30 of the Best Movers and Packers in Dubai

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Dubai always seeks to provide services to make life easier for its citizens. This service of moving and packaging equipment has also been created to provide comfort to the citizens. Whatever the reason you want to move and move anywhere you want, you’ll surely need a good and cheap mover and packer in Dubai. This is one of the essentials that reduces the stress and hassle of moving for you. In order to prevent any damage, scratching, or breaking in the furniture and the property you are moving from, it is better to seek help from furniture moving and shipping companies. We would say there are a lot of movers and packers in Dubai who are ready to provide their services to everyone who wishes to change their home within the border of the UAE or outside the Emirate. Maybe you know there are several movers and packers company in Dubai that move furniture and cars across borders, by air, land or sea. So, now we check the best movers and packers in Dubai below.

The Best Movers and Packers in Dubai

The presence of migrants in Dubai is increasing day by day. Who needs information and help to stay and live in Dubai. We think the first option could be how to get a residence visa in Dubai. The second option is to buy a property in Dubai and other different information that we offer to be sure to visit the site and its applied articles about Dubai. Below is a list of the best mover and packers in Dubai:

  • On The Move

On the move is one of the furniture moving companies in the UAE, and it presents the best and highest quality servants in its field of work. It is one of the qualified house movers and packers in Dubai, which is managed by a British team. The services they offer include packing home appliances and keeping them in the best conditions, as well as at reasonable prices. Other services include storage and movement.

On the move
  • Sunrise Movers and Packers

Sunrise movers and packers are one of the best in their field in Dubai. They are trying to provide the best for their clients. For this reason, they pack and move the goods and then install them. The important thing is that they work at competitive prices given that they offer the best quality. They move things at the most professional level throughout the UAE. Other services include storage and moving services for commercial offices.

Sunrise movers and packers
  • JNT Cargo

The specialized company in local and international moving and packing is JNT Cargo in Dubai. We deliver what we promise is their slogan. The center promises you the experience of a stress-free movement while moving your furniture safely. One of the best moving and packaging centers in Dubai offers the best price to their domestic and overseas customer. The company’s services include moving home and office furniture, shipping goods inside and outside the country, and moving vehicles to and from the Gulf Cooperation Countries.

JNT Cargo
  • E-movers

Starting in 2003, the company has been working in Dubai and is the oldest moving and packing company in Dubai. E-mover helps provide reasonable and the best movers and packers at affordable prices. The company services include home and office furniture moving service, international storage and shipping services, furniture installation, artwork moving, long term and short-term storage by 400 trained workers, and it has about 70 trucks. E-mover has branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Due to its professional workforce and responsibility, the company has been able to win international quality awards and always keep its customers satisfied. This company is one of the companies that does not sacrifice quality, and you can get service from this company with any budget. It should be noted that you can adjust the amounts according to the service you want to receive.

  • Perfect Movers

This company provides both locally and internationally services in this field. Their services include moving, packing, and storing furniture. They provide you with their services as soon as possible because they work 24 hours a day. They move and pack using the latest technologies and provide the best and highest quality services using expert staff.

Perfect movers
  • BBC Cargo Services

The company started its work in Dubai in 2004 and is one of the first companies to start its activities. The company is specialized in different fields, including furniture moving and storage, office moving, and air freight services locally and internationally.

BBC Cargo Services
  • Trukkers

The company’s goal is to facilitate and make easy movement for customers. The company was soon able to create a well-known name for its services in the UAE. The company’s most important and biggest feature is its application, which makes the service request process easier for the customer, especially if time is of great importance to the customer. You can book the truck you are looking for in the Trukker app in 30 seconds. The process is as easy as ordering lunch. We should say that their services include moving furniture and goods in local and international, about 10 countries.

This company provides the latest moving technologies to have satisfied clients. If you have to move, hurry and request prices from their site, they compete with other cheap and best movers and packers in Dubai.

  • GAC International Moving Company

If you are looking for one of the most experienced companies in the field of moving in Dubai, you should undoubtedly choose GAC. It started in Kuwait in 1965 and has developed strongly. It is known as one of the best and most popular moving companies in Dubai and the Middle East that offers domestic and international services.

It is a professional company with highly trained workers which is famous for it. If you want to know the company services price, just fill in your details then the customer care center will contact you.

GAC International moving company
  • Move One

If we say that Move One is one of the largest moving companies, it is not a false claim; it has branches in more than 40 countries. Its services include moving projects, offices, furniture, animals, vehicles, and more. We offer you to trust this company and be sure to experience the best with them about this type of service.

Move One
  • ARZ Movers

Have you ever wanted to install all the items after moving like before it, but hasn’t that happened? The company does this for you. Because installing, along with packaging and moving, is part of the services they provide.

With more than 17 years of experience, the company is one of the largest packings and moving villas in Dubai and operates throughout the country.

ARZ Movers
  • East-West Movers and Packers

Due to its quality and reasonable prices, the company has proven to be one of the best packaging and moving companies in Dubai. The employees of this company are very expert in what they do. If you want to use their services or want to know their prices, just enter your information on their site, and they will contact you very quickly. Their services include villas moving, moving and packaging, office moving, storage, furniture moving, painting and engraving services.

East-West Movers and Packers
  • Pack N Move

With more than 15 years of experience, one of the pioneers of this profession is moving and packing in Dubai. The company pays great attention to the fact that customers are satisfied with its services and has prioritized quality. Their services include local moving, international moving, office moving, company moving, storage, shipping services, and customer clearance.

The company’s unique service is to provide insurance for your furniture on the go, including compensation or replacement of the damaged device. To do this, you must pay an additional amount of relocation fee before moving.

Pack N Move
  • SA Movers and Packers

Another of the best packaging and moving companies in Dubai is SA movers and packers, which offers all the services of this profession. The company’s services include storage, moving and packing, installation, insurance, and move on.

The point that has made the company famous is the ongoing pursuit of customer satisfaction. You can visit their website for information on your services.

SA Movers and Packers
  • I like to move it move it

The company has professional packaging and moving experts who work 7 days a week and provide domestic and international moving services. With the services that include an experienced team, insured home removal, and a fully-equipped moving van, you can spend this great and stressful day peacefully.

You can also use these services such as packing, furniture assembly, storage, and handyman assistant at their one-stop shop, along with moving your home. The company sends a professional team of women for the convenience of some customers.

Want to move your office from one place to another in Dubai and worry about the day of relocation? I like to move it move it do it for you. These services include office moving services, storage, packing, and IT relocation for businesses in Dubai.

Also, remember that your goods are insured at up to AED 240K.

I Like To Move It Move It
  • Best Mover

Although the number of packaging and moving companies is high, the Best Mover company has achieved considerable fame. If you have to go to another house in Dubai or you have to move abroad, the company will do it for you easily.

The staff of this company will check your equipment before packing and moving so that they can do the best packaging. They also ensure your belongings for overseas and local movements.

The internal movements of this company take great care during the evacuation and re-installation of your equipment. The other services are cleaning, painting, and pest control service and they can take care of pet shipping.

Best Mover
  • SH Movers Dubai

The company started in Dubai in 2010. Their services include a variety of packing, moving, and storage services. Their professional team is careful to do all the work needed to move houses, companies, and warehouses. If we ask for their services, we can mention residential moving, commercial relocation, furniture dismantling and fixing, cargo loading and unloading, local transportation, and more. Also, in Dubai, they offer moving, packing, transport, and storage services in the UAE. You could call them directly or leave a message on their website.

  • Budget City Movers

As the name suggests, the Budget City Movers company offers very reasonable prices to provide its services. It also ensures that your belongings are moved unharmed. This affordable company in Dubai with 24-hour service is the best choice for you when you have limited time to move.

Budget City Movers
  • Professionals SH Movers and Packers

From packing your belongings to unloading them in your new home, this company will do it for you. The company offers a professional and suitable relocation. Its employees are experienced in the both commercial and residential move. So they are suitable for moving your office or home. They also provide assistance with assembly and installation. You would request a quote to get an accurate idea of your total cost.

Professionals SH Movers and Packers
  • Tawheed House Shifting

If you want to transfer your very large office equipment to another office or move fragile home appliances to a new home, the Tawheed House Shifting company will help you. The company offers services in different areas of the city such as these. The company offers services in different areas of the city, such as Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, Mirdif, and Arabian Ranches. Their professional staff first make sure of the tight packaging of the equipment and then move them.

Tawheed House Shifting
Tawheed House Shifting
  • Sara Movers

With more than 15 years of experience, trained staff, and well-equipped eaters, the company will do all the options for you to move. Sara Movers provide a storage solution that could come in handy if you have to carry out repair or maintenance works in your new home.

Sara Movers
  • Easy Truck

Easy Truck started in 2009 and is one of the award-winning companies in Dubai. We have to say that the team has a lot of experience. It should be noted that their team packs the items thoroughly, from home appliances to wall-mounted and your clothes.

Their trucks are fully insulated so that the heat doesn’t damage your belongings. They also use ice boxes for refrigerated edibles that do not rot. They pack with durable blankets your soft appliances to reach your destination unscathed.

Once your belongings have arrived at the new home, the EasyTruck team, which also has a certificate, will do it for you if you need electrical work or plumbing. They also assemble all your belongings and put them in the right place according to your opinion.

Another amazing thing is that they serve you a free pizza on moving day.

  • The Box

If you want to move from your apartment to another apartment or from villa to villa, this company offers you the service you need. They also offer storage services, and you can ask for help with internal and external movements.

The company offers you inexpensive packaging. This is while you can pack the items yourself and transfer them to the new home only.

The Box
  • Quick Serve Relocation

Looking for a company that offers relocation services in Dubai? Quick Serve Relocation company makes moving your home and office easily and blowing a breeze.

The company offers domestic and international movements for you. You can also rent moving trucks from them. They also perform storage services. Customers are also very satisfied with the company’s coloring and cleaning services.

  • Allied Home Movers

The company has more than 10 years of experience in this profession and is one of the most popular companies in moving and packing in Dubai. Their services include: comprehensive packing, moving, and installation services to simplify your move. So you could focus on other important matters.

It is important to note that the company performs internal movements 24 hours a day.

  • Mr Move

One of the most excellent relocation companies in Dubai that covers all your needs on this day. Their priority is to provide excellent services to their customers. Mr. Move company takes care of the entire moving process from packing to installation. Their experienced and professional team pack, store, and install both heavy and delicate items in your new home.

Mr. move
  • Royal Home Mover

Another relocation company in Dubai is Royal Home Mover. Although they are in Dubai, their services cover the country headway. The company specializes in moving large items such as pianos.

Royal Home Mover
Royal Home Mover


This list was the best and most affordable mover and packer in the UAE, and by reviewing it, you no longer need to do more research to find a company in this profession. Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article.

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