Applying for UAE Gold Card by Expats in UAE

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Applying for UAE Gold Card by expats in UAE

The GDRFA has announced that not only investors, but also gifted students, and scientists can receive a gold card. High salaried workers can apply for the permanent visa if their monthly income is Dh30,000 or above as well.

The GDRFA said that the prerequisite to apply for gold card visa is to hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Moreover, having five years of work experience plus showing employment contract will enable people to apply for gold card. Their family can get a Gold Card visa as well.

Jude Medard is an Indian man who has been in the UAE for over 20 years. His job is related to the health and in a steel fabrication company. He said he believed only renowned businessmen,  big investors, scientists or special individuals can to apply for the Gold Card.

Applying for UAE Gold Card by expats in UAE

Besides, he has told Khaleej Times that this is a very good step by the government of the UAE. This measure will attract more professionals to come to this country for different purposes.


What other experts say

Anisha Chacko, a financier has said she will absolutely apply for a long-term visa because it means “more stability”.

She has also added that expats always feel instability. So, she thinks the long-term visa may make many families happy because they can benefit it.

Chacko underlined that there are a lot of families who want to stay more years in the UAE.  Some factors such as the high living standards of this country make them want to raise their children in this country. Besides, they may want their children to go to university in the UAE. For these people, a long-term visa will be a benefit.

Anube Aravind, head of a brokerage company has said a Gold Card for professionals in the UAE is a great step. Also, It is really valuable for expats. Being able to receive a Gold Card, immigrants can make long-term plans to live and work in the UAE.

Applying for UAE Gold Card by expats in UAE

Why Dubai is popular?

  • Dubai is the safest place
  • Its people are the happiest
  • Tax-free income
  • Lucrative businesses
  • Tourism hotspot
  • The center of the world
  • A dynamic place

So, Dubai is a place where you will never be bored. You can experience the beauty of living, high-quality life, good education, excellent job opportunities and also happiness and joy of living in a safe country.

According to the above, now is the best time to apply for long-term residency. Therefore, if you are an investor, scientist, businessman or even a professional earning a monthly salary of Dh 30,000, apply soon.

*the information above is based on Khaleej Times Website

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