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Every year, the Emirates maintains its growth and builds something new and creative. Every administration in Dubai always tries to surprise everyone with enormous surprises. The UAE offers the best potential locations for explorers and adventurers. Sharjah Aquarium in Dubai, which debuted on June 16, 2008, is one of the city’s newest attractions. You may explore the mysterious, incredible deep-sea realm and its wonderful creatures. You are discovering the amazing hidden world of deep-sea life.

This Sharjah tourist attraction covers a 6,500 m2 area and has 20 distinct aquariums on two levels with a variety of aquatic animals. This is a beautiful region to reside; check out houses for sale in Sharjah if you are planning to live in this amazing area of the city.  In this article, we will talk all about Sharjah Aquarium.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Marine Life at Sharjah Aquarium

Visit to discover how to distinguish between the many categories of marine life. Over 150 marine species may be seen in Sharjah Aquarium, which is located in the Arab Gulf. You may observe the fascinating sea rays, the typically interesting coral sharks, the delicate seahorses, the enigmatic moray eels, and the pretty clownfish. Along with the marine life, you will learn about the coral reefs, mangroves, Al Khan Lagoon, and the neighboring excellent rocky beaches. When visitors of all ages tour here, they feel enlightened.

You may learn about the dangers of overfishing, land restoration, and oil contamination by visiting this aquarium in Sharjah. Understanding how we harm the environment that marine life depends on can help us protect and improve the undersea ecosystem.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

About the Sharjah Aquarium

The aquarium serves many purposes than just entertainment. Its goal was to increase public understanding of the value of aquatic life. In 2009, the Sharjah Museums Authority made the decision to create a marine nature reserve in order to expand the aquarium area. The location has been trying to give aquatic creatures a healthy environment for the past 10 years. Their goals include creating the ideal environment for growing coral reefs and increasing public awareness of the seriousness and consequences of marine pollution.

The designers seek to depict the various aquatic animals that live there. Astonishing creatures including clownfish, sea rays, delectable seahorses, murmur ants, and sharks live in this bizarre realm. It’s also a wonderful world from where you may observe the beauty of marine life in lagoons and mangroves of various sizes, as well as in rocks and coral reefs. It features a turtle recovery program where the husbandry team catches and receives all the wounded sea turtles, treats them, and then releases them back into the ocean.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Aims of Sharjah Aquarium

The aquarium aims to produce a perfect habitat for coral reef development in addition to spreading awareness about excessive marine pollution and its devastation. The marine ecology is protected by Sharjah Aquarium. It wasn’t just created as a place for recreation; it was also planned to introduce people to marine life and promote it. In order to expand its aquarium, the Sharjah Museums Authority created a Marine Nature Reserve in 2009. The aquarium is now a great, healthy place for aquatic life to thrive and procreate.

The aquarium has a turtle recovery program in place. The husbandry staff congregates here to receive sick or injured tortoises and to provide them with the necessary care before releasing them into the sea. The Sharjah Aquarium undertakes an annual underwater environmental clean-up program as part of the Sharjah Museums Authority’s social responsibility project, “We Care,” to raise awareness of ecological conservation and emphasize the need for sustaining marine attractions. Additionally, it aims to make those irresponsible individuals more aware of the consequences associated with marine pollution.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Facilities at Sharjah Aquarium

Aside from everything else, the aquarium Sharjah offers a few amenities in its region so that its guests may unwind away from the surrounding commotion. The amenities include a Wi-Fi connection, mother-only rooms, a place for youngsters to change their clothing, wheelchairs for all those in need, and older residents who arrived. Following these is a prayer area with delectable cafeteria meals and refreshments. There are other stores there where you may shop. There are also parking spaces and restrooms available.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium Timings

You may also learn more about the Sharjah Aquarium’s opening hours, something a lot of people are interested in. On ordinary days, the Sharjah Aquarium is open from early 08:00 am until 08:00 pm. On the other hand, on Friday it opens at 2:00 pm and closes on Sunday.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium Tickets

If you’re interested in learning more about Sharjah Aquarium tickets, you should be aware that those under the age of 2 must pay 15 AED to enter, while those above 13 must pay 25 AED. However, admission fees differ according to age as well. For the entrance, they charge 15 AED for adults and 10 AED for single children. You will be charged 5 AED per pupil if you visit there as part of a private school excursion.

The entry fees for Sharjah Aquarium include admission to both the aquarium and the nearby marine museum. With the same ticket, you may visit both places in a single day. There must be a minimum of 6 individuals in order for groups to qualify for discounted pricing passes. Children under two and elders over 60 do not pay an entry charge. In addition, there are public school visits and free admission for motivated people.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

How to go to Sharjah Aquarium?

Driving is the most convenient method to reach the Sharjah Aquarium. If you don’t actually have a personal vehicle, use a cab. Residents of Al Khan can go to the aquarium in only 5 minutes, while those in Al Qasimia may do so in less than 10 minutes.

From the Al Jubail Terminal, residents of the Rolla Area may board bus route E1 and get out at the Sharjah Aquarium stop. The aquarium is just a short stroll away.

Let’s say you’re traveling from Dubai and are seeking a different mode of transportation. The Dubai to Sharjah ferry service will drop you off at the Aquarium Marine Station in Sharjah, which is less than a 5-minute walk from the aquarium itself. Take the sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour in Sharjah if you’re a visitor for the finest method to view the aquarium and other sites in the city.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium’s Marine Life Environment

The 20 tanks of the Sharjah Aquarium recreate a variety of regional aquatic environments, from coral reefs and rock ponds to lagoons and mangrove forests. You may get closer to these marine species’ surroundings by using an enclosed boardwalk. A planned fish feeding or an accidental encounter with a family should coincide with your visit. Children enjoy watching immersive presentations about marine creatures and learning more about them. The aquarium in Sharjah should be at the top of any list, especially for family entertainment. Families from Sharjah also bring their kids here to educate them about the local marine life.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium Visits and Tours

Have a tranquil sunset at the stunning beach of Al Khan before going to the aquarium in Sharjah at night. Despite being superior, the views may be distinguished from the Sharjah Corniche. After that, take a quick tour of the aquarium before it closes in the evening. Your admission ticket includes directions to the Sharjah Maritime Institution, which is close by and has more information about the coast than any other Sharjah museum.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

What to do at Sharjah Aquarium?

You can divide the vast categories of marine life since the aquarium has more than 150 aquatic species that are found in the seas of the Arabian Gulf. There is a chance to witness majestic sea rays, mysterious moray eels, calm fish, stunning clownfish, and delicate underwater creatures. You will learn about marine life and tour their surroundings, which include Khan Lake, the coral reef, the mangroves, and the rivers that keep them safe. It’s fun for individuals of all ages to enjoy. It is great for family and friend trips.

All About Sharjah Aquarium

Does it worth seeing Sharjah Aquarium?

Well, this guide was all about Sharjah Aquarium and its attractions. We’ve come to the conclusion that Sharjah Aquarium has consented to establish a marine nature reserve, where guardians and volunteers collaborate to safeguard the marine ecology. The aquarium is located close to Al Mamzar Beach Park – one of the best parks in Dubai – for more information about this amazing park check out our Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park Guide.

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All About Sharjah Aquarium

frequently asked questions

It is an opportunity to explore the intriguing undersea environment. The history of Sharjah's ports and coasts is explored while taking a closer look at the local fish species.

Due to its location, the Sharjah Aquarium is convenient to most of the Al Khan neighborhood's attractions. These include the Al Khan Lagoon, the Al Khan Historical Area, the Sharjah Expo Center, and the Al Khan Monument.

Even if the aquarium has a café, there are always other alternatives close by. Nearby eateries include: "Sammach" restaurant, "Sanobar" restaurant, "Bangkok Town" restaurant.

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