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Offers Social Opportunities Equipped with Unique Landscape Suitable For Turkish Citizenship

Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments

Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments at Zeytinburnu

If you want to live comfortably in today's modern world, you need to find a new-brand home that can meet your needs and help you keep up with changes. Nowadays, Istanbul is becoming one of the hottest real estate zones in the world, where you can find many successful residential projects, such as Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul. Keep reading and learn more about the details of this project, which offers popular work and living space.

Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments Overview

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Price Per Sqft from TL 0
Area from - Sqft
Type Apartments
Bedrooms 1+0
Location Zeytinburnu
Developer Turkey Properties
Developer Projects 409
Est. Completion Q3 2023
Views 349
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    The modern design of Dia Lity Topkapi units adds dynamism and pleasure to your life!

    As you know, buying a property means paying a lot of money, so you should be careful and consider all details to make the best decision. To make the situation easier for you, I have gathered a list of the most important advantages of these Istanbul modern homes for sale, such as:

    • The project is a masterpiece of Ahmet Kul İnsaat, developed in one of the best European Istanbul districts.
    • It is developed on 2,083 square meters of land area and consists of 68 Home Offices, 8 shops with private terraces, and 9 shops.
    • As a resident of this project, you can enjoy stunning views of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus.
    • The project is under construction, and the delivery date is September 2023.
    • Suitable for Turkish citizenship
    • Attractive payment plans

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

    The superb location of Dia Lity Topkapi apartments, close to social opportunities and unique landscapes!

    Now that you know about the key features of this project, it is time to go deeper and explain more about the main advantages of this project, such as its superb location among the best Zeytinburnu properties. As a resident of these luxury apartments, you will enjoy watching stunning Marmara sea views while you are close to all your needed social services, such as:

    Educational centers close to Dia Lity Topkapi units:

    • Özel Fener Rum Lisesi ve İlköğretim Okulu (2.61 km)
    • Çapa Atatürk İlköğretim Okulu (5.37 km)
    • Fatih Atatürk Çağdaş Yaşam Çok Programlı Lisesi (1.63 km)

     Health & Medical centers close to Dia Lity Topkapi apartments:

    • Koç Üniversitesi Hastanesi (0.81 km)
    • Bayrampaşa Göz Hastanesi (0.88 km)
    • Bayrampaşa Devlet Hastanesi (1.31 km)

    Restaurants close to Dia Lity Topkapi flats:

    • Öz Konya Mevlana (0.06 km)
    • Şaban’ın Izgara Salonu (0.4 km)
    • The Boss (0.63 km)

    Shopping centers close to Dia Lity Topkapi homes:

    • Axis İstanbul Alışveriş Merkezi (0.7 km)
    • Esen Bayrak (0.75 km)
    • Türkkale Ofis Mobilyaları (1.3 km)

    Transportation centers close to Dia Lity Topkapi units:

    • Bayrampaşa Metro İstasyonu (0.6 km)
    • Ulusoy (0.82 km)
    • Cevizlibağ Metrobüs İstasyonu (1.37 km)

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

    Dia Lity Topkapi flats, where you can live luxurious using high-end facilities!

    While the location of your chosen apartment for sale in Istanbul is so important, you should be careful about the other privileges of your home if you want to live comfortably. For example, this project offers high-end and world-class facilities, which makes it easier for you to live happily with your family, such as:

    • 7/24 Security
    • Air Conditioning
    • Fire Alarm
    • Elevator
    • Garage
    • Gym
    • Meeting Room
    • Parking Lot
    • Carwash
    • Reception
    • Security
    • Terrace
    • Garden on each floor
    • TV Cable
    • WiFi
    • Hairdressing services

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

    Dxboffplan is ready to help you buy your dream home!

    No matter, you want to invest your money in profitable off-plan projects in UAE or you prefer to buy an apartment in Turkey, be sure that Dxboffplan real estate team is always ready to help you. For example, above here, you can read about the details of Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, one of the best residential projects in the European section of this city. If you read the text and like to buy one of these units, just contact us to find your chosen home at the best price in the market. Also, here you will benefit from our exclusive client services, such as:

    • Direct purchase from the developer
    • 100% free consultation
    • Zero commission fees
    • In-person and online consultation (through WhatsApp)
    • Immediate securing of the property
    • Citizenship services

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

    Dia Lity Topkapi Apartments Price Range

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