Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide
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Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

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As you might know, Dubai is famous for its tourist beaches, where you can experience a fun day. Al Mamzar Beach Park is one of the best parks in Dubai, where ex-pats congregate on weekends. This park is popular because of its vast area, which spans over 100 hectares, and its unique and magnificent location, overlooking the beautiful shore of the Persian Gulf. To learn more about this amazing place, keep reading until the end of this Dubai Al Mamzar beach park guide:

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Why is Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park so famous?

The first question that might come to your mind is why Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park is so famous among the numerous free parks in Dubai. So, let’s go deeper and find out more about this park’s key features and superb advantages, such as:

  • It is located along the ideal, sparkling stretch of Deira and offers the most picturesque beachfront views.
  • The park spans an area of 106 hectares full of numerous family-friendly activities to maintain the excitement of the entire family engaging in these activities.
  • Chill with a perfect mixture of soft white sand, sun rays, deep blue sea, and beautiful waves.
  • The park is lined with over 300 coconut trees and 1,600 palm trees, adding a beautiful patch of greenery along the beach.
  • This is a perfect beach in Dubai that is not crowded because not many individuals are aware of this beautiful, unspoiled, yet rewarding beach.
  • This park is divided into five separate beach areas, all equipped with different amusing beach activities to keep kids of all ages entertained.
  • There are lifeguards on duty, ensuring everyone’s safety, especially in the swimming area.
  • Families can make the most out of the sprawling, grassy picnic lawns, public barbecue area, pools, and changing rooms to enjoy a memorable beachfront.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Does Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park have any swimming pool?

It might seem unbelievable, but all Dubai residents know Al Mamzar Beach Park has a large swimming pool open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. And some days, it is exclusively for women and boys under four years. If you want to use this pool you should pay AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for children, apart from paying the Entry Fee. And you will benefit from facilities like immaculately clean surroundings, restrooms, air-conditioned changing rooms, several seating areas, and enough lifeguards on duty.

Pay attention while taking pictures of your family in an amazing place like Al Mamzar Beach Park is fun, but it is prohibited there. And if you don’t like crowds, schedule your visit to the pool carefully because it gets very busy on the weekends and on holidays.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Can I find a hotel near Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai?

If you have recently bought your dream home in Dubai, you can easily go to Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park and enjoy its superb facilities without concern about where to stay at night. On the other side, there are tourists and visitors who like to find a great hotel or resort close to this amazing recreational place, which is not hard. There are many expensive highly equipped options close to this park, such as:

  • Copthorne Hotel Sharjah
  • Movenpick Hotel Apartments
  • Pullman Sharjah
  • Occidental Sharjah Grand

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

What can I do at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai?

Previously you read that this park can be one of the best places where young kids and disabled people can experience free things to do in Dubai. But it doesn’t end there because, for a not-so-expensive entrance fee, you’ll turn your day into a full-on fun day at the beach. Below you can read a complete list of the amazing activities you can experience there.

●    Enjoy a BBQ party at Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Throwing a barbeque party is one of the most exciting ways to spend time with your family and have a fun-filled event. If the thought of a barbecue party with mouth-watering dinners and heart-warming gatherings is pleasant for you, take your barbeque stand, go to Al Mamzar Beach Park, prepare delicious food and companionship all night long at the beach and turn your ideas regarding a barbecue party into a grounded reality.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

●    Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park, the best place for a pleasant swimming experience:

Swimming is always a fascinating activity, and Al Mamzar Beach Park is the best option to have a perfect swimming experience. It offers two opportunities, one for those who like to swim in the open sea and a pool for those who don’t dare enter the ocean. So, whether you are a Dubai resident or live in an apartment in Abu Dhabi or any other city in UAE, I strongly suggest you not miss that chance.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

●    Indulge in thrilling water sports activities in Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Al Mamzar Beach Park has always catered to the needs of people who want to experience great adventure sports. If you are one of them, prepare yourself for a ton of fun right now.

You can experience an underwater snorkeling expedition to watch the stunning marine ecosystem. You can try jet skiing which is a joy ride of a 30-minute thrill for a more adrenaline-pumping adventure. Jet skiing will cost each participant about AED 70 for one session.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

●    Play on Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park:

If you enjoy playing outdoor games, you will have a great time in Al Mamzar Beach Park as it has a basketball court where you can flaunt some of your magnificent skills to score some points, a finely manicured football ground has been prepared for soccer lovers, a great roller-skating rink adjoining the beach, which is well-known among kids as well as adults, making this park one of the best Dubai skateparks.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

●    Hop onto a train at Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park:

If you don’t have any more energy left after swimming or playing, but your soul is still not ready to give up, consider getting on the train waiting for you. This train will give you a tour of this magnificent beach and its lovely surroundings. While taking the enjoyable train ride, you may visit the food stands, verdant green lawns, beach huts, well-kept playgrounds, and much more.

This train ride may also help you find a beach chalet or sun lounger to chill with your family. All you are required to do is to purchase a ticket of AED 2 for each person and hop on the train.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

●    Enjoy taking a fancy bicycle ride at Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park:

A fantastic area to ride a bicycle is Al Mamzar Beach Park. Renting a bicycle will allow you to explore the entire park. You’ll pay between 20 and 30 AED each hour for this. The simplest and most enjoyable way to visit the key sights, such as the 8-meter-high tower, the shades, the amphitheater, the bungalows, and the snake house, is by bicycle.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Apart from the activities that were mentioned above, there are a lot of other activities families can indulge in and enjoy at Al Mamzar Beach Park as well, like:

  • Athletics Training Area
  • Sledging
  • Climbing Walls
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Amphitheater for Musical Events

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Things to keep in mind before visiting the Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park!

There are a certain number of things worth considering before visiting the Al Mamzar Beach Park:

  • Be sure to drink enough water both before and after visiting this park with your family.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Make sure to bring your snorkeling equipment with you if you are planning on snorkeling.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothes.
  • Avoid smoking in the play area dedicated to children.
  • Never bring pets along with you.
  • After sundown, swimming is not permitted on the beach for safety concerns.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park, the best place to enjoy your holidays!

So, this was the Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park guide, one of the nicest beach parks in Dubai. Also, you can search among other blogs on the Dxboffplan portal and find more guidelines that are prepared to help you live and travel to the UAE more easily. Also, I should add that our team consultants are ready 24/7 to answer all your questions online and through the site. So, if you are planning to invest in the best UAE off-plan homes, be sure you can count on us.

Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide


frequently asked questions

Al Mamzar Beach Park is located in Deira, near the establishment of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity.

From 8 AM to 10 PM, Al Mamzar Beach Park is still accessible to the general public. Every week, from Sunday to Wednesday, this schedule is followed. The park is open from 8 am to 11 pm from Thursday through Saturday. Al Mamzar Beach Park opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 11 at night during Ramadan.

The Entry Fee for visiting Al Mamzar Beach Park costs AED 5 for every person, but you should not pay for kids below years of age and people with special needs. And the parking cost for each car is AED 30.

Of course, yes. There is an outer parking lot that can contain 618 cars and an internal parking area that can hold 620 cars. Additionally, 10 parking slots have been reserved solely for the disabled.

There are large and small chalets. The price for reservation of Large chalets is AED 200 along with the park fees. Large chalets are suitable for large families, holding 12 people conveniently.

Sunbed prices here cost AED 15 per day. AED 10 more per day is charged for umbrellas as well.

Only women are allowed to enter this park on Mondays and Wednesdays with their daughters and only sons under 4.

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