Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!
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Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets in 2024

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Sharjah, which is regarded as the cultural center of the United Arab Emirates, offers a wide variety of tourist destinations, including historical landmarks and activities. This is for tourists or locals who live in reasonably priced properties in Sharjah. The range of dining options in Sharjah expands the Emirate’s supply of leisure amenities. The Emirate offers a wide variety of dining options for discriminating palates. These include cozy cafés, restaurants specializing in molecular gastronomy, and traditional eateries serving the finest Middle Eastern cuisine. If you’re looking for a change, Sharjah is the perfect place to relocate from Dubai. With its wide variety of tourist spots, historical monuments, and food options, Sharjah is a great place for people of all budgets. If interested, check out our guide on how to sell your property in Dubai.

Here is our list of the best restaurants in Sharjah for all budgets so that food enthusiasts may sample the Emirate’s diverse array of cuisines.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Top Recommendations for the Best Upscale Restaurants in Sharjah

We all enjoy dressing up, putting on our best shoes, and occasionally gathering with friends and family for a lavish lunch. There may not be as many fine dining options in Sharjah as there are in Dubai, but the country’s cultural center has no shortage of upscale cuisine. Compared to the major cost of living in Dubai, Sharjah is a great option for those looking to enjoy a more affordable way of life without compromising on quality. Many of the restaurants offer an array of international cuisines to choose from, including Indian, Italian, and Arabic. Dining in Sharjah is an enjoyable experience for all.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Crisol, One of the Best Restaurants in Sharjah for a High Budget

Come to this restaurant if you enjoy both Mexican and Japanese food. You can count on delectable steaks, prawns, and salads from the Crisol Restaurant and Lounge. It’s time to unwind and indulge in some tasty yogurt, biscuits, and pancakes. Start off your dinner with a delectable strawberry mojito. When visiting this location, have a delicious latte, chocolate frappe, or hot chocolate.

All you need for a vacation with your family is a comfortable location with lovely decor. The majority of visitors praise the staff’s friendliness. Just as you thought that you could only have the best breakfast in Dubai, Sharjah has great places for that as well; Crisol is one of the best breakfast places in Sharjah.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Chili’s, a Top-Tier Restaurant in Sharjah

Consider going to this eatery after seeing the Al Mahatta Museum. Chili’s serves flavorful dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine. At this restaurant, you can have delicious steak, tacos, and chili. The best foods include good chocolate cakes, chocolate lava cakes, and vanilla ice cream. Fantastic lemonade, hot chocolate, or iced tea are great ways to start your meal.

This eatery provides meal delivery to make things simpler for its customers. If you visit this restaurant for supper, you will enjoy the pleasant service provided by the polite employees. From the tourists’ perspective, prices are reasonable. Chili’s will benefit from the cozy setting in addition to its delicious food and convenient location. The Arada Developments is around the area, so you can check that out as well if you are looking to buy or rent a great property.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Shakespeare and Co., One of the Luxurious Restaurants in Sharjah

At Al Majaz Waterfront, visitors take in the surroundings and book a table for elegant dinners. It’s okay to come here for the international lunch, according to visitors. You may sample a tasty Nicoise salad, pork sandwiches, and smoked salmon at this eatery. Many customers advise trying delectable cookies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate pastries. Your meal will taste better with a glass of delicious wine, and you’ll definitely return. Visitors at Shakespeare and Co. may choose delicious lattes, Moroccan tea, or fresh juices.

You may take in the lovely scenery while sitting on the balcony. The friendly staff constantly extends a warm welcome to visitors. You should go here if you want to receive excellent service. The reviewers thought the pricing was reasonable. Visitors may savor the great atmosphere and elegant design at this location. While there, you can check Eagle Hill properties that are quite close if you are willing to buy or rent property around the area.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Black Salt, a Fine-Dining Restaurant in Sharjah

Come here if you enjoy Indian food. There is a fine-dining restaurant in Sharjah for those of you who want a taste of molecular cuisine without burning a hole in your budget. The finest meals include butter chicken, chicken spaghetti, and perfectly prepared quinoa salads. Order delicious cheesecakes, watermelon salads, and chocolate pastries from this establishment. Numerous reviews state that this restaurant serves delectable mint mojitos, pia Coladas, and amaretto. Come here and have some fantastic iced tea, hibiscus tea, or Karak.

The Black Salt Restaurant is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful staff that is always willing to assist you. Prices are fair for the quality you receive. Thanks to the excellent furniture and attractive setting, visitors may unwind in this area.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Fen Café & Restaurant, A Fine Restaurant in Sharjah with a Big Budget

You are welcome to eat here after visiting the Heart of Sharjah Discovery Center or if you are especially living in reasonably priced Al Zahia villas right around the corner! You may eat international food at Fen Café & Restaurant. The restaurant’s specialty is its excellent grilled prawns, broth, and beef. Customers can savor mouthwatering dishes, cupcakes, halo-halo, and mango ice cream at this establishment. While at this location, you must get a fantastic strawberry mojito. Start your lunch off right with a delicious cappuccino, some juice, or hot cocoa.

This restaurant is highly recognized for its top-notch service and friendly, accommodating staff. Prices are said to be reasonable here. Customers may take pleasure in the inviting atmosphere and cozy furnishings at Fen Café & Restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Al Fanar Restaurant, One of the Best Restaurants in Sharjah, Offers Authentic Flavors

Al Fanar, one of Sharjah’s eateries serving traditional Emirati cuisine, will astonish you with its genuine tastes and breathtaking views of the corniche. Visitors reserve a table here to eat delicious food and take in the Al Majaz Waterfront’s attractions. Good soup, salads, and chicken skewers are always available at this café as a special offering. The best dish is tasty maqamat. It’s a good decision to select an excellent coffee.

Sitting outside allows you to enjoy the stunning view. The skilled crew accurately captures the look and personality of Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe. Visitors like the professional service provided here. As some users have noted, you could be a little let down by typical costs. This establishment has great décor and a pleasant ambiance. Al Noor island is quite close, so enjoy this place after having a great meal here; for more information, check our guide to Al Noor Island Sharjah.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Dinebest, a Truly Awesome Restaurant in Sharjah

Here, the Mexican food is good. The majority of visitors advise tasting well-prepared lime chicken, rib steaks, and chicken spaghetti. It’s a great idea to get vanilla ice cream, chocolate custard, and excellent brownies. The red sangria served at this restaurant is excellent, as patrons note in the comments section. Your lunch will be improved with good strawberry lemonade, iced tea, or juice, and you’ll definitely return.

One of DineBest’s many benefits is food delivery. The welcoming staff at this establishment provides fantastic service and is happy to assist you. The feedback from tourists suggests that the prices are reasonable. Customers can unwind here thanks to the elegant décor and welcoming ambiance. The Al Mamzar beach park is just 5 minutes away, so if you want more information check out our Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park guide.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Paul Bakery & Restaurant, One of Sharjah’s Great and Expensive Restaurants

Both this café and Fun Planet may be quite alluring to travelers. French food is available here. The majority of visitors comment that you may taste fish, poached eggs, and excellently prepared mushroom soup here. Order delicious French toast, cheesecakes, and almond croissants. It’s a must to taste the delectable vanilla latte, fresh juices, or cappuccino when you visit Paul.

Bring your kids; this restaurant has an extensive kids’ menu. The helpful staff makes this establishment outstanding by working hard and always being upbeat. A notable benefit of this location is the polite service. Many visitors point out that the costs are reasonable for what you get. People may savor the serene atmosphere and lovely design at this cafe.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Italiere, a Fascinating Restaurant in Sharjah

Italiere will wow you among Sharjah’s few Italian eateries with its traditional flavors and welcoming staff. Italian food will be provided at this establishment. For delicious cannelloni, mozzarella salads, and pizza with bbq chicken, visit Italiere. Many visitors come here in search of some delicious gelato. Good coffee receives favorable evaluations.

This restaurant’s delivery service is a huge advantage. The majority of customers say the personnel is knowledgeable and patient. This restaurant stands out for its speedy service. Here, you may find delectable cuisine at affordable pricing. You will like this restaurant’s cozy furnishings and inviting ambiance.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

TGI Fridays, an Awesome Restaurant in Sharjah

The Tex-Mex food supplied by TGI Fridays may liven up the dining experiences of apartment owners and residents in Abu Shagara. Visit this close-by restaurant following your visit to Al Majaz Waterfront. You’ll like the cuisine there, especially the well-prepared steaks, salads, and prawns. Many guests place excellent coffee orders.

Due to its excellent position, TGI Fridays is simple to find. There are many comments on how competent the personnel is at this location. Visitors here like the pleasant treatment. You may get delicious food at this restaurant at reasonable costs. Visitors have a great impression due to the welcoming environment.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Affordable Restaurants in Sharjah for a Modest Budget

A hot, delectable lunch for two for less than 200 AED? Please, yes! You may go out at these Sharjah restaurants and enjoy affordable meals without sacrificing quality. Eaters in Sharjah, try these places!

Makani Restaurant, One of the More Affordable Restaurants in Sharjah

The first place on our ranking of cheap restaurants in Sharjah is Makani Restaurant in Al Nahda. When you’re in need of some tasty and authentic Chinese and Indian food, head over to this Sharjah restaurant. Good turkey, butter chicken, and chicken biryani flavors. Delicious kulfi, falooda, and gulab jamun are made here by the chefs. Start your dinner off with some delectable mango lassi, juice, or lemonade.

Makani is simple to get to even during rush hour because of its strategic placement. All year round, the welcoming crew is there to greet you. This location is a favorite among visitors due to the excellent service. When dining here, expect to pay reasonable pricing. Clients can unwind here thanks to the contemporary design and serene atmosphere.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Grub Shack Express, a Great Restaurant in Sharjah for a Medium Budget

After visiting Al Noor Mosque, you may visit this restaurant. Eat at Grub Shack Express and order items from the Indian and Chinese menus. Try the tasty fried prawns, spicy chicken, and Goan fish curry at this restaurant. The reviews claim that the servers here provide fleas that have been prepared to perfection. Most likely, you’ll come back here later for a delicious mint mojito or mango. The lassi at this location is excellent.

For the convenience of its patrons, this eatery provides meal delivery. Many people comment on how kind the employees are at Grub Shack Express. Visitors adore the top-notch service provided here. Your dinner will be inexpensive. Many reviews claim that the atmosphere is pleasant here.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

The Pizza Company, Have Reasonably-Priced Pizzas in This Awesome Place in Sharjah

You may get delicious spaghetti, pizza with BBQ chicken, and grilled chicken at this restaurant. Consider trying creamy cakes, delicious ice cream, and chocolate cakes. Guests at The Pizza Company dislike the iced tea.

At this restaurant, takeaway orders are accepted. The cheerful staff works hard and is constantly positive, which is what makes this place amazing. The outstanding service at this location demonstrates its high degree of quality. The reviewers’ assessments of the prices are that they are reasonable. This restaurant has a warm atmosphere and contemporary furnishings.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Aroos Damascus, a Great Outdoor Restaurant in Sharjah for a Reasonable Budget

Aroos Damascus has you covered if you’re looking for outdoor eateries in Sharjah that serve delectable Middle Eastern cuisine. At this restaurant, one of the items to try is well-cooked chicken. Aroos Damascus’ food delivery service is a major benefit. The attentive wait staff constantly extends a warm welcome to guests. The friendly service provided by this company is one of its outstanding features. There are rumors of reasonable prices here. Free parking is available behind the restaurant and free delivery service. The location is accessible. Nice eating area with a hall specifically for families. Highly advised for people who want to sample authentic Syrian cuisine!

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Ushna, Have Fascinating Indian Cuisines with Affordable Prices in Sharjah

As you prepare for your trip, remember to consider Al Majaz Waterfront and choose a restaurant: Ushna is located next to the listed tourist destination. This restaurant serves Indian food. Order the expertly prepared chicken biryani, butter chicken, and paneer at this restaurant to mix up your usual dinner. You may have delicious gulab jamun here. Enjoy delicious juice, coffee, or lassi.

Ushna’s food delivery service is a valuable feature. This restaurant is great because of the helpful employees. Visitors like the quick service offered here. At this location, reasonable rates are to be anticipated. You will undoubtedly like the serene atmosphere and fantastic design.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Jimmy’s Shack, Have Tasty American Meals with a Reasonable Price in Sharjah

There are several restaurants in Sharjah that serve delicious and nutritious American fast food, but this one is perfect if you want healthful amounts without paying a lot of money. Eating well-cooked beef burgers, grilled chicken, and sandwiches is enjoyable. The milkshakes at this eatery are delicious. Dishes may be ordered for takeout at Jimmy’s Shack Burger. Many visitors think the staff is charming. One may describe the service here as quick. Prices in this area are reportedly reasonable. You’ll love the beautiful atmosphere, no doubt.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Khubz & Meleh Restaurant, an Awesome Lebanese Restaurant in Sharjah

This is the place to go if you’re seeking Lebanese food in the Al Taawun region. All of the diners at this restaurant appreciate the excellent Arabic food. The restaurant Khubz & Meleh is a wonderful choice for tasty lamb, chicken, and mixed grill. Try the excellent juice or tea on offer here.

The delivery service offered by this eatery is a great plus. The knowledgeable personnel demonstrates a high degree of quality at this location. Cool service is important to these restaurant owners. Prices are reasonable from the viewpoint of the visitors. Certainly, you’ll like the serene ambiance and lovely furnishings.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Maraheb, Enjoy Middle-Eastern Cuisines in Sharjah with Economic Prices

Maraheb offers a wonderful Arabic meal without emptying your wallet. Maraheb is the place to go if you want to enjoy a juicy, meaty Mandi prepared with fragrant Yemeni spices. The restaurant, one of Sharjah’s top mandi establishments, offers a wide selection of traditional Arabic dishes. The location is ideal for family trips with authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

You can sample many of Maraheb’s specialties. The menu also has Hanith Meat, Oqda, Madfoon, Madhbi, and a range of other traditional Arab meals in addition to their delectable mandi. In addition, the restaurant offers visitors the chance to enjoy salads, drinks, and desserts.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Bangkok Town, Providing Thai Cuisines with Great Prices in Sharjah

Bangkok Town is a fantastic option to try if you’re seeking inexpensive Thai eateries in Sharjah. Bangkok Town is well-known for its Thai food, but it is also gaining popularity for its extensive seafood menu. It is one of Sharjah’s restaurants that can accommodate any budget. Featuring rustic accents and creative décor, this location is a feast for seafood lovers.

Most visitors advice ordering nice red curry, tom yum, and shrimp soup. The menu of Bangkok Town Restaurant includes tasty mango sticky rice, mango dessert, and Tim Tam. You may get coffee, Thai iced tea, or delectable fresh juices here. This restaurant’s delivery service is a huge advantage. The excellent service and the helpful employees are two highlights of this establishment. You’ll enjoy the democratic pricing. This restaurant has a wonderful décor and a pleasant atmosphere.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Top Budget Restaurants in Sharjah

The fact that most products are often easily inexpensive is one of Sharjah’s finest qualities. In Sharjah, there are many undiscovered jewels where you may sample genuine, mouthwatering cuisine and feel ecstatic that your wallet is still intact. For some simple meals, check out some of these Sharjah cafeterias and restaurants.

Falafel Al Comodor, One of Sharjah’s Best Restaurants Serving Lebanese Cuisines

Falafel Al Comodor, one of Sharjah’s best Lebanese eateries, is inexpensive and ideal for a fast and delectable snack. This Lebanese eatery, which is located across from Al Majaz Park, serves some of the best falafel in the UAE, making it the perfect choice for vegetarians or those searching for a regular location to eat meatless meals. However, there is also enough on the menu for carnivores.

The restaurant’s uncomplicated décor hasn’t undergone much modification over time and also offers a quick, dependable delivery service. Visitors will enjoy dining at this restaurant with its beautiful view of the Al Majaz Waterfront. Falafil Al Comodor offers Lebanese food on its menu. Many visitors to this establishment comment on the tasty vegan falafel, falafel salads, and falafel sandwiches that are provided. This location is ideal for those who need a quick snack because takeout orders are available.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Laffa Cafeteria, Enjoy Awesome Meals at This Restaurant in Sharjah with Reasonable Costs

Customers book a table here and take in the sights of Maraya Art Centre. If you’re hungry, come here for delicious chicken shawarma, fried chicken, and chicken melt. For patrons who want to have dinner on the go, this restaurant offering takeaway cuisine is a wonderful choice. Without the helpful employees, Laffah Restaurant-Al Qasba would not be as successful. People often emphasize prompt service in their assessments. Here, costs are reasonable. Always try something new while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Momo House, A Great Restaurant in Sharjah Offering Oriental Cuisines

Visit this inviting Sharjah restaurant if you have a hankering for some Chinese food. They also offer a wide selection of Japanese, Indian, and Nepalese specialties.

Momos, a dumpling similar to Japanese gyoza that is popular in Nepal, Tibet, and some regions of India, are the specialty of this cozy—and distinctly red—restaurant. Although the menu also includes perfectly tasty and filling noodles and rice, we advise you to order as many of the delightfully named momos as you can instead. Try the Nepali fried momo and the buff momo, both of which occasionally sell out.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Eat Route, a Budget-Friendly Restaurant in Sharjah

This budget-friendly eatery in Sharjah is situated in the Abu Shagara neighborhood and offers the greatest American fast food.

This fast-food restaurant offers a strange and fantastic variety of worldwide snack-style meal options, including tapas, burgers, pizza, and buffalo shrimp. The food is good, and there is a little bother. Gather your best friends, pick a variety of meals at random, set up a table, and share until everyone is pleased. A takeout menu should also be purchased because there is a considerable possibility you will call them the next time you want to spend a Friday night out without cooking.

This restaurant’s excellent smoked chicken, delicious burgers, and chicken shawarma are its secret ingredients for success. Many guests claim that there are delicious chocolate pancakes, chocolate burgers, and chocolate ice cream available here.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Kabab Bazar, Enjoy Delicious and Affordable Kababs in Sharjah

In a straightforward setting, Kabab Bazar delivers a range of other Pakistani specialties, including the most delicious kebabs. The restaurant across from the Radisson Blu Resort provides superb and delicate kebabs in the manner of street cuisine from Lahore and Kabul, with the finest ones still sizzling as they are served on the table in front of you, just as the name implies. Although the rates are higher than those at some places of a comparable caliber, the rapid service and enormous quantities more than make up for it.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Rajasthan Al Malaki, a Well-Known Indian Restaurant in Sharjah

A trendy and well-known restaurant with a reputation for serving one of Sharjah’s greatest Rajasthani thalis is located in an industrial area of the Emirate where you may experience a taste of Rajasthan. You won’t miss the meat thanks to the great vegetarian cuisine, and we suggest you try the dal baati churma. At this restaurant, vegetarian and Indian food is available. Try some delicious dhokla, roti, and Dahi puri now.

According to reviews from guests, the place has excellent gulab jamun, pudding, and jalebi. Make a delicious cordial order when dining at Rajasthan Al Malaki. It’s time to sample some excellent masala chai or coffee. Many visitors think the staff is really patient. You ought to visit this location if you wish to experience outstanding service. Here, prices are democratic. People may appreciate the serene atmosphere and gorgeous design at this location.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Madfoon Al Khaimah, One of the Top Restaurants in Sharjah with Reasonable Prices

Due to its reputation for offering some of the greatest Mandi in the Emirate, Madfoon al Khaimah is included on this list of the top restaurants in Sharjah. Al Noor Mosque is not far from Al Madfoon. The majority of visitors advise sampling delicious fish, mandi, and hot chicken. The majority of visitors note that you may have wonderful chocolate custard and superb yogurt here. At this eatery, several customers enjoy wonderful coffee or tasty tea.

AlMadfoon has a lot to offer, including food delivery. The friendly crew makes this establishment great by working hard and always upbeat. One excellent quality that greatly contributes to the success of this establishment is prompt service. You will value the reasonable prices. The atmosphere is pleasant, as many visitors have noted.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Bait Al Mandi, An Awesome Eatery in Sharjah Serving Reasonably-Priced Middle Eastern Cuisines

Bait al Mandi, another item from the Middle East on the list, delivers delectable flavor and excellent value. You should visit this inexpensive dining behemoth in the UAE wearing your stretchiest pair of pants because your stomach will be put to the ultimate test. This eatery, which has two locations in the Emirate, would like to think it Imagines an ethnically diverse Middle Eastern take on the traditional Indian dish biryani you’ve never tasted Mandie Middle Eastern take on the traditional Indian dish biryani. The meal is offered in chicken, lamb, and goat variations on the menu, which is consolingly brief. Your bill will also be consolingly low, but your tummy most definitely won’t be.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

Raju Omlet, A Fascinating Eatery in Sharjah for Those with a Low Budget

This location will provide you with a choice of ways to consume eggs if you feel that your day is completed without them. While decadent omelets stuffed with unique ingredients are undoubtedly on the menu, you can also sample egg bhurji and egg chow mien. There is a restaurant called Ravo Omelet at Sharjah’s Safari Mall. This eatery is regarded as one of Sharjah’s top inexpensive dining options.

Those seeking tasty and distinctive egg and egg pancakes and smoked omelets that match the ancient original cooking techniques can go there. Delicious food is supplied, and there are special tea-making facilities available. The personnel here are really well-educated, competent, and welcoming.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!

What are the Best Restaurants in Sharjah?

So there you have it; we introduced the best restaurants in Sharjah for all budgets, according to reviews. Now, choosing one depends on your preferences and your budget. That’s why we introduced these restaurants based on every budget to help you find your favorites. After you have chosen the restaurant that suits your budget and preferences, why not contact Dxboffplan for the best UAE off-plan properties?

Dxboffplan is a reliable real estate company that offers a wide range of fairly priced properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other major regions. From residential apartments to commercial buildings, Dxboffplan has the perfect property for your needs.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah for All Budgets!


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Some of the best restaurants in Sharjah include Raju Omlet, Rajasthan Al Malaki, Laffa Cafeteria, and Katis Restaurant. These restaurants offer a range of cuisines, including Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, and seafood.

Yes, many of these restaurants offer delivery or takeout options, making it easy to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home. Some restaurants also offer online ordering through popular food delivery platforms like Zomato and Deliveroo.

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