Starting from:

AED 775,888
20/80 - 5 Years Post-Handover Payment Plan 4% DLD Waiver | Ready To Move In Apartments

Parkviews Apartments

Parkviews Apartments at Town Square Dubai

Move in now to elegant yet affordable apartments in Town Square Dubai! Offering 20/80 payment plan with 5 years post handover and 4% DLD waiver. Parkviews Apartments is a collection of unique apartments by NSHAMA features a range of 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR Ready-To-Move In Apartments.

Parkviews Apartments Overview

Starting Price AED 775,888
Price Per Sqft from AED 1,128
Area from 687.81 Sqft
Type Apartments
Bedrooms 1BR 2BR 3BR
Location Town Square Dubai
Developer Nshama Property Developer
Developer Projects 42
Est. Completion Ready To Move off plan projects
Views 3.5k
Views for
Direct Sales & 0% Commission
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    Parkviews Apartments by NSHAMA

    Parkviews is an elegant collection of uniquely designed apartments in Town Square. The amazing Parkviews Apartments represent unique living experience in ultra-modern units that are of highest functionality. Parkviews offers a range of 2BR & 3BR apartments where your unique lifestyle awaits!

    Parkviews Apartments by NSHAMA
    Parkviews Apartments – Lavish Bedroom

    Parkview Apartments at Town Square

    Parkviews Apartments are the unique project of Nshama Properties in one of the most wanted areas of Dubai, Town Square. Parkviews will absolutely be your ideal home if location, amenities, modernity and affordability are important. Enjoy a unique living experience in Parkviews Apartments where you can take your modern lifestyle to next levels!

    Outstanding Features

    • Highly spacious apartments
    • Unique living experience in a modern setting
    • A wealth of first-class amenities
    • Located at a prime park-side location
    • Eyeful views
    • Stunning interiors
    • Highly affordable with an appealing payment plan
    Parkviews Apartments by NSHAMA
    Parkviews Apartments – Stunning Community

    Exclusive Lifestyles & Inclusive Living Spaces

    Parkviews Apartments are situated in a prime park-side location-Town Square Dubai-where you can enjoy the eye-catching views of Town Square Dubai Park, the boulevard as well as the Courtyard. In addition, an abundance of lifestyle amenities such as swimming pools, children’s pools, play areas and a gym are provided to make your life extremely convenient. In Town Square, there is no lack of thing to do for you and your loved ones!

    As well as this, close proximity to Al Qudra & Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road make your life more comfortable and stylish while you enjoy all the city has to offer.

    Parkviews Apartments At Town Square By NSHAMA - Master Plan
    Parkviews Apartments – Master Plan

    Town Square- A Uniquely Modern Community!

    Town Square Dubai is Dubai’s ideal location that uniquely redefines ultra-modern concept in urban living. This incredible community is designed to offer convenience for families through the highest levels of serenity and comfort. Town Square is recognized by its spectacular surroundings as well as a unique central park and, with plenty of green space, walking, jogging and cycling trails to explore.

    Quality & Amenity

    Parkviews at Town Square provides an abundance of amenities for you to conveniently shop, eat, and be entertained. A myriad of world-class amenities make Parkviews a perfect place for you to enjoy the style of living you have always dreamed of!

    • Green & jogging trails
    • Cycling trail
    • Green area
    • Town Square Park
    • Kids play areas & sport areas
    • Retail outlets
    • Outdoor cinema
    • Boutique hotel
    • Carousel
    • Kids fountain
    • Stage shows
    • Water splash pad
    • Kids train
    Parkviews Apartments At Town Square By NSHAMA - Exterior
    Parkviews Apartments – Open Spaces

    Stunning Interiors

    The architecture of Parkviews Apartments is the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary. Featuring a stunning architecture as well as myriad of restaurants, shops, swimming pools and other amenities, Parkviews Apartments prove to be more than just a place to live. Parkviews is set to be your lovely sanctuary where you can experience unique living all year round.

    In a tranquil modern setting, Parkviews Apartments blend the most extraordinary interior spaces and finishes with common recreational amenities to provide 500,000 sqft of remarkable living. With apartments varying between 2 bedroom – 3 bedroom, each apartment gives the residents the best of both worlds: a lively mixed-use community and a haven of absolute intimacy.

    Parkviews Apartments by NSHAMA
    Parkviews Apartments – Stylish Interior

    Why Dubai?

    Dubai is one of the world’s greatest real estate markets that is the number one destination of savy investors. The real estate market of Dubai offers unmatched rental returns as well as unlimited potential. Over the past few years, Dubai has blossomed into a thriving metropolis and world class destination for both business and travel.

    This incredible Middle Eastern city not only is home to one of the world’s most diverse populations, but it is also the stage for the richest horse race, the biggest shopping festival, and some of the most anticipated sports and entertainment events in the world.

    Dubai is also famous for:

    • The bridge between The East & The West
    • Superb infrastructure
    • Stable currency
    • Tax-free incomes
    • Incredible safety
    • Happiest people in the world
    • High salaries
    • Lucrative businesses
    Hayat Boulevard by Nshama | Mid-rise apartment residence in Nshama Town Square
    Parkviews Apartments – High-end Amenities & Facilities

    An Apart-Meant For You!

    Parkviews Apartments become your highly affordable dream home when an easy and flexible payment plan paves the way. Enjoy numerous benefits that your dream home in a dream city offers.

    Payment Plan

    Installment Milestone Payment (%)
    1st Installment Down Payment 10%
    2nd Installment 100% Construction Completion 10%
    3rd Installment 2 Months Post Completion 5%
    4th Installment 6 Months Post Completion 5%
    5th Installment 9 Months Post Completion 5%
    6th Installment 12 Months Post Completion 5%
    7th Installment 15 Months Post Completion 5%
    8th Installment 18 Months Post Completion 5%
    9th Installment 21 Months Post Completion 5%
    10th Installment 24 Months Post Completion 5%
    11th Installment 27 Months Post Completion 5%
    12th Installment 30 Months Post Completion 5%
    13th Installment 33 Months Post Completion 5%
    14th Installment 36 Months Post Completion 5%
    15th Installment 39 Months Post Completion 5%
    16th Installment 45 Months Post Completion 5%
    17th Installment 51 Months Post Completion 5%
    18th Installment 57 Months Post Completion 5%
    19th Installment 63 Months Post Completion 5%

    Parkviews Apartments Price Range

    • 1BR Apartments For sale in Parkviews Apartments by Nshama Property Developer at Town Square Dubai
    • 1BR
    • Size from - to (Sqft.)
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    • 2BR Apartments For sale in Parkviews Apartments by Nshama Property Developer at Town Square Dubai
    • 2BR
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    • 3BR Apartments For sale in Parkviews Apartments by Nshama Property Developer at Town Square Dubai
    • 3BR
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    • Price from - to
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    Parkviews Apartments Location Map

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