Shoumous Properties for Sale

Shoumous Properties for Sale

# Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
1 Sharjah Garden City Villas (Phase II) Villas for sale in Sharjah Sharjah Garden City AED 999,999 -
2 Sharjah Garden City Villas Villas for sale in Sharjah Sharjah Garden City AED 2,800,000 Ready To Move off plan projects

Shoumous Properties for Sale

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One of the top real estate developers with a base in Sharjah is Shoumous Properties. Shoumous, a joint venture between the Albatha Real Estate Group and the MAG Group, has made it a priority to create projects that are beneficial to both buyers and investors while also being environmentally responsible. The organization is really proud of completing tasks in the allotted period. This prestigious developer’s projects all have distinctive architecture and design. The firm continually strives to achieve its goals and objectives as it aspires to maintain a solid portfolio of reputable and well-liked properties in the UAE.

Shoumous Properties is currently progressively growing and, in the not-too-distant future, the business will be one of the major players. The company features a group of professionals with extensive real estate industry knowledge.

Shoumous Properties, a Supreme Real Estate Developer in the UAE

Shoumous Properties, an acclaimed real estate developer in Sharjah, has a reputation for creating high-quality properties that satisfy the needs of both residential and commercial customers. Due to its dedication to quality and in-depth knowledge of the local market, Shoumous Properties, which was established in 2015, has quickly emerged as a significant player in the real estate industry. Commercial offices, retail locations, opulent homes, and upscale apartments in Sharjah are all part of Shoumous Properties’ portfolio. Their homes are built to the greatest standards of quality and come with contemporary facilities that improve the quality of life for their occupants. The structure provides cutting-edge amenities, including sophisticated communication systems, high-speed internet, and round-the-clock security, to meet the demands of contemporary organizations.

Shoumous homes is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality homes, but it also places a strong priority on client happiness. The business’s skilled specialists deliver first-rate customer service by giving customers individualized attention and assistance throughout the purchasing or renting process. The success of Shoumous homes can be credited to its constant dedication to excellence, its in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood, and its capacity to provide customers with high-quality homes that go above and beyond their expectations. The business is well-positioned to maintain its dominance in the UAE’s real estate sector with a focus on innovation and a customer-centric strategy. In order to guarantee that customers are happy with the service they receive, the company’s team of specialists is constantly accessible to answer questions and offer help.

Sharjah Garden City Villas | Shoumous Properties

Sharjah Garden City, a Luxurious Project by Shoumous Properties

Sharjah Garden City, a neighborhood of villas on Maliha Road, is named for its verdant green surroundings. Together with AlBatha Real Estate Group, MAG Group has launched the revolutionary Shoumous Properties project. With each villa occupying a sizable area of roughly 10,000 sq ft, this masterfully planned residential neighborhood is unique. Opportunities for wise investment are provided by a gated community with 82 villas. Each villa has been given a traditional “Arab” character by “Darwish Engineering’s” expertise. The Middle Eastern culture’s beauty is also evident in every little aspect of the house.

Phase 1: The first phase of the project consists of two designs of fully equipped 5-bedroom villas. Units that are roomy and well-constructed, with a dining room, large living room, kitchen and an automatic parking garage with two places.

Phase 2: Phase 2 of Sharjah Garden City offers a good range of stand-alone villas with upscale facilities with the goal of bringing you near nature. The luxurious homes are built on sizable parcels of land and are surrounded by lush vegetation and open space. They are designed to fit the Arabian lifestyle.

Phase 3: In the third phase of the construction, the 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes showcase stunning interiors and high-end fixtures. Along with a sizable garden space, a private balcony, and first-rate facilities, each property has these additional characteristics.

Emirates Road (E611), an important thoroughfare, is near the villa complex. It takes around 15 minutes to drive from Sharjah International Airport to the nearby emirate of Dubai.

A Quick Overview

  • Located on Maliha Road, Sharjah
  • Offers 82 residential units
  • Gated, secure community
  • Developed by Shoumous Properties
  • 2-bed townhouses and 3 to 6-bed villas
  • Direct access to Emirates Road (E611)


Sharjah Garden City is a residential community that welcomes families and is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The neighborhood has large properties in Sharjah as well as all urban facilities including playgrounds for kids, family parks, bike lanes, and jogging paths. Additionally, there are a ton of upscale eateries nearby, along with shopping malls and entertainment centers.

Properties in Sharjah Garden City

The villa complex is made up of 82 villas for sale in Sharjah plus a few townhouses. Townhomes with two bedrooms measure 1,885 square feet and have an open living area, four bathrooms with showers, a contemporary kitchen, and a parking spot.

In addition, the neighborhood has homes with 3 to 6 bedrooms. A three-bedroom flat may have 2,500 square feet to 5,000 square feet of living area. Four-bedroom villas, on the other hand, have a large living area, a storage room, six bathrooms, four master bedrooms, a laundry room, a maid’s room, two covered parking spaces and two enormous hallways. Their sizes range from 3,250 square feet to 5,115 square feet. The covered portions of the 5- and 6-bedroom condos total over 10,000 square feet, making them fairly roomy. These houses also have built-in wardrobes, a majlis, a private garden area, and lots of storage and parking.

Sales Trends in Sharjah Garden City

Families and couples seeking a new home in a friendly community are drawn to Garden City’s villas for sale. A two-bedroom townhouse typically sells for AED 999,000. AED 1.8 million is the minimum price for a 3-bedroom villa, while AED 2.1 million is the starting price for 4-bed villas in Garden City Sharjah.

The most opulent 6-bed villas in Garden City Sharjah may cost you over AED 2.9M, while 5-bed villas for sale for approximately AED 2.6M are also an option for those interested in larger houses.

Payment plan in Sharjah Garden City

Sharjah real estate offers the prospect of free holding to Arabs and residents of the Gulf state, which makes the complex a good location for investment. Investors in the Sharjah Garden City project may take advantage of an excellent payment schedule and affordable costs. The villas are available for immediate transfer, and the first payment is 10% of the total cost. Receiving is instantaneous, and the units are being built. When making a reservation, 10% of the entire price is required, and the rest 80% may be paid in a few easy payments. Finally, 10% once the job is finished.

Transportation & Parking Spaces in Sharjah Garden City

In Sharjah Garden City, parking is seldom an issue for residents. There is a dedicated garage for each villa, with enough for two to four automobiles.

Public Transportation in Sharjah Garden City

There aren’t many choices for public transit at the moment in Garden City. To go about, one can take a cab.

Supermarkets in Sharjah Garden City

A 20-minute journey will take you to the closest supermarkets and grocery stores to Sharjah Garden City. Several well-liked choices include:

  • Minar Supermarket
  • ZOOM
  • Nazir Ahmed Supermarket
  • Zam Zam Al Madina Supermarket

Sunlight Grocery, Emi Day Minimart and Lafi Supermarket are some of the nearby supermarkets you can visit to buy your stuff. These stores are all close by and offer a variety of home goods and groceries.

Mosques and Churches in Sharjah Garden City

Churches close to Garden City are roughly a 30-minute drive away. Immanuel Assemblies of God Church St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Christian Fellowship Church are all located in Deira for Christian residents who want to go worship. If you are living in Dubai and want to know more about the churches in the city, then make sure to check out the top churches in Dubai for Christians.

There are no mosques since the region has not been fully developed. The Sharjah Mosque is the closest mosque and is 18 minutes away by car. It is also a popular tourist attraction. A sophisticated Turkish interior wonderfully complements the stunning building. It can accommodate as many as 25.000 worshippers at once. Al Fat’h Al Mobeen Mosque, Warsan Mosque, and Al Salaf Al Salah Mosque are more mosques in the area.

Schools and Universities in Sharjah Garden City

The majority of schools close to Sharjah Garden City are a little distance away because the area is continuously growing. A 25-minute trip will take you to several renowned schools including Sharjah Ambassador School, Brilliant International Private School, and GEMS Founders School. In the masterfully designed Al Barsha suburb, the GEMS Founders School opened its doors in 2016. It is a nearby, reasonably priced school that serves kids in kindergarten through grade six. Likewise, one of Sharjah’s top English-language schools is Brilliant International Private School. The British curriculum is available.  If you are an Indian ex-pat looking for a great school for your children, then refer to the top Indian schools in Sharjah.

There are several well-known nurseries close by for toddlers. About a 30-minute journey will take you to Creative Nest Nursery, British Orchard Nursery, and Desert Roses Nursery.

Hospitals & Clinics in Sharjah Garden City

Residents who need medical attention can go to some of the top hospitals in Sharjah as well as great clinics in the nearby communities. The distance between Mediclinic Mirdif, Thumbay Clinic, and Access Clinic is around thirty minutes. With cutting-edge medical technology and knowledgeable staff, Mediclinic Mirdif is located in Mirdif. Another well-known medical facility nearby is Thumbay Clinic. Furthermore nearby are the Aster Clinic and the Dubai London Clinic.

Restaurants in Sharjah Garden City

Popular eateries close to Sharjah Garden City include:

  • Mena Wa Feena Restaurant
  • Eastern Food Restaurant
  • Zaffran AL Aweer Café & Restaurant

All of these eateries, which serve Middle Eastern food, are roughly a 20-minute drive apart. Lamensa Pizza & Pasta is a well-known pizza restaurant in the area. It is only an 18-minute drive away. Al Qbabh Sea Food Restaurant serves seafood, while Senor Gonzales has a large variety of French dishes.  Residents will need to travel for roughly 40 minutes to find great eating. A 38-minute trip will take you to Ananta, Tresind Dubai, and Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan Dubai.

You can check out the best restaurants in Sharjah for all budgets for more information about various restaurants in the city.

Beaches Close to Sharjah Garden City

Garden City Sharjah lacks beaches because it is an interior region. The prominent beaches in Dubai may be reached after a 45-minute journey. Jumeirah Public Beach is a well-liked choice. For people who want to relax in the sun while on vacation, it is the ideal location. On the designated paths, people can swim, surf, run, or bike. Al Mamzar Beach and Al Khan Beach are two well-known beaches in Sharjah, which are accessible from the neighborhood in around 36 minutes by car. Kids and adults may participate in a variety of activities at Al Mamzar Beach Park. Here is our guide to Dubai Al Mamzar beach park guide to know more about this amazing beach.

Notable Landmarks & Leisure Activities

Desert Safari is the closest recreational area. One may plan excursions and have a blast discovering the desert. Visitors may enjoy free camel rides, a dune drive, a buffet meal, and live entertainment performances. A brief 17-minute trip will get you there.

Another popular place to visit is the Sharjah Desert Park. For people who have an interest in discovering more about the past, it is among the greatest sites to go to. The park features traditional Arabian culture while also showcasing beautiful vegetation and animals. The Sharjah Natural History Museum, Sharjah Botanical Museum, the Children’s Farm and Arabia’s Wildfire Centre are among the four unique areas in the park’s zoo. You can check out our guide to all about Sharjah Desert Park if you are interested to know more about this magnificent place.

Beauty & Fitness and Outdoor Activities

For some of the area’s well-known fitness facilities, fitness enthusiasts will need to travel a little. A 20-minute trip from the neighborhood will get you to Texas Gym and Fitness Terminal Men’s Gym. Also nearby, a 30-minute drive away, is the fitness power gym for ladies.

Popular parks in the area include Lehbab First Park, Al Awir Second Park, and Al Bataeh Ladies Park. About a 21-minute drive will bring you there. You can check out the best gyms in Sharjah for more information about fascinating gyms in the city.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Garden City Sharjah is a relatively new neighborhood with certain advantages. The setting is tranquil, providing people with a tranquil environment. The houses are large and have lots of amenities. However, most amenities are a bit out of the way, and the infrastructure is still being developed. Additionally, there isn’t much access to public transit in the region, so most people rely on their automobiles to go about.

Sharjah Garden City Residential Villas

Use Dxboffplan to Make a Profitable Investment in Shoumous Properties Projects

We have completed our review of Shoumous Properties available projects. You should use this advice to choose the greatest UAE off-plan properties.

One of Sharjah’s top real estate developers, Shoumous Properties, has finished outstanding projects in some of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, resulting in some of the most recognizable and distinctive residential buildings. Dxboffplan can bring you in contact with the developer if you’re looking for off-the-plan homes for sale in Sharjah and wish to invest in Shoumous Properties. Reach out to us for the greatest offers and to take advantage of our extensive selection of excellent services, which include:

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Take a look at the top projects by Greenyard Properties, another renowned real estate developer that has projects in Sharjah as well, if you’re seeking alternative developers and developments that aren’t included on the Dxboffplan website.

Callback Request : Sharjah Garden City Villas (Phase II)

Sharjah Garden City
Shoumous Properties for Sale
Pay 10% On Booking with 1% Monthly Installments till Handover

Starting from:


Sharjah Garden City Villas (Phase II)

Sharjah Garden City phase II is an artfully built complex comprising 2,3, 4 and 5-bedroom modern-styled villas with only 10% booking fee and a monthly payment of only 1%. These magnificent villas are situated at Sharjah City Garden offers a variety of world-class amenities.

Callback Request : Sharjah Garden City Villas

Sharjah Garden City
Ready To Move
Shoumous Properties for Sale
20% Down Payment & 80% Over 5 years after Handover

Starting from:


Sharjah Garden City Villas

Move in to luxury villas in Sharjah Garden City Villas comprising of 82 spacious 5BR Villas in a gated community of Sharjah Garden City. Book for only 20% and pay the rest 80% in 5 years post handover with interest free.

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Shoumous Properties, which was founded in 2015, has quickly grown to be a significant participant in the real estate industry as a result of its dedication to quality and in-depth knowledge of the regional market.

Commercial buildings, shops, opulent homes, and luxury villas are all part of Shoumous Properties' portfolio.

The success of Shoumous homes can be credited to its constant dedication to excellence, its in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood, and its capacity to provide customers with high-quality homes that go above and beyond their expectations.