3 Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

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3 Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

What is a 3 Bedroom Apartment?

A three-bedroom apartment is an apartment unit composed of three separate bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and in some units, one separate study room. The bedrooms are usually composed of one master’s bedroom, one kids’ bedroom and one other room that can multi-purposed as a guest room or storage room. In general, two of the bedrooms have an attached bathrooms while there is one common bathroom for all.

Depending on its sizes and arrangements, 3 bedrooms vary in features and facilities. Some 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai have balconies, while others are already furnished with basic facilities like basic furniture items, appliances and lighting fixtures. As for serviced 3 bedroom apartments in Dubai, residents can avail hotel-like services like housekeeping and laundry all within the comfort of their own home.

Sizes of 3 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The sizes of three bedroom apartments in Dubai range from 1500 to 2500 square feet (on the average), However, this estimate still varies depending on the developer’s design and the location of the apartments.

Residents of 3 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The typical residents of 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai are medium-sized families or residents that welcome guests regularly in the house. Hobbyists with families also opt to own a 3 BHK flats in Dubai if they wish to use one the rooms as storage space of their sports equipment, books, apparel or musical instruments.

Best Locations to Find 3 Bedroom Apartment in Dubai

Three bedroom apartments are widely popular in Dubai, as property developers in Dubai have been constructing larger living spaces to cater to the growing number of family residents in the emirate. One of the most popular places to own a three bedroom apartment is Dubai Silicon Oasis. With affordable rates in a modern yet less populated environment, families have considered the area as an ideal place to live. The prices for 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) range from only AED 1.2 million. The location has been popular for being an advanced ecosystem offering great business opportunities on various sectors like industrial, education, commercial and the others. These apartments in DSO also come with a flexible payment plan, making it an ideal investment option for families.

If you’re on the lookout for luxury apartments, a top-of-mind location would be Dubai Marina. A 3 BHK apartment for sale in Dubai Marina is an ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy a spacious and elegant living space with waterfront views and exciting amenities right at your doorstep. The average price for a 3 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina is AED 1.5 million and would vary depending on the arrangement and special features. There are also a wealth of

If your lifestyle is anchored on you professional career and business, the best location for your apartment would be Business Bay. Known as a central hub for major businesses in the emirate, you can choose from a wide range of 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Business Bay Dubai that sets you at the forefront of modern day living. The area which is a major business and trading destination is also surrounded with major shopping malls and is connected to major road networks in Dubai.

You can also find 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Motor City Dubai and 3 bedroom apartment for sale in International City Dubai. Jumeirah Lakes Towers  (JLT) and The Greens are also one of the most sought after locations for these types of apartments. The 3 bedroom apartments for sale in JLT Dubai are mid-priced compared to similar apartments in other areas of Dubai. For luxury residences, still included in the popular options is a 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai.

Benefits of Buying Three Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

  1. Maximized Living Space

When we think of a dream home, we think laterally in terms of space. Choosing 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai allows you to enjoy every part of your home and use its very function. Investing in a smaller apartment unit might be good for a short term, but if you plan to stay for a long time and build your family in Dubai, the perfect choice would be larger living space. The 3 bedroom apartment is your ideal family size home.

  1. Ideal for home gatherings or guest sleepovers

Aside from maximum convenience and comfort within your home, buying a 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai allows you to invite guests over without worrying if they will fit or get cramped up within your small living room. Organizing parties will not anymore be a problem as guests can freely enjoy the wide living spaces. You also save time and effort as you need not to move furniture in case your guests would plan to stay in your house overnight. You can accommodate your guests without feeling embarrassed in a decent bedroom space you could prepare beforehand.

  1. Freedom to customize

When you buy a 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai, you get yourself a home that you can freely customize the way you actually imagine it to be. Some residents are restricted to decorate their home because of the limited living spaces, but with a three bedroom unit, bulky furniture and large decor will not be a problem. You can simply add new storage spaces, walk-in closets, a hobby room or play room for young kids, a study room, and a whole lot more options. Your freedom of style is not hampered by the size of your home.

Find the Best Three Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

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