Company Name: Shaikhani Group

Founded: Year 1978

About Shaikhani Group:

Shaikhani Group was established in the year 1978, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was previously known as Memon Group of Companies. The company has developed Gardenia Residence, a lively residential community in Dubai that offers high quality lifestyle convenient to all customers. Having over 30 year of experience in the industry, Shaikhani Group achieves success by maintaining strong ties to different people at all levels. The company has also upheld quality of life by developing world-class properties, and continuously collaborating to acquire and contribute ideas encompassing all aspects of business.

Vision of Shaikhani Group:

“To enhance the quality of life by creating and developing world-class properties and attendant infrastructure.”

Mission of Shaikhani Group:

“Provides top-notch regional and global commercial and residential projects. Maintaining an impressive roster of property projects and ambitious expansion plans, Shaikhani Group has distinguished itself by offering innovative and high-quality themed-projects and unparalleled customer service.”

History of Shaikhani Group:

In year 1978, the Shaikhani Group which was formally known as Memom Group of Companies has begun its operation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The company has now gained popularity in the real estate business, but also in trading, manufacturing and IT. The Shaikhani Group recently implemented a major restructuring initiative in the real estate development sphere, allowing strong market presence across 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, delivering over 30,000 units. In year 2008, Shaikhani Group was proclaimed to invest AED 1 billion freehold property development projects in the UAE.

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