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Project Highlights

  • Comprised of 225 residence apartments, 108 offices & 15 stores
  • Located at one of Istanbul’s prestigious locations
  • Perfectly connected to Istanbul’s main landmarks
  • Surrounded by spectacular views
  • Filled with first class amenities
  • Close to Millet Park
  • Providing highest levels of quality & comfort
  • Closely linked to the nature
  • Affordable property
  • An investment of highest value
Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Luxurious Apartments
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Luxurious Apartments

Selenium Retro 9 Residences

Selenium Retro 9 Residences is Istanbul’s new address of choice bringing together architectural art, natural beauty, unique interior design as well as world-class amenities to give the residents an extraordinary living experience. If you have always dreamed of a comfortable modern lifestyle in a dream city, this one is for you!

Perfect Apartment, Perfect Location!

Selenium Retro 9 is located at one of Istanbul’s most prestigious sites, and right on the E5 Highway. The site of Selenium Retro 9 is a highly sought-after location where the most elegant living spaces of Yeşılköy, Florya and Bakırköy meet. This amazing location has much more to offer to its residents…

In addition to spectacular views, the neighborhood offers close proximity to almost everywhere in Istanbul. Living in Selenium Retro 9, daily commute will be your favorite part of the day!

Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Open Spaces
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Open Spaces

Nearby Places

  • 50 meters to Kültür University
  • 50 meters to International Youth Center
  • Only 60 meters from the Yenıbosna metrobus stop
  • Just435 meters from the Yenıbosna Metro Station
  • 3 km from Ataköy Marina
  • Located 15 km from the Eurasia Tunnel in kazlıçeşme
  • 4 km from Marmaray, kazlıçeşme
  • Located on the E5 Highway
  • Selenium Retro 9 is accessible through public transport options
  • Metro station & bus stop are in close proximity
  • Just 3.2 km from Public Garden, which spans on impressive 11 million square meters
Selenium Retro 9 Residences - High-End Amenities & Facilities
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – High-End Amenities & Facilities

Amenities For Comfortable Living!

In Selenium Retro 9, you will find yourself immersed in an abundance of world-class amenities that are provided for a healthy, happy, comfortable and modern life. In Selenium Retro 9, your happiness and comfort are on top priority. Enjoy it!

  • 24/7 security
  • 24/7 reception & concierge service
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna & steam room
  • Meeting room
  • Restaurant, café, bistro
  • Stores
Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Pool Area
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Pool Area

Stylish, Elegant & Modern – Perfection!

The panoramic structure of the building is probably the most desirable feature of Selenium Retro 9. The unique architecture of Selenium Retro 9 brings the spectacular views of the outdoors inside the home. There’s also more…

In addition, this amazing project offers premium units that are filled with natural light, while the thoughtful interior design has created maximum living spaces as well!

Interior decoration also has been designed in a way to show perfection in every angle. The unique blend of art and functionality has made a haven of highest tranquility, quality, beauty and grandeur where your life will be never the same again!

But Selenium Retro 9 hasn’t forgot the beauty of simplicity as well….

So, it doesn’t matter you’re interested in timeless elegance or you prefer simplicity, Selenium Retro 9 is an ideal place to call home…

Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Lounge
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Lounge

Be Neighbor To The Nature

Selenium Retro 9 Residences is located next to Millet Park that is set to be the world’s third largest urban park. It offers 11 million m2 of green areas. Selenium Retro 9 gives you an ideal place that is amazingly surrounded by the stunning colors of nature…

What About Eye-Catching Views…?

Living in Selenium Retro 9 Residences, you will enjoy city view from one side, and the green areas from the other. Selenium Retro 9 Residences is supposed to be your haven in which you will wake up to the most picturesque views every day. Enjoy it!

Chic Lifestyle Is Awaiting!

With a great location, connectivity to Istanbul’s main landmarks, an abundance of first class amenities as well as a unique design, Selenium Retro 9 Residences promises to be more than just a place to live in…

But also it is a turning point for you in which the way you live will change forever….

This is supposed to be a chic, luxury, and high quality style of living; the one that not everyone can have!

Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Spacious Swimming Pool
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Spacious Swimming Pool

Have you ever dreamed of a colorful city?

Istanbul is a city full of stunning colors and natural beauty complimented by a variety of opportunities to grow. This incredible city also is famous for cultural heritage, unique location, and glorious past. Besides, if you care about high levels of safety, profitable investments and also a modern life, Istanbul is absolutely one of the most desirable choices. BUT wait…that’s not all that this amazing city has to offer….

In addition, pleasant weather, stunning landscape as well as the best of cosmopolitan living turn Istanbul into one of the most livable cities around the world.

What’s More…?

In addition to these, owning a property in Istanbul is a never again opportunity for the investors as well as home buyers to get Turkish Citizenship. Getting Turkish passport will bring you enormous benefits as a citizen of this beautiful country.

Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Reception Area
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Reception Area

Your Affordable Apartment Is Here!

According to the above, Selenium Retro 9 Residences is worth considering not only to live in, but also to look at as a valuable investment. Selenium Retro 9 Residences also offers a reasonable price that makes it even more appealing. Find the payment plan below…

At The End

With a large number of enormous benefits to offer, Selenium Retro 9 Residences proves to be a perfect property to treasure. Look no further….

You also can own an apartment in Istanbul….!

Selenium Retro 9 Residences - Community
Selenium Retro 9 Residences – Community
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