Project NameDevelopment NameCompletion DateMin. PricePrice/sq.ft
The Sterling Business Bay Q1 2019 1,903,505 2000
The Pad Apartments Business Bay Q3 2018 1,698,759 2599
The Opus Commercial Tower Business Bay Ready To Move 5,200,527 2025
One Palm by Omniyat Palm Jumeirah Q4 2018 15,260,000 4715
Anwa Residences by Omniyat Dubai Maritime City Q4 2018 2,570,182 2448
Langham Place Luxury Apartments & Hotels Business Bay Q3 2020 973,064 2415
The Opus Residence  Downtown Dubai Q3 2018 3,153,120 3850


Omniyat is a property developer launched in 2005 managed and owned by Mr. Mahdi K M J Amjad. Omniyat is a globally-respected real estate developer known for its art designs with high quality and consistent standards. Omniyat has gained many project accomplishments and achievements such as The Langham Place, One Palm, The Sterling, and The Opus, which are located at Business Bay district. Omniyat nurtures and maintains close partnership with all of its stakeholders and treats every design, development and management of property as a work of art. By maintaining close partnerships with world’s leading architects, engineers, interior designers and artists, the company is able to create wonderful residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces that offer excellent quality projects.

Popular Projects by Omniyat

Omniyat  has developed a number of key projects in Dubai. Here are just some of them:

  • The Sterling Apartments

The Sterling is a two-tower apartment project in Downtown Dubai showcasing views of the Dubai Water Canal and the Dubai skyline. The towers stand as iconic structures as the reflective facade of The Sterling glows at night.

  • The Opus Residence & Commercial Tower

The Opus is a unique residential and commercial tower in Downtown Dubai, designed by the award-winning architect Zaha Hadid. The project is known for its unique “glowing tube” in the middle of its two towers. The commercial building features a media zone and a beach deck with reflective pool. The apartment tower offers first-class services dubbed as ‘lifestyle concierge’.

  • One Palm Luxury Apartments

One Palm a magnificent residential project located in Palm Jumeirah designed by the award-winning New York firm SOMA architects. The towers floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy 360 views of the Gulf and the Dubai skyline.

  • Langham Place Luxury Apartments & Hotels

Langham Place is range of 5-star luxury hospitality and residential towers in Downtown Dubai. The Langham Place brand has been popular in different countries providing first-class amenities and stunning views.

  • The Pad Apartments

The Pad is a luxury tower offering furnished apartments in Business Bay. The waterfront project is a good balance of comfortable living and modern designs, and is located near shopping centers, restaurants and other world-class amenities.

  • Anwa Residences

Anwa Residences is an apartment tower located in Dubai Maritime City. The project is inspired by grand Translantic cruise voyages in the 20th century and showcases great views of the ocean.

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