Top Real Estate Developers in Dubai

Despite some economic challenges in UAE, real estate continues to be one of the most robust and resilient industries in the country.  Dubai has been among the top emirates that remains thriving with the real estate business, as it has proven to be adaptive to the huge changes in the market. While property selling is undergoing major changes, the playing field has been leveled for both big and small property developers in Dubai, each catering to different market segments.

In the recent year, there has been a significant shift on the demand for real estate property. The sales trend has changed from high-end or luxury properties to low-priced middle-class properties. This is why established and new property developers alike have now shifted to creating quality yet affordable homes, hotels or commercial spaces to ride with evolving real estate market.Dubai has been a home to a significant number of local and international real estate developers that have been providing the best quality services to its clients. Industry giants in Dubai include Emaar Properties, which has been a consistent frontrunner in terms of market value, assets, profits and revenues. Following suit at the top developers list are DAMAC Properties, Nakheel, Dubai Properties and many established firms based at the emirate.

While profit numbers are notably higher for the huge property developers in Dubai, there are also newly established developers that are now making a name in the market. While lagging behind in terms of years of industry experience, these smaller firms have made their real estate projects attractive to their clients by highlighting each of the properties’ unique features, special amenities and facilities, flexible payment plans and other benefits.

When buying property in Dubai, real estate investors or buyers are advised not only to check on the features and specifications of the property, but also to look into the background information and history of the property developers in Dubai. It also helps to look at the developers’ other projects to compare and contrast individual features,  prices and payment plan options. provides you a comprehensive list of the emirate’s most trusted and sought-after property developers in Dubai that are officially registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). We provide you complete information about the developer’s history, its mission and vision, as well as its portfolio of off plan and ready projects. Simply explore through this page to find the developer that will provide you your property of choice.

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  • Emaar Properties

    Emaar Properties (20)


    Emaar’s Group view to be the market leader in real-estate development through providing a good value and standard in way of living on its aspect.

  • Damac Properties

    Damac Properties (20)


    DAMAC Group view to provide a quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

  • Dubai Properties

    Dubai Properties (14)


    Establishing a world class real estate and asset management organization that will play a key role in Dubai real estate industry.

  • Azizi Developments

    Azizi Developments (18)


    To become the leader in this highly competitive business of property development by constructing premiere projects or developments coupled with a pers

  • The Heart of Europe

    The Heart of Europe (5)


    To create an elegant European lifestyle experience where every detail is underscored by luxury and perfection and draws from the very best of European

  • Select Group

    Select Group (4)


    To be the region’s leading multi-disciplinary real estate development and Investment Company, offering our expertise in different specialties while

  • MAG Property Development

    MAG Property Development (7)


    To be at the forefront of the region’s property industry through its dedication to the group’s corporate philosophy of innovation and continuous i

  • Tiger Group

    Tiger Group (4)


    To provide distinct and continuous services to its clients.

  • Wasl Properties (2)


    To offer superior real estate and lifestyle options to enhance the quality of life.

  • Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development

    Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development (1)


    History Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development is a reputable real estate company led by a team of driven professionals who have the vision to create s

  • Meydan Sobha

    Meydan Sobha (5)


    To (make MBR City District One) as one of the world’s lowest density residential environments with the world’s largest man-made lagoon.

  • Sharjah Holding

    Sharjah Holding (3)


    History Sharjah Holding is was established in 2008, from a strategic partnership between Sharjah Asset Management and Majid Al Futtaim Properties. The

  • City Properties

    City Properties (1)


    History City Properties is the development arm of City Tower Real Estate (CTRE), one the leading property management groups in the UAE. With over 20 y

  • SP International Property Developers

    SP International Property Developers (1)


    Fostering an environment that helps in the creation of knowledge and application to work, we seek to excel in all of our business activities and striv

  • Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group

    Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group (3)


  • Dar Al-Arkan

    Dar Al-Arkan (1)


    History Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate or DAAR is a premium property developer based in Riyadh (KSA), DAAR is a public shareholding company listed on the Sa

  • Swiss Property

    Swiss Property (2)


    History Swiss Property Development LLC is a boutique property developer committed in developing contemporary homes that blends the elements of design,

  • Arada Property Developer

    Arada Property Developer (5)


    To develop communities in the emirate of Sharjah, building on the emirate’s position as a vibrant cultural and business hub.

  • Green Valley Group Real Estate

    Green Valley Group Real Estate (1)


    History Green Valley Group Real Estate is property developer established in 2004 providing a wide array of services including real estate development

  • Shaikhani Group

    Shaikhani Group (1)


    To enhance the quality of life by creating and developing world-class properties and attendant infrastructure.

  • Al Mazaya Real Estate

    Al Mazaya Real Estate (2)


    Our vision is to work towards becoming one of the leading property developers in the region.

  • Aces Property Development

    Aces Property Development (1)


    Provides a real estate operating platform for high quality residential, Commercial and mixed-use development opportunities.

  • Akshara Global Real Estate Development

    Akshara Global Real Estate Development (1)


    To be a world-class real estate organization with our properties, processes, people and performance. To add value and make a positive difference to th

  • Plazzo Development Real Estate

    Plazzo Development Real Estate (1)


    To become the most credible and biggest real-estate, specialized company leading the real-estate development market in the region to set new standards

  • Iman Developer

    Iman Developer (1)


    History IMAN Developers is a real estate property developer established in 2016. The group was launched out of an ambition and a philosophy for perfec

  • LIV Developers

    LIV Developers (1)


    History LIV Property Development is an international property developer which has launched luxurious properties in various prestigious locations globa

  • Dubai Investments Real Estate

    Dubai Investments Real Estate (1)


    Our mission is to surpass expectations in every aspect, consistently deliver high quality and constantly improve and innovate to provide value for mon

  • Artistic Legend Real Estate

    Artistic Legend Real Estate (1)


    We aim to build inspirational development for our customers with distinctive design, quality construction and finishing.

  • Al Futtaim Real Estate Group

    Al Futtaim Real Estate Group (4)


    "To concentrate its efforts and resources towards the development of prestigious real estate complexes to supplement the growing demand for commercial

  • Dubai Sport City

    Dubai Sport City (1)


    An active community that cheers each other on.

  • B&M Riviera Developments

    B&M Riviera Developments (1)


    From concept to completion, our projects are fashioned with our Clients' best interests in mind and their satisfaction is living proof of our success

  • Gemini Property Developers

    Gemini Property Developers (2)


    We shall strive to become one of the most trusted real estate brands in the UAE, providing quality and efficient living spaces and yet at affordable p

  • Triplanet Range Group

    Triplanet Range Group (1)


    To expedite the delivery of ready homes to market.

  • Myra Properties

    Myra Properties (1)


    We are designing homes for families providing optimum living comfort, ease of maintenance, quality construction and giving birth to a home of your dre

  • Bloom Properties

    Bloom Properties (7)


    To become one of the most trusted partners and the preferred provider of sustainable living spaces in the region and beyond, driving value to our cust

  • G&Co Developer

    G&Co Developer (1)


    To redefine the notion of excellence with luxury communities that surpass every expectation.

  • Deyaar Properties

    Deyaar Properties (6)


    To built our credentials on solid foundations that evoke trust and the collaborative engagement of every stakeholder

  • Forum Group

    Forum Group (1)


    To innovate, design and develop large-scale projects and integrated developments from start to finish.


    NSHAMA (7)


    To offer sustainable world-class communities that blend smart with the sophisticated

  • Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC

    Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC (2)


    Focus on branded realty is a belief in developing and marketing real estate projects as "branded products" rather than commodities.

  • Aqua Properties

    Aqua Properties (6)


    To be the leader in the real estate market by delivering excellent customer service through our reliable and exceptional certified team.

  • Seven Tides International

    Seven Tides International (3)


    To leverage our existing expertise to expand into a wider range of industries in the near future delivering never-ending possibilities to clients thro

  • IFA Hotels & Resorts

    IFA Hotels & Resorts (4)


    To provide strategic direction across our operational assets. IFA HI is well positioned to raise capital on the back of our current projects and lever

  • Cayan Group

    Cayan Group (1)


    To be the developer of unique and innovative Real-Estate projects.

  • Danube Properties

    Danube Properties (5)


    Provide unique offerings to our clients and will keep deploying latest services to accomplish our goals.

  • Ellington Properties

    Ellington Properties (8)


    To create residences that are classic in feel but contemporary of vision, (like) canvases to be filled with the experience and exuberance of life.

  • Sobha Group

    Sobha Group (5)


    To be the most trusted and respected real estate organization and to transform the way people perceive quality by pioneering innovative projects and e

  • Tanmiyat

    Tanmiyat (3)


    Securing the leading position the industry in the Middle East, beyond to provide a luxury living to the clients.

  • Omniyat

    Omniyat (7)


    To contribute to UAE’s raising skyline by developing modern commercial and residential buildings.

  • Time Properties

    Time Properties (2)


    To make tremendous strides in the development of all sectors of business and the most internationally exemplary being the real estate development.

  • Al Barari Developers

    Al Barari Developers (4)


    Al Barari view to create a unique, inspiring and sustainable residential and cultural community.

  • Falconcity of Wonders LLC

    Falconcity of Wonders LLC (1)


    To be original, creative and fast.

  • Tebyan Real Estate Development

    Tebyan Real Estate Development (1)


    To make the company eager to break barriers of doubt and develop unprecedented projects of glamour, safety and comfort

  • ANK Developers

    ANK Developers (1)


    To delivers its promises of developing excellence. It is an approach and an understanding that has been honored over a generation of doing business an

  • Al Habtoor Group

    Al Habtoor Group (1)


    To performed to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.

  • ASAS Holding ( Rose Homes Investment )

    ASAS Holding ( Rose Homes Investment ) (1)


    To be one of the leading companies that understands and satisfies customers with the services and products that provide.

  • GGICO Properties

    GGICO Properties (1)


    To become one of the foremost independent family business groups and a leading corporate presence worldwide.

  • Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment

    Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment (3)


    Focus on prime real estate development in promising region and also develop these projects ourselves to provide the finest real estate Services based

  • Limitless LLC

    Limitless LLC (0)


    To encourage a healthier lifestyle where people connect and interact with one another, and where communities are vibrant and safe.

  • Invest Group Overseas (1)


    To effectively capitalize on business opportunities that supports the growth and development of the region through strategic capital investments and m

  • Mada’in Properties

    Mada’in Properties (1)


    Engineering Excellent Communities by Elevating Land into Landmarks.

  • Luxury Living Investments

    Luxury Living Investments (1)


    About Luxury Living Investments Luxury Living Investments is a luxury developer in Dubai well-known for residential projects like Jumeirah Luxury vil

  • Oriental Pearls

    Oriental Pearls (0)


    To combine quality, aesthetics and functionality in its developments to deliver capital appreciation to investors quality living to homeowners.

  • Al Sharq Investment

    Al Sharq Investment (1)


    Our vision is to provide world-class luxury accommodation and service that will redefine five-star hospitality.

  • Meraas

    Meraas (10)


    Committed to creating a better city for people to live, work, and visit.

  • Prescott Real Estate

    Prescott Real Estate (1)


    We build you a home like we would for our own.

  • Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC)

    Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) (5)


    As a master developer of sustainable, unique and essential assets and destinations, our single-minded aim is to actively contribute to the economic gr

  • Aldar Properties

    Aldar Properties (2)


    Be the most trusted and recognised real estate lifestyle developer in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

  • Alef Group

    Alef Group (1)


    History Alef Group is a well-experienced real estate developer founded in Sharjah, UAE. The company is known as the pioneer in developing premier life

  • Radiant Star Properties

    Radiant Star Properties (2)


    History Radiant Star Properties is a premier master developer involved in core activities such real estate development, real estate management and oth

  • Arthur & Hardman

    Arthur & Hardman (1)


    History Arthur & Hardman is a real estate developer committed to developing world-class and completely integrated lifestyle communities to meet th

  • Diamond Real Estate Developers

    Diamond Real Estate Developers (1)


    History Diamond Real Estate Developers is a Dubai-based company on construction and development of several real estate projects in the emirate. With i

  • MS Homes Developers

    MS Homes Developers (1)


    History MS Homes Developers is a real estate developer based in Dubai which aims to provide residents budget-friendly property choices in the emirate.

  • Emerald Palace Group (EPG)

    Emerald Palace Group (EPG) (1)


    History Emerald Palace Group (EPG) is a real estate developer established in 1996, which is part of a group of associated companies that have been dev

  • Al Khail Real Estate

    Al Khail Real Estate (3)


    Al Khail Real Estate Al Khail Real Estate is a Dubai-based real estate company established in 2006. Being in the industry for over a decade, the group