Acres Real Estate Show 2023, Sharjah
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Acres Real Estate Show 2024, Sharjah

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Nowadays, UAE and its special emirates like Sharjah and Dubai have become popular among real estate investors who like to earn a high profit and end-users who prefer to live luxuriously in a modern home. And based on this high demand, annual international property exhibitions are held in different regions by related organizations to help buyers earn more knowledge and make the best decisions. And the new one is Acres Real Estate Show 2024, Sharjah. If you are interested to know more about the details of this show, read the below list.

Acres Real Estate Show 2023, Sharjah

Sharjah Real Estate Exhibition – ACRES 2024

From 25 May 2023, 10:00 to 28 May 2023, 20:00, all people from all over the world are invited to the Expo Centre Sharjah for the big event hosted by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department. The important goal of this great show is to highlight the most outstanding and latest real estate projects in UAE and its main emirates, like the most popular Sharjah homes for sale, by gathering famous developers, project owners, and investors in the real estate sector, plus real estate brokers, banks, and financial institutions, in addition to the real estate and project management companies. Also, it is a grand chance to:

  • Display and market real estate and investment projects
  • Conclude deals
  • Exchange experiences
  • Meet with different segments of investors

The purpose of this exhibition formation:

While above here, you read about some of the main goals you can reach by participating in this event, that is not all. Here, I want to explain more about the key purpose of this exhibition former, which is to attract investors from different nationalities and develop the real estate sector in the whole country. This event is also made of the UAE government’s economic initiatives and incentives to attract locals or foreigners who like to reside, work and invest in a safe and sustainable global destination.

The events of the Acres real estate show 2024:

Like all other events, this one includes different workshops that help participants develop their knowledge and skills about investing in UAE real estate market. For example, in this event, you can join training courses and discussion sessions for a group of real estate experts and professionals. To know more about the details of these workshops and their schedule, check this link:

Who should visit Acres 2024 real estate show:

This event, which is mainly about Middle Eastern and international investments, is aimed to introduce suitable real estate sources, but that isn’t limited to this option. Therefore, it would be great for a wide group of people, such as:

  • Property Investors
  • Property Advisors
  • Property Owners
  • Designers & Architects
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Real Estate Solution Providers
  • Construction Companies
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Residential & Commercial Property Developers
  • Municipal and Regional Government Authorities

The exact address of Acres real estate show 2024:

Acres Real Estate Exhibition will be held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, at Expo Centre Sharjah on Al Taawun Street.

Acres Real Estate Show 2023, Sharjah

Why should you come to Acres Real Estate Show 2024, Sharjah?

One of the most important points you should consider to choose whether you like to participate in a Real Estate Exhibition is their strategies to promote and market. And the good news is that Acres Real Estate Expo executes strategic marketing campaigns that ensure high-quality attendance. In this way, they use different mediums, such as:

  • Business Directory
  • E-mail
  • Mostly visited websites & Social media
  • Distribution of Press Releases to related global magazines & newspapers
  • Special invitation to VIPs
  • Radio Spot campaign
  • TV spot campaign
  • Trade magazines & newspapers advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising

Acres Real Estate Show 2023, Sharjah


So, no matter what your purpose is, finding the best Sharjah properties, finding the best Dubai areas to live or invest in, promoting a real estate investment opportunity, improving real estate services, or finding real estate services, do not miss this opportunity and register Acres Real Estate Show 2024, Sharjah now through their official site mentioned above. Then the Dxboffplan team is ready to support you in easily buying your chosen UAE off-plan home at the best price and in the shortest time.

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