UAE Passport among the most powerful passports in the world now!

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UAE Passport among the most powerful passports in the world now!

This certainly sounds like a good news for Emiratis and those hundreds and thousands of UAE residents holding valid Emirates ID’s and residing within the region for almost all their lives now.

As this certainly is no surprise, UAE is one most popular and desired destinations for expats and tourists like. With its extravagant lifestyle, be it the avant-garde infrastructure or the highly luxurious and facilitated living this country offers, several thousand people are spending a very content life in UAE and this is the very reason why it is considered one of the most ideal places in the world to live in.

This was made possible due to a recently agreed upon and signed bilateral waiver agreement UAE signed with Russia that has pushed the UAE passport to the world’s most powerful passports. This agreement gave a sudden boost to UAE’s visa score which is now 155 resulting in even escalating UAE’s passport value which now holds the 10th spot along with Cyrpus sharing the same according to Passport Index’ real-time global ranking of world passports.

Singapore, although, holds the top-most spot with a visa score of 166. Germany, on the other hand, holds the 2nd spot given its brilliant visa score of 164. However, the 3rd slot is quite famous for it is held by 12 major countries currently. Out of which, US, South Korea, Italy, and France to name some.

UAE Passport among the most powerful passports in the world now!

Thus, the fruit-bearing part for Russia in lieu of this agreement is its consistent visa score of 115 which was aided to further stay on pace due to UAE’s recent visa-on-arrival policy for Russian passport holders. Consequent to this flexible and favoring policy, over 750,000 Russians visited the UAE last year, contributing a total of $2.3 billion to the UAE economy!

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