simply looking to maintain their fitness. In addition, you can also take part in boot camp, boxing, and Zoomba programs at reasonable prices. Power Gym is located in Al Karama in Dubai and the basic package fee is about AED 120. This is where we can say that residents of Al Karama Properties in Dubai are very lucky.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Fitness First, one of the popular gym in Dubai

Fitness First Gym is one of the popular gyms in Dubai. It has branches all over the city. It can be said that here is one of the most affordable clubs in Dubai, taking into account the facilities it offers. Also, if you choose a one-year membership, the costs will still be reduced for you.

You can take part in different classes including group sessions, loaded weights, PT, yoga, cardio theatre, and free weights. Using private classes allows you to benefit from an app that is specific to your own body. This is the club where you can exercise to achieve your dream body because it has facilities together under one roof such as state-of-the-art-equipment, a relaxing atmosphere, and an expert team of coaches.

About the fee, the basic package is about AED 350 per month. The basic package on an annual contract with payment split every month. And this gym is a suitable place for Deira City Center apartment residents.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Unifit Gym, one the oldest gym in Dubai

The Unifit Gym has started in 1989, and it is one of the oldest gyms in Dubai. The machines in the club are changed periodically so that members can get the best results. Facilities are available including bodybuilding and weight lifting equipment, a steam bath, sauna, and shake bar. To reach your fitness goals and fulfill your healthy lifestyle, a team of professional coaches is present to help members.  You can take a private class to get back in shape at a really reasonable price. Unifit Gym is so affordable gym so good news to residents of Karama properties. The basic package fee is 99 AED.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Olympus Fitness, a technological fitness gym in Dubai

With the latest technologies at its disposal, the complex gives each member a special fancy and everything goes according to plan. Using these technologies allows you to check how your body responds to doing any exercise. The classes provided for new members include fitness approach, weight loss sessions, and bodybuilding. Importantly, if you are not satisfied with your performance or are unsure if you have a good process, you can get help from professional and experienced club coaches.  We have to say that Olympus Fitness is one of the affordable gyms in Dubai, and its membership fee is AED 150 for a basic package.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Target Gym, an affordable price gym in Dubai

Another cheap club in Dubai is Target Club, which offers special services. It has four branches in Dubai and all of them are full- equipped with modern machines. To lose weight and feel better both physically and mentally, the instructors can design a specific plan for you to get in shape. Some of these coaches are known for being strict, but with these rigours, they bring you closer to your goal. So if you’re really going to lose weight and want to go back to your tailored limb, this center is the best choice for you. The membership fee is AED 150 for a basic package.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Gym Nation, a motivating gym in Dubai

The environment of a club should be exciting and motivating for everyone. If you’re tired of your sporting routine, using new machines or boot camp sessions can be an exciting challenge for you and your body. One question, have you ever seen a Hollywood action film?

The latest generation of Matrix equipment and minimalist décor make this gym look straight out of the Hollywood action films. Do you think how there’s never a dull moment when it comes to your workout routine at Gym Nation? We have to answer like this, with the constant evaluation of programs, new machines, and guidance from experts that keep your interest level high. The membership fee is AED 149 for a basic package.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Studio Republik, an enjoyable gym in Dubai

Studio Republik is one the most enjoyable gym for training and fitness. Rest assured that all aspects of fitness are done for you from exercises to dance, physical therapies, nutrition, reformation, personal gymming, dance, and group exercise. As doctors say, you should start your healthy lifestyle at an early age, they provide a special package for kids.

Affordable, flexible, and customer-friendly features are really suitable for their membership programs. If you want to know more about them, check their websites.  If you suggest two people to the gym, it will cost you a lot less.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Fitness 360, one of the reasonable price gyms in Dubai

The three core principles of fitness 360 are development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The club believes that every person needs a personalized and dedicated plan for fitness, so they have designed a personal space in the gym for each person.  Fitness 360 has 3 branches in Dubai, Arabian Center, J3 Mall, and International City. Each branch is unique in its own right. We suggest you use a 3-day free pass and try out all their facilities. In the end, the membership fee is AED 158 per month.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • The Big Gym, a largest gym in Dubai

This gym provides a reasonable customized fitness plan for weight loss and bodybuilding. The very large interiors and the perfect equipment give you the sense that the bustle of the club doesn’t bother you. Certified coaches are at the gym and check your workouts. You can also book private meetings with these coaches. The membership fee is starting at AED 125.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Snap Fitness, an experienced gym in Dubai

The club has more than 15 years of experience in the profession, as well as more than 1 million members worldwide. Snap fitness is a well-known name in the international world of clubs. The services provided by Snap Gym include MYFIT high-intensity workouts- a cross between Cardio, functional, and strength training, personalized training sessions, and the use of wearable Myzone heart rate technology to keep track of performances. Snap Fitness has five branches in  JLT, Dubai media City, Motor City, Downtown Dubai, and Rahmania Mall. The membership fee is starting at AED 166.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Speed Fitness Zone, an affordable gym in Dubai

The club has achieved extraordinary results in the fitness of its members using a scientific approach. The important thing is that they don’t just change your limbs, they change your mind, and you’ll be paying full attention to your organs from then on. There are personal training sessions and group classes in HIIT cardio, circuit training and functional training, group spinning, Cross fit, Boxing, and TRX.  We suggest you reserve your free two-day pass and check out all the facilities immediately. It has two branches, Dubai Marina and Khalid Bin Walid Street. So it is good news for people who are living in Dubai Marina properties because they have easy access to the Speed Fitness Zone. The membership fee is starting at AED 150.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • Warehouse Gym, one of the largest gyms in Dubai

Warehouse Gym is one of the largest gyms in Dubai which has a special department for ladies. They have also a co-ed gym that offers services like class cardio, strength, and also stretch equipment.

They have experienced trainers who have a lot of knowledge in fitness, they help and guide you to the right path in fitness and health. They have several group classes to train their member.

Circuits, Paul fitness, flexibility, mobility, ladies black box, ladies cycle, kids boxing, boxing, run and riding, cycling, black box, cross-fit, etc, are varieties of styles which help in fitness besides regular exercise classes they offer. Your experience with this gym and training will feel light and fun for you with so many options they provide for you. Warehouse Gym has several branches in Dubai and various membership plans.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

  • In Shap Ladies Fitness Club, a gym just for women in Dubai

In Shap Ladies club is an experienced gym, which started in 2009. This club is for women so that Renan feels completely comfortable while exercising. They offer classes privately, which is why you get your own body-specific program and you’re sure you won’t hurt your body. The club’s coaches offer the best possible training in posture alignment, strength, range of motion, and holistic lifestyle. In addition, they have group course, if you want to work out with other people. The notable point is, that they have five stars rating on all platforms and great reviews from all members who work out here.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, Dxboffplan tried to provide you with a list of the cheapest gyms in Dubai. Reading this article, you noticed that in most areas of Dubai these well-equipped clubs are scattered. And you’ll have easy access to one of them in every neighborhood of Dubai. So don’t worry too much about accessing your residential area and choose your preferred home from our property listings in Dubai. Our experts are also ready to answer your questions. You can contact us via WhatsApp.

14 Cheapest Gyms in Dubai

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