3 Easy Steps To Buy Property In Dubai 2021

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Owning a property in Dubai has been highly popular among foreigners in the past few years. One of the reasons is that high rental returns are guaranteed in Dubai. Also, buying a property in Dubai comes with enormous benefits that cannot be found in any other places, literally. If you want to own a property in Dubai, but you don’t know how to start the process, here is 3 easy steps to buy property in Dubai in 2021. Read on to the end…

  1. Choose The Right Property: when buying a property in Dubai, the first step is to choose the right property; the one that suites your budget, taste and also preferences. A real estate website helps you choose the best property option as these kinds of websites cover a wide range of properties, and also full information about them. A great option is exploring com.

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Now, you should be completely aware of your needs as well as your purpose of buying property in Dubai. To be more precise, you have to decide between ready to move in projects and off-plan properties in Dubai, villa and apartment, the price based on your budget and also the payment method. Here is what you should determine:

  • The Status of property (Ready or off-plan?)
  • The Type of Property (Villa or apartment?)
  • The price of property (Based on your budget?)
  • The payment method (Cash or installment?)

After answering these questions, you’ll come up with the best property options that suit you. But, you should make your search even more customized. How?

You should also decide on property size, location, developer, and amenities. Congrats! Now, you have a property to purchase. What is the next step…?

  1. Contact with A Property Consultant: If you are buying property through a real estate website like dxboffplan.com, then there will be an action button on the property page connecting you to your property agent.

When you contact your property agent, he/she will give you the remaining info on your chosen property including fees you have to pay. These fees include DLD fee, service charge and also the booking fee.

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After all of these, you have to go to the developer’s office, and do the following:

  • Signing up a contract with developer (Sales Purchase Agreement)
  • Making a down payment (Usually between 10-20% of property price)
  • Paying 4% DLD fee
  1. Making the payments: the last step is making the payments based on your chosen payment method. If you choose to pay cash, you should transfer money to the developer’s bank account. And if you choose to pay in installments, you should pay them as it appears in your payment plan.

Congrats! You are a property owner now…!

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