What Are the Requirements to Receive Emirati Passport?

As you probably know the UAE’s passport is ranked as one of the most powerful passports in the world. This is why many people were in dream of getting the Emirati passport. Now, owing to changes in citizenship laws, the dream has come true. Read on to find out who is eligible to receive the Emirati passport, and what the requirements are…

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As you might know, some groups of people are eligible for Emirati passports. For example, Emirati lets foreign investors, scientists, doctors, artists, and talented people and their families try for its passport. The UAE tries to attract more talented people by giving passports to them and their families. They choose this way to improve the general national development by counting these people as a part of the society.

Here, you can read more about the requirements to receive an Emirati passport.

What Are The Requirements To Receive Emirati Passport?

Who can get an Emirati passport?

If you want to know about the situation to receive an Emirati passport, read the below list.


They require to own a property in the UAE.

Medical doctors and skilled professionals

Must be specialized in specific needed scientific fields. They must have contributed to studies and research that have scientific value in their field, have ten years of experience in that field in addition to a membership in a prestigious professional organization in his field.


Need to be active researchers in their field at a university, a research institute, or the private sector. Also, there are some other conditions like having ten years of experience and scientific contributions- including having won a prestigious scientific award. On the other hand, they need to have secured significant funding for their research for ten years and a recommendation letter from an accredited scientific institute in the UAE.

What Are The Requirements To Receive Emirati Passport?

What should I submit to receive an Emirati passport?

If you are among one of the above groups, read this paragraph, to find out what you have to submit to receive an Emirati passport.


Having had at least one patent certified by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any accredited relevant international body, which has a real value to the UAE economy, in addition to a recommendation letter from the UAE Ministry of Economy is a must.

Intellectuals and artists

they must show special talent in culture, arts, and other talents with at least one international award in those talents. A recommendation letter from the UAE relevant bodies is also needed.

What Are The Requirements To Receive Emirati Passport?

How to get an Emarati passport?

Now, read the terms and conditions of getting citizenship in the UAE.

  • The oath and swearing in allegiance to the UAE
  • A pledge to uphold and respect the laws of the country
  • Informing the relevant authority if they get new citizenship or lost one.

What are your rights as a new citizen in the UAE?

After you understand how to apply for UAE citizenship, it is time to know the rights of those UAE citizens.

  • The right to establish and own companies in the UAE
  • The right to buy and own land and real estate property in the country
  • Any other right extends to them by the federal bodies, with the approval of the Cabinet, or by local government bodies.

According to the decision, UAE citizenship can be stripped from those categories in such cases as the violation of the legal commitment or losing at least one of the conditions upon which a person was granted citizenship.

UAE Passport among the most powerful passports in the world now!

How is the process of receiving a UAE passport?

Based on the new law the process of UAE  citizenship starts with the Emirati ruler’s court nominating those qualified for citizenship. This decision is one of the most important changes to citizenship and nationality laws. It is interesting to note that the movement is a milestone in the Arab world, which usually restricts the naturalization process to very limited cases and mostly bans dual citizenship.

But this is not the only decision that was taken to ensure the social stability of those with long-time residency in the country and those who contribute to the wellbeing and development of the society. The movement was the introduction of the permanent residency scheme in 2019, which allowed for granting 5 and 10 years ‘Golden Visas’ to certain categories of residents.

Thousands of people have been given the Gold Visa in the past two years, including investors, medical professionals, engineers, scientists, and special talents. The new changes put the UAE on par with many developed countries that appreciate the talents of expatriates by awarding them citizenship. This initiative ensures their social stability. It also secures a future for them and their families in the country.


EUA makes all these decisions about giving citizenship to foreigners to provide a better place for the residents and expatriates. If you think of getting an Emirati passport and applying as an investor, count on us. You can contact our professional team in the dxboffplan, and they help you find the best choice for investment.

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