Al Zahia

List Of Projects In Al Zahia

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Orchid Plot land AED 799,000 -
2 Uptown Al Zahia apartments AED 450,000 Q4 2022
3 Acacia Villas Phase 4 villas AED 7,600,000 Q1 2022
4 Al Yasmeen townhouses villas AED 1,138,000 Q3 2023
5 Al Narjis Townhouses Phase 3 townhouses AED 2,380,000 Ready To Move off plan projects in Dubai
6 Al Lilac Townhouses Phase 4 townhouses AED 1,707,000 Q1 2022
7 Al Lilac Villas Phase 4 villas AED 3,422,000 Q1 2022

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Al Zahia
Sharjah Holding

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Orchid Plot

Orchid Plot at Al Zahia is a residential and commercial land by Sharjah Holding located in Al Zahia in a best-connected community near lifestyle, sporting and leisure amenities.

Callback Request : Uptown Al Zahia

Al Zahia Q4 2022
Sharjah Holding

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Uptown Al Zahia

Live in a private home in a stunning community in Sharjah! Uptown Al Zahia are modern apartments in the Al Zahia development available in studio & 1 bedroom units. Offering very attractive payment plan. All tailored for you, with efficiency and flexibility guaranteed in every home design. With interiors that create a sense of space and a choice of layouts that suit your needs, Uptown Al Zahia is surely your ideal home in Sharjah.

Callback Request : Acacia Villas Phase 4

Al Zahia Q1 2022
Sharjah Holding
Designed to enhance the sense of grandeur

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Acacia Villas Phase 4

Immaculately designed and furnished modern-day posh villas in the heart of Al Zahia Sharjah by the bespoke Sharjah Holding. Acacia Villas Phase 4 now offered amazing payment plan options. These stunning residences have been designed to be warm and cool.

Callback Request : Al Yasmeen

Al Zahia Q3 2023
Sharjah Holding

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Al Yasmeen

An epitome of all things classy and natural, Al Yasmeen is the perfect haven one seeks to spend their lives in. This new residential venture by Sharjah Holding features exquisitely designed and infrastructured 2BR & 3BR distinct garden homes and 3BR villas and townhouses with the finest set of surrounding amenities and facilities to offer.

Callback Request : Al Narjis Townhouses Phase 3

Al Zahia
Ready To Move
Sharjah Holding
Easy and Flexible Payment Plan Options

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Al Narjis Townhouses Phase 3

Own a home in the vibrant community of Al Zahia! Al Narjis Townhouses Phase 3 by Sharjah Holding offers 3 & 4-bedroom units with the finest amenities. Now offered you the best payment plan options with easy installments. Al Narjis Townhouses nestled within the neighborhood in a multi-purpose area which is perfect for sports enthusiasts.

Callback Request : Al Lilac Townhouses Phase 4

Al Zahia Q1 2022
Sharjah Holding
An upscale place to call your very own

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Al Lilac Townhouses Phase 4

Live in a beautiful location in Sharjah! Al Lilac Townhouses Phase 4 by Sharjah Holding offers 3-BR townhouses and 4-BR semi-detached townhouses in Al Zahia development with flexible payment plan. Accessible within the neighborhood is a multi-purpose area where you can play sports, perfect for your active lifestyle.

Callback Request : Al Lilac Villas Phase 4

Al Zahia Q1 2022
Sharjah Holding
More space for more quality experiences

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Al Lilac Villas Phase 4

Live in a elegant home in an amazing community in Sharjah! Al Lilac Villas Phase 4 offers 4 and 5-bedroom signature villas in the Al Zahia development. Also offers easy and flexible payment plan options with an easy installment. With beautiful Mondrian windows that accent its entrance, ample wardrobes, and spacious balconies, you have that you ever need in your dream home.

Al Zahia

An iconic and premium master development in one of the largest Emirates i.e. Sharjah of the country, Al Zahia development serves as the epitome of luxury lifestyle and facilitated living for the residents. It is invariably one of the best and most sought-after locations in Sharjah given its distinct infrastructure of several different residential options like Villas, townhouses, and apartments. All the residences within Al Zahia are surrounded by luscious green theme parks, multi-purpose areas for sports, fitness and relaxation, open dedicated spaces for outdoor activities. This iconic development is home to over 250 families and is foreseen to be completed by the year 2022. Al Zahia, at length, comprises of 4 phases of completion i.e. Phase 1 & 2 (Al Jouri), Phase 3 (Al Narjis) and Phase 4 (Al Lilac).

Residential and Commercial Plot in Al Zahia | Sharjah Holding

Nearest School in Al Zahia:

The area itself has its own school and nursery. Here is a list of schools/nurseries nearby:

  • International School of Creative Science
  • Brilliant International School
  • GEMS Millenium School
  • Al Estiqal Private School
  • Sharjah British International School
  • GEMS Westminster School Sharjah

Nearest Mall in Al Zahia:

The area itself has its own shopping mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • Matajer Community Center
  • Zero 6 Aljuraina Community Center

Nearest Hospital in Al Zahia:

The area itself has its own hospitals and clinics. Here is a list of hospitals and clinics nearby:

  • Thumbay Hospital Daycare Muweilah
  • Al Qassimi Hospital
  • University Hospital Sharjah
  • Medcare Medical Centre Mirdif
  • Zulekha Hospital Sharjah