ACES Property Development L.L.C is a development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, managed by a highly-experienced team. The company’s portfolio includes residential and commercial properties including the ACES Chateau, which is a homey yet luxurious abode for individuals and families that springs in the neighborhood of an elegant community. ACES Property Development was able to provide investors with above average returns due to its keen insight of the Dubai markets.  The developer takes pride in its ability to locate and acquire economically sound, high-yield investment and development properties.

Vision and Mission:

“To provide a real estate operating platform for high quality residential, commercial and mixed-use development opportunities.”


ACES Property Development is an independent real estate firm located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, managed by a highly-experienced team. The founding directors of ACES Property Development have operated through many market cycles and have a proven track record in the real estate business. ACES Property Development has been involved in acquisitions of real estate on a strategic basis with the goal of realizing capital gains and income. The ACES Property Development Sales team is connected to the pulse of the UAE and international property market by extending into key investment markets in UK, Russia/CIS, Indian sub-continent and North America.

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