Property for sale in Sakarya, Cyprus

Property for sale in Sakarya, Cyprus

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# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Corner Park Apartments apartment - Ready To Move off plan projects
2 Sky Sakarya Apartments apartment - Q3 2023

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Sakarya, Cyprus
Ready To Move
Dovec Properties for sale
Offers Modern Architecture and Modern Living Spaces

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Corner Park Apartments

Corner Park Apartments in Sakarya, Famagusta, where you will find your ideal home in an amazing location with high-end amenities. To know more about the details of these properties, click here now.

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Sakarya, Cyprus Q3 2023
Dovec Properties for sale
a lively living point is coming with its corner stores, offices and residences

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Sky Sakarya Apartments

Find your ideal home among the best Sky Sakarya Apartments in Sakarya, Famagusta, and experience a luxurious lifestyle in North Cyprus. To know more about the terms and prices of this residential project, click here.