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Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2024

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There is a rising Indian population in Sharjah. This is a result of the nation’s friendly attitude toward visitors, especially Indians. The link between India and the UAE is strengthened by their shared cultural heritage and artistic heritage. Indians are becoming more and more prevalent in the emirate as a result of the ex-pats who live in Dubai homes for sale for example, and want their kids to attend schools with Indian culture. There are prominent Indian schools in Sharjah, apart from other places in the UAE like the best schools in Dubai, if you wish to enroll your children in education.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

The List of the Top Indian Schools in Sharjah

We have covered the top 12 Indian schools in Dubai before but what about other places in Dubai? Numerous Indian schools in Sharjah have sprouted up to serve the city’s Indian community and have now developed into top-notch educational facilities for both the Indian and local populations. Some of the top Indian schools in Sharjah include the following:

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Delhi Private School, A Fine Indian School in Sharjah

Near the Ibn Battuta Mall in Jebel Ali Gardens is where you’ll find Delhi Private School. Boys and girls can attend the school, which started classes in April 2003 and get instruction until grade 12. The school was once a part of the Indian Delhi Public School Society, a formal partnership between the Indian brand owner and the schools that came to an unsatisfactory conclusion in 2018.

With 3758 pupils, 288 instructors, and 26 teaching assistants, DPS is a fairly big school. The vast majority of the students are from India, and each session typically has 30. (the KHDA reports a staff-to-student ratio of 1:13, including 3 student counselors). The SEN team provides specialized support to a very small group of 46 Students of Determination (rated Very Good by the KHDA).

The current teacher turnover rate at Sharjah’s foreign schools, which was reported as 16% in the most recent KHDA report, is below average. Although it is considered on the high side for Indian schools.

  • The Curriculum of Delhi Private School

As part of an Indian-based curriculum, students at DPS take the CBSE examinations in Grades 10 and 12. Students in grades 3 through 9 take the All India Senior Secondary Examination (AISSE), the All India Secondary School Certificate (AISSC), the International Benchmark Tests (IBT), as well as other national and international tests. Students also participate in recurring international exams including TIMSS, PISA, and PIRLS.

  • Facilities of Delhi Private School

Numerous facilities and extracurricular activities are available at the school. In addition to three computer labs, a physics lab, language labs, a chemistry lab, a math lab, a library, an auditorium, a cricket pitch, a basketball court, a multi-sports complex, an oval field for several sports, and a restaurant, there are two boys-only clinics and one girls-only clinic as well. The clinics are run by a doctor and two nurses. Although this school may not have the “gloss” of other of Sharjah’s expensive private schools, it is kept to a respectable degree and makes good use of its space.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Sharjah Indian School, One of the Best Indian Schools in Sharjah

Sharjah Indian School was founded in 1979 as a symbol of the goodwill between India and the United Arab Emirates. When SIS was first established, it had 280 students, 13 instructors, and was a secondary school. With 588 professors and 13,937 students now, the institution lifts its head high and is recognized as one of Sharjah’s premier Indian schools. Although academic education is required, the school also places a strong emphasis on the students’ moral, intellectual, artistic, social, and physical growth.

The Indian Association, Sharjah, owns and operates the school, which was opened on the fifth day of September 1973. Along with English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Music, and Games, the school pays particular attention to equality of opportunity and freedom for everyone, and respect for religious and moral principles, and these. The school distinguishes itself from other Indian schools in Sharjah via sincere and encouraging growth with a sense of community.

  • The Curriculum of Sharjah Indian School

The New Delhi Central Board of Secondary Education’s standards are met through the curriculum and work program. The Hindi language is required in Sharjah Indian School; however, English is the primary teaching language. According to the recommendations of the UAE Ministry of Education, Arabic and Islamic are taught.

  • Facilities of Sharjah Indian School

With newly renovated spaces, the school now has one of the most appealing, carefully thought-out, spacious, practical, and pleasing architectural features. Along with other features that enhance the learning environment and educational quality, it also has 160 smart e-classrooms, 2 libraries, 7 computer labs, 5 science labs, 19 language rooms, a multipurpose auditorium, a large playground, 11 teacher’s rooms, 4 clinics, 16 activity rooms, and 2 audio-visual rooms.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

ASPAM Indian International School, a Top Indian School in Sharjah

The ASPAM Indian International School was established in 2013 and adheres to the principle of providing students with a distinctive platform for experimentation with novel ideas and concepts, involvement in creative projects, and knowledge acquisition via diverse learning activities. The Indywood Educational Excellence Award was given to ASPAM in recognition of its innovative approach to student development and commitment to educational leadership.

The school offers a variety of co-curricular activities, such as art, craft, music, performing arts, physical education, and job education, to help pupils develop their inventive and creative thinking. Students’ imaginative imaginations require a conduit for expressing their ideas and emotions. Their upbringing is enhanced by creative activities, physical education, and work education. Because it encourages students’ entire development and instills in them a sense of responsibility for actively contributing to the creation of a better world, ASPAM is unquestionably among the top Indian schools in Sharjah.

  • The Curriculum of ASPAM Indian International School

By fusing the greatest international approaches with the CBSE Curriculum, they want to provide high-quality education. The Curriculum helps each student by enhancing their fundamental abilities and changing them into independent learners and thinkers. In order to help kids, do better on tests and behave better, the school offers a variety of programs to strengthen their emotional and social abilities.

  • Facilities of ASAPAM International School

On the boundary of Sharjah and Ajman, in the Wasit school area, lies the relatively big and contemporary campus of ASPAM.

In addition to a well-equipped indoor sports center, a performing arts studio, an exploration room, and an upcoming swimming pool, AIIS boasts good amenities. Activities after school are being planned and awaiting ministry approval. They’ll be charged for their actions.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Sharjah Ambassador School, a Truly Great Indian School

The Sharjah Ambassador school’s motto is “nurturing ambassadors of future.” The majority of SAS alumni are given the opportunity to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees at renowned institutions of higher learning in the USA, UK, and Australia. The Middle East and India see SAS as a successful provider of educational services. Since the school’s opening in 2010, its students have received an ambitious academic education and have gained the self-assurance needed to apply to universities and institutions abroad for future study. Because of this, SAS is regarded as one of Sharjah’s top Indian schools.

  • The Curriculum of Sharjah Ambassador School

Sharjah Ambassador School offers a wide range of “hands-on,” practical learning experiences through the CBSE curriculum in an effort to assist its pupils with the most recent educational trends and methodologies and to make learning “both exciting and meaningful.” English is used as the instruction language.

  • Facilities of Sharjah Ambassador School

There are sand and grassy play spaces for all KG classrooms. The campus is under CCTV surveillance and has a yoga room, dance room, music room, language, math, science labs, audio-visual presentation rooms, physics, chemistry, and biology labs, library, cafeteria, covered play areas, table tennis rooms indoors, and cricket nets, a soccer field, a basketball court, a badminton court, and a swimming pool outdoors. The multipurpose halls encourage students to produce plays because, according to SAS, drama is important for helping pupils discover who they are and who they will become in the future. SAS is a firm believer in exposing students to the realities of education since doing so will enable them to make significant contributions to society.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Gems Millennium School, a Fine Gem Among Sharjah’s Best Indian Schools

A CBSE school called Gems Millennium School offers pupils a fabulously stimulating learning atmosphere that is interactive, engaging, and fun. Pastoral care is a crucial component of the educational process that offers the students assistance on an emotional, social, and spiritual level. The school’s skilled and well-trained teaching and support staff enhance its value. The school supports strong relationships between students, faculty, and parents because it knows that these relationships will help kids become self-assured and extraordinarily successful adults.

  • The Curriculum of Gems Millennium School

The secondary students at GEMS New Millennium School will have an option between the present CBSE curriculum for Grades 9 to 12 and the Cambridge International curriculum beginning in September 2020. (offering IGCSE in the equivalent years 10 and 11 and International A Levels in years 12 and 13). This marks a notable deviation from the usual.

  • Facilities of Gems Millennium School

The GEMS Millennium School is located on a sizable, contemporary campus that is furnished with all the most up-to-date amenities. One of the top Indian schools in Sharjah is known for its sports facilities. The cutting-edge campus has a number of modern amenities, including a roller rink, swimming pool, table tennis, cricket nets, a shot put arena, a long jump pit, badminton courts, a volleyball court, a football field, and basketball courts. In GMS, extracurricular activities are viewed as important to academic instruction.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

New Indian Model School, a Magnificent Indian School in Sharjah

One of the oldest schools in the Garden City is New Indian Model School Al Ain (NIMS Al Ain), which opened its doors in 1994. It is one of the five organizations that make up the NIMS Group of Schools, which has a total student body of close to 15,000 people. The school’s fees are likewise significantly toward the lower end of the scale. From kindergarten through higher secondary, the school supports young boys’ and girls’ intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. Children are given the facilities they need to develop their intrinsic skills under the proper supervision.

  • The Curriculum of New Indian Model School

The KG–7 curricula are based on CBSE standards, while the KG–12 curricula are based on Kerala State Board standards.

  • Facilities of New Indian Model School

Relatively little has been released about NIMS Al Ain, as is true of much of the material that is now accessible. According to the school, there are well-equipped scientific labs “to affect learning by doing” and classrooms equipped with “computers and circuit libraries.”

The school claims that there is also a fully-stocked audio-video library to support advanced study. But according to ADEK’s inspectors, “The school library is undersized and understocked. It is one of the five organizations that make up the NIMS Group of Schools, which has a total student body of close to 15,000 people. Older encyclopedias, novels, and nonfiction books in Arabic, English, and Indian languages are among the stock’s offerings. The books cater to both older and younger pupils’ interests.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

The Indian Academy, a Superb Indian School Located in Sharjah

Every child’s innate potential is fostered by the Indian Academy by making sure they enjoy the path to academic excellence in both scholastic and co-scholastic pursuits. The tools that the Indian academy offers to its pupils clearly demonstrate that it has a modern attitude toward both management and students. There are now 2,500 pupils enrolled, including kids with SEND needs. Since the start of the Kerala Board exams in 1993, New Indian Model School Sharjah has maintained a record of 100% outcomes with the majority distinctions and first-class ratings.

  • The Curriculum of the Indian Academy

Indian Model School is an Indian school providing the CBSE and Kerala State Curriculum to pupils in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

  • Facilities of the Indian Academy

There is also an SEN (Special Educational Needs) department that has been approved by the MOE (Ministry of Education), a student counseling center, an indoor auditorium, an e-learning gateway, a library, classrooms with audio-visual aids, art-math-science-ICT labs, and art-music rooms, to name a few. There is also an open outdoor stage, plenty of space for the bus bay, a basketball court, organic gardens, and a Students are encouraged by TIA to engage in a range of extracurricular activities that support their academic success in order to develop their intellectual interests.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

India International School, a Great Indian School in Sharjah

The India International School was founded in 2011, and it presently serves pupils from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Currently, there are roughly 3500 students enrolled on the Mangalore campus as a whole.

The organization established India International School in Kuwait in 2001 using the CBSE Indian Curriculum (KG to 12th), and it currently has a student body of 2500. In addition to the Gulf schools, the group’s overall enrollment consists of over 20,000 students from 25 different nationalities, over 500 non-teaching employees, 1,200 teaching personnel, along with schools and universities in India.

  • The Curriculum of India International School

The Grades 1–5 Primary Curriculum provides a more organized version of topics in addition to optional languages. According to MOE regulations, Arabic is a required subject starting in Grade 1. The importance of value education is emphasized through moral science and Islamic studies. In addition to being taught at this level in addition to Math, English, Environmental Systems, Computer Studies, General Knowledge, UAE Social Studies, and Art & Craft.

All of the primary curriculum’s key subjects are covered in Grades 6 through 8’s middle school curriculum.

The secondary curriculum for Grades 9 to 10 complies with the requirements of the All India Secondary School Examination or the CBSE Board Examination. The same is true for Grades 11 and 12 students who select the Science or Commerce path for their final CBSE examinations.

  • Facilities of India International School

With a built-up space of 19,800 square meters and a playground area of 4,280 square meters, IIS Sharjah is situated on a property that is around 27,000 square meters in size. A library with over 8,000 materials, smart classrooms with projectors, interactive multimedia boards, 3 inside Play Rooms, and 3 outdoor Shaded Areas are among the facilities that are reportedly available, albeit there are few specifics. An outdoor football field and running track are available for use.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Delta English School, One of the Finest Schools in Sharjah

When Delta English School (DES) was initially founded in 1992, it was administered by Delta Education System and used the Indian curriculum (based in Texas, USA). DES provided families in Sharjah with a STEAM-based education that was straight from the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi, catering to a varied variety of pupils from North Africa, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, India, and the GCC (CBSE).

  • The Curriculum of Delta English School

When Delta English School (DES) was first established in 1992, it followed the Indian curriculum and was run by Delta Education System (based in Texas, USA). DES provided families in Sharjah with a STEAM-based education that was straight from the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi, catering to a varied variety of pupils from North Africa, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, India, and the GCC (CBSE).

The Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum, which covers topics like Arabic Language, Islamic Studies (for Muslim pupils), and Social Studies, is followed by DES as it is by all UAE-based schools.

  • Facilities of Delta English School

The DES campus is, to put it simply, utilitarian; it won’t dazzle anyone, but it makes sure that students have access to all of the services and facilities they require. The North and South Wings of the building are formed like an inverted “E,” which are virtually identical in shape and provide a perfect mirror for the Boys’ and Girls’ sections. The media center, the theater, the well-stocked school library, and the math and science labs are just a few of the shared and gender-segregated spaces and amenities that the school provides.

The school also contains a specially designed KG part with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as light classrooms. The outdoor playground is equipped with a range of kid-friendly amenities, including water and sand play areas, slides, swing sets, and walking paths.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Emirates National School, One of Sharjah’s Greatest Indian Schools

The goal of Emirates National School is to prepare, educate, enhance, and enable its students to make a good difference in the world. One of the top Indian schools in Sharjah, it offers instruction to pupils from Kindergarten through Class 12 and pledges to provide a comprehensive approach to learning so that learning becomes a lifetime experience for them. Like all the other schools in the consortium, the Sharjah school provides a mixed-gender Kindergarten and Primary School as well as distinct Girls’ and Boys’ sections for Grades 5 to 12.

  • The Curriculum of Emirates National School

At ENS Sharjah, both the Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) and the Middle Years Programme are accredited (IBMYP). The school uses the IB’s teaching methodology while adhering to the American Common Core curriculum. It follows the Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies curricula established by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates.

This mix of curricula is intriguing. In essence, the school is using the IB structure, which is built on cross-curricular, topic-based Units of Enquiry, to provide the content of the US Common Core curriculum for English, Math, and Science.

  • Facilities of Emirates National School

The ENS Sharjah Campus has a cutting-edge, custom-built building. To facilitate collaborative, interactive, and technologically enhanced learning, the classrooms are sizable, tastefully designed, and fitted with interactive white boards. Aside from that, facilities include four AstroTurf football fields, a 25-meter semi-Olympic swimming pool, school libraries, specialist classrooms like language and science labs, four AstroTurf football fields, and a 900+ seat auditorium, and a large gym equipped to host basketball, netball, and other indoor sporting events.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Our Own English School, a Really Well-known Indian School in Sharjah

Our own English school specializes in giving its pupils a motivating environment so that their energy is directed in the right direction. Due to its diverse learning environment, belief in learning from adaptation and change, avenues for beneficial parental involvement, promotion of respect for oneself, classmates, and teachers, and empowerment of deep and lasting learning, OOES is unquestionably one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah.

The school is large, with over 5,600 pupils enrolled (down from almost 8,000 three years ago), close to 330 instructors on staff, and an additional 20 teaching assistants. Indians make up 96% of the student body of GEMS Our Own English High School in Sharjah. nevertheless, the remaining pupils are from an additional 19 nations. The school is currently exclusively for girls due to the shutdown of the previously mixed KG department that allowed males to enroll.

  • The Curriculum of Our Own English School

The Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum is used by the school. The second language options available are Hindu, Urdu, Malayalam, and French. The teaching language is English. Arabic is required. The school provides all three streams—science, commerce, and humanities—to students in the senior grades.

  • Facilities of Our Own English School

Even though the school is close to an industrial area and the buildings are relatively outdated, kids and staff nonetheless make use of every available square meter. The school is clean, well-lit, and decorated with artwork. A junior and senior library, ICT laboratories, a kindergarten play area, a kindergarten playroom, a 700-seat theater, an innovation studio, an art room, a music hall, a café, and medical rooms are among the amenities.

In order to help kids, become “tech-smart,” the Innovation Studio and Learning Hub are furnished with interactive whiteboards, laptops, Lego sets, and other cutting-edge tools.

The school also has a playground with a synthetic track, two basketball courts, a cricket field, a football field, badminton, volleyball, and tennis courts.

Pace British School, an Awesome Indian School in Sharjah

The 5,400-student Pace British School offers education to pupils in Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The Pace British School (PBS) was founded in September 2019. The PACE Education organization, established in 1999 by Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji through his P.A. Educational Trust, now owns an increasing number of schools, including this one. The P.A. College of Engineering (PACE) in Mangalore was the trust’s first endeavor. Currently, the organization consists of 16 colleges in India and the Gulf that employ more than 1,200 people and educate over 20,000 students from 25 different nationalities.

  • The Curriculum of Pace British School

The EYFS and Primary curricula are available at Pace British School, which also adheres to all relevant curriculum requirements set by the Department for Education of the United Kingdom government. Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Moral Education for both Arabs and Non-Arabs are included in the curriculum, which is taught in compliance with federal regulations and in the setting of the UAE.

In addition to PE, Robotics, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Studies, and French, students also study English, Math, Science, Humanities (History/Geography), and the Arts in the UK.

Children in FS2 engage in the Early Years Foundation Stage’s learning through play methodology. It is said that the curriculum is broad, diverse, and has a significant co-curricular component. To ensure that all students have the broadest variety of academic and pastoral qualities when they conclude their official journey with us at the end of Year 13, the PBS continuum of education is continually being improved.”

  • Facilities of Pace British School

We may infer from the few materials on their website that the school welcomes technology in the classroom and has robotics, fully networked computer laboratories, and STEM labs available. Using cutting-edge technologies and goods, such as specialized learning and teaching software and assistive listening devices, smart classrooms, which feature interactive boards and mobile projectors, enable smart learning and teaching.

There are science labs for biology, physics, chemistry, and home science. High-quality computers are available in computer labs, while activity rooms, which feature a variety of toys and educational activities, are intended to make studying more enjoyable and engaging.

Playgrounds, a football field, basketball and badminton courts, a running track, athletics facilities, and separate boys’ and girls’ swimming pools are some of the outdoor amenities.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

Last Few Words About Top Indian Schools in Sharjah

This was the list of top Indian schools in Sharjah. The destiny of your child is significantly influenced by their early years of education. Therefore, it’s crucial to put time and effort into this choice. In Sharjah, there are several nurseries that support creating a solid foundation for your ward. In a similar vein, Abu Dhabi and Dubai both house some of the best Indian schools you can find. So, if you are an Indian ex-pat living in great properties provided by excellent real estate such as Dxb off plan, make sure to check out one of UAE’s great Indian restaurants, for instance, great Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Top Indian Schools in Sharjah in 2022

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Although there are several schools in Sharjah, parents choose Delhi Private School, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah Ambassador School, and GEMS Millennium School.

The annual tuition at Sharjah Indian School is between AED 4,500 and AED 6,400.

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