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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    The family-owned business Akshara Global Real Estate Development has made significant progress in a short period of time, solidifying its position as one of Dubai’s top real estate developers. The firm, which provides luxury at a reasonable price, is among the real estate industry’s fastest-growing organizations.

    In a short amount of time, the family-run Akshara Global Real Estate Development has grown to encompass a wide range of industries, earning it the title of Dubai’s leading real estate developer. It is a real estate company that offers luxury at a reasonable price and is among the fastest-growing in the sector. The management team at Akshara Global is able to bring together years of expertise in international building and carefully oversee all elements of development via design, marketing, construction and effective devotion.

    Akshara Global, a Brilliant Real Estate Developer in the UAE

    Akshara Global Real Estate Development is a magnificent real estate developer that was established in Dubai in 1980. Regardless of the size of its market, one of Dubai’s most reputable real estate developers has been a pioneer in offering world-class projects and wonderful residences for its clients. The decorative nature of luxurious living is personified by this business. The group, which takes pleasure in its international accomplishments and triumphs in accordance with its real estate projects, is made up of qualified, experienced, and well-equipped experts in various specialties. The firm makes a consistent effort to be the most sought-after developer for residential and retail spaces throughout the emirate by offering quality-assured buildings that are “class par excellence.” Due to its reasonable price for provided services, it has developed a solid reputation. It meticulously controls each phase of the project and has years of experience in international design. Offering limitless amenities while upholding the finest standards, it defines luxury by providing not just a house but also a home. The builder is devoted to providing affordable housing and to bringing about a lifestyle and home that they have always envisioned.

    Akshara is renowned for its dedication to creating high-quality buildings that are distinguished by careful design, inviting floor layouts, and first-rate amenities. By fulfilling customers’ needs for a lifestyle and a home that inhales basic living, they work to dominate the market in the real estate sector. Both of these ideals are represented through the nature of their job. As a business, they work hard to provide beautiful things with a high level of aesthetic value for their clients. A customer’s ability to construct a lifestyle and value is their top focus. They envision a new way of living where customers may shift from a rent-driven lifestyle to one driven by their living/private space through their flexible payment options.

    Laya Residences | Modern Apartments in Jumeirah Village

    List of Projects by Akshara Global Real Estate Development

    We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Akshara Global Real Estate Development:

    Laya Residences

    The Laya Residences, a housing development by Akshara Global Real Estate Development, is located in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). Laya Residences’ distinctive architecture and contemporary style features guarantee its occupants a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. There are 164 apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms available in this five-story structure. Laya Residences’ administration completes fit-outs in order to offer top-notch amenities and ensure the comfort of its inhabitants. Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road are both close by, and a 5-minute drive will get you to these flats. The Laya Residences are not distant from the brand-new Al Maktoum International Airport too.

    Due to the fact that Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods by investors, the homes there provide prospects for excellent returns on investments. In addition to residential structures, this neighborhood has a tonne of commercial hubs, retail establishments, supermarkets, pharmacies, and clinics. The Nakheel Group was the one who started the demand for apartments in JVC for sale.

    A Quick Overview

    • One of the neighborhood’s most opulent structures
    • Situated in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai
    • Constructed by Akshara Global Real Estate Development
    • The residence is a five-story residential structure
    • The residence provides its occupants with a variety of facilities
    • It is conveniently accessible through Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road
    • The apartments are completely furnished and have between one and two bedrooms
    • It is quite near many supermarkets and popular dining establishments

    Facilities in Laya Residences

    There are many facilities here at this property. We’ll discuss the most significant ones first:


    Every apartment at Laya Residences has access to a reserved parking space. Both the open spaces and the basement level of the building provide parking facilities.


    Four completely functional high-speed lifts are accessible from the foyer of this building for the convenience of the inhabitants.

    Event Space

    Near the Laya Residences are beautifully planted gardens that may be used for leisure activities.

    Fitness & Gym Facilities

    With a well-stocked gym, Laya Residences encourages leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Laya Residences features a sizable pool and Jacuzzi. Its jogging track and rooftop basketball court are available to residents. After a long day at work, residents can unwind and enjoy in the available saunas and steam rooms.

    Security & Maintenance Services

    The safety of the people is ensured in a methodical manner. It comprises access control systems placed in the majority of the locations for security purposes, CCTV coverage, and security personnel available around-the-clock. In order to prevent fire incidents, fire alarms are also fitted. In Laya Residences, DEWA offers utilities.

    Lifestyle Features

    Large rooms with walk-in closets, a fully equipped kitchen, and a roomy balcony are all features of the residence’s living areas. Due to the jogging trails, health club, and gym located inside the tower, residents of Laya Residences, JVC will find it quite simple to maintain their health. A basketball court is equipped with acrylic rubber-coated technology to prevent any injuries to the inhabitants, offering a pleasant and healthy sports activity for the residents.

    Concierge & Guest Services

    In order to ensure the tenants’ convenience and comfort, Laya Residences, JVC has a 24-hour help desk facility.


    The skyscraper is situated in the pet-friendly neighborhood of Jumeirah Village Circle.

    Safety Features

    The Laya Residences are completely equipped with smoke extraction and fire alarm systems.

    Apartment Types in Laya Residences

    Two distinct apartment options are available in the opulent Laya Residences, JVC. Details consist of:

    1-Bedroom Apartments in Laya Residences 

    In Laya Residences, JVC, a one-bedroom apartment has a minimum floor space of 878 square feet and a maximum floor area of 1,217 square feet. These roomy apartments have a kitchen that is completely furnished, a roomy sitting area, and a balcony with magnificent views. These apartments also have a bathroom, a laundry room, a powder room and a built-in closet.

    2-Bedroom Apartments in Laya Residences 

    Laya Residences, JVC offers 2-bedroom flats with up to 1,307 square feet of living space. These apartments provide plenty of room, a fully equipped kitchen, clean bathrooms, a balcony, and attractive led lighting fixtures.

    Restaurants near Laya Residences

    Several well-known eateries in JVC close to Laya Residences:

    • Socialicious
    • Marmarita
    • Deccan Delight Restaurant Dubai

    You may easily travel with your friends and family to Socialicious, which is only a 1-minute drive away, for a fun-filled casual eating experience. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, you must visit Deccan Delight Restaurant, which is 3 minutes from Laya Residences. The Marmarita restaurant is 6 minutes away from the tower if you’re wanting Syrian food.

    Nearby Buildings

    Nearby structures to Laya Residences are:

    • Kensington Manor (9 minutes away)
    • Lolena Residence (6 minutes away)
    • Emirates Garden (8 minutes away)

    In the JVC area, there is a five-story residential structure called Kensington Manor. ACW Holdings was in charge of building the tower. It has a handful of freehold flats with studio, one, and two-bedroom options. Lolena Residence is a five-story, low-rise residential complex, much like Kensington Manor. It has studio, 1, and 2-bedroom homes and was built by Al Masarat Real Estate. The tower’s basement level features a sizable parking lot for residents to use.

    A residential development called Emirates Garden has three sections: Gardenia, Lavender, and Rose. There are two residential towers in each component. There are four levels above the ground in each of the complex’s structures. Studio, one-, and two-bedroom flats are all part of the project, which was created by DAMAC Properties.

    Laya Residences Dubai Appartment

    Laya Heights

    Laya Heights, an exceptional residential work of art by Akshara Global, is situated in Dubai Studio City and provides a variety of thoughtfully designed studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments. With a complex architectural façade that exudes an appealing and fashionable appearance, this high-rise sumptuous development represents the condition of luxury. It personifies modern comfort and sophistication while boasting a variety of spacious living areas with high-end fixtures and furnishings. Modern exteriors and interiors are used in construction to show off the fancy facilities and a desire for luxury. With easy access to many important locations, it is situated in a desirable area of Dubai adjacent to the natural world. A lot of facilities, including a hospital, schools and other things, are available to residents living in these Dubai flats for sale. It provides recognized educational facilities for your kids, such as Jebel Ali School and Gems Metropole School.

    With its stunning modern design façade and advantageous location, the property will become a new benchmark in the real estate sector. You will undoubtedly come across a building of high quality, characterized by its elegant floor plan selections, intelligent design, and top-notch facilities. Laya Heights offers convenient and appealing payment plan alternatives for house purchasers and investors, as well as an alluring investment choice to become established. With 30% due during construction and the remaining 60% due at handover, buyers might choose to pay 10% as a down payment.

    Key Highlights

    • Residential development with various size apartments
    • Easy accessibility and mobility
    • State-of-the-art fittings and fixtures
    • Constant Surveillance
    • A gated neighborhood that welcomes families
    • Premium eating and leisure options

    Facilities & Features

    You have access to more than just a residence in the Laya Heights complex, which has some of the best facilities available. This unique property is designed to provide you with a classic living style with its top-notch facilities. During their leisure time, residents may relax in the swimming pool area, providing a lovely environment with recreational amenities.

    Key Amenities
    • Shopping Centers
    • A great Swimming Pool
    • Play area for children
    • A highly-equipped gym
    • Concierge
    • Fitness center with sauna rooms
    • Parks & Gardens
    • Cafes & Eateries
    • Access control systems and CCTV


    Laya Heights is close to Dubai Sports City, a multi-venue sports complex that offers retail, leisure, and recreational amenities to enjoy with your family and loved ones. It is situated in Dubai Studio City. Bus stations can be found within walking distance of the units, providing residents with quick access to public transit. Within a five-minute walk of these Dubai homes for sale are the Barberia Shadi Shopping Centre, Todu Grocery Store and Al Ain Way Restaurant. Within a 10-minute walk, there is a park with several walking and running routes. The distance to GEMS Metropole School is 15 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by car. Refer to some of the best International schools in Dubai for expats if you are looking for a great international school for your children.

    Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Rad Sports, as well as the biggest printing facility in the city, are located in Dubai Studio City. Media outlets, movie studios, publishers of printed works, photo labs, and secondhand bookshops are all big fans of the neighborhood. One of the numerous hotels in the neighborhood is a convenient place for film crews to stay. Residents may travel to Dubai Motor City, a nearby neighborhood, for recreational pursuits. Check out properties for sale in Motor City if you are looking for properties in this area as well. The neighborhood’s residents are close to a prominent racecourse within a ten-minute drive from the homes. In about 20 minutes by car, you can go to Downtown Dubai, and it takes 30 minutes to get to Dubai International Airport.


    Laya Heights is a brand-new structure that presents several lucrative chances for real estate investment. Apartments with a studio or one-bedroom often have the highest percentages of return on investment. People who work at adjacent media and print businesses are interested in properties. The projected return rate for one-bedroom units is 6.9%.

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    Check out the top projects by Danube Properties, another notable real estate developer in Dubai, if you’re seeking other wonderful developers and off-plan properties for sale in UAE if you are interested.

    Akshara Global Real Estate Development Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion

    Akshara Global Real Estate Development Most Popular Projects

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Creek Rise Tower 2 Apartments

    Emaar Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Laya Residences

    Akshara Global Real Estate Development

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    Akshara Global Real Estate Development is a magnificent real estate developer that was established in Dubai in 1980.

    Akshara is renowned for its dedication to creating high-quality residences that are distinguished by intelligent design, inviting floor layouts, and first-rate amenities.

    The team, which takes pleasure in its international accomplishments and triumphs in accordance with its real estate projects, is made up of qualified, experienced, and well-equipped specialists in their respective professions.

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