The wave of investing in Hotel Apartments after the launch of Rove Hotel CityWalk in Dubai!

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Rove Hotel in CityWalk Dubai | Emaar Properties

After the launch of the path-breaking Rove Hotel City Walk in the Downtown area of City Walk Dubai, there has been a sudden wave of change within the real-estate market in the region. But before we get started with all the reasons as to how the market is responding to and receiving this trend, we would take the liberty to familiarize you with what Rove Hotel City Walk is about. Rove Hotel Apartments are luxury hotel apartments in the magnificent and one of the most sought-after globally popular vicinity of City Walk Dubai along the gigantic and commercial road network of the popular Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. The apartments are built with consideration to an uptown fancy living in provision of all the modern and urban facilities. Emaar Properties, being the global icon that it is has come up with the most unique infrastructure, appeal, design and feel to this two-in-one development i.e. Hospitality as well as Residential in its nature. The apartments speak of all things uber cool, tranquility, peace and serenity from head to toe. The total number of units is 340 in the beautiful tall building of Rove Hotel. All these 340 units are divided into spacious and commodious 34 units per floor. With a 60/40 revenue share, absolutely no service, utilities, parking and kitchen charges and a totally Free Parking, these hotel apartments make sure that they are providing their residents with the utmost convenience and feasibility.

The wave of investing in Hotel Apartments after the launch of Rove Hotel CityWalk in Dubai!

Thus, due to this distinct and unique offering,  more and more people are now eyeing investment in a Hotel Apartment as a favourable option and are even opting for investment in them.  Thus, given this sudden flare, we have coiled up a list of a number of reasons as to why one should invest their hard earned money in these Hotel Apartments. So, in the following account, we shall provide our readers with a detailed account of why should one invest in Properties like Hotel Apartments in the UAE:

1- A Tourism Hub – Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World:

This is certainly not a fact unknown that Dubai stands as one of the top most visited and popular tourist destinations in the world. So much so that Dubai stands proud in the list of the top most visited cities with some of the most stunning and uber developed cities in the world like London, Paris, Bangkok and Singapore. Rising up from a desert and heap of sand everywhere, this city has achieved plenty with its unwavering vigor and distinct out of the box approach when it comes to the magnificent infrastructure of the city. Dubai has emerged as one of the most enjoyable cities in the world due to the vast array of recreational and leisure options it provides its visitors with. Thus, in lieu of all these factors, it would not be wrong to say that Dubai is certainly always in need of Hotels with hundreds and thousands of tourists coming to the city from all corners of the globe and looking to relish their stay in a scenic and classic-Dubai-esque Hotel like Rove Hotel City Walk. Therefore, investing in such a hot piece of property required by large volumes of people and never going out of demand is surely expected to produce huge benefits, profits and returns for the investors.

2- Increasing No of Visitors Each Year:

If anything, Dubai has perpetually been witnessing an increase in the number of visitors per year. Each year, large magnitudes of visitors flow in to Dubai to live a larger than life vibration that every ounce of Dubai’s creation exudes. Be it in the form of distinct infrastructure and architecture, mind-boggling gaming and recreational facilities Dubai comes up with very year, the 360 technological revolution that this city has become or just the natural coastal breath-taking views it carries, Dubai makes it to everyone’s bucket list of visiting at least once in their lifetime. From 16 million visitors in the year 2017, Dubai aims to take the number up to a whopping 30 million by the year 2030 and that is the reason we come across more and more breathtaking development every year in the city. Thus, it is due this continuously escalating number of tourists and visitors to the city that newer more highly rated Hotels are being constructed and developed and are being put forward with great investment plans and payment schemes. Therefore, in this ever increasing tourism trend in the city, it is only wise to invest more in Hotel Apartments and earn huge returns on the money.

3- Dubai is the 2nd safest city in the whole wide world:

During a recent online poll conducted by a UK based travel magazine Which?, Dubai was voted as the 2nd most safest city in the world when it comes to crime rate next to Iceland at the top. Dubai achieved this rank by beating behind some highly global travel destinations like Thailand, Italy, France and US to this ranking.

Which? ranked 20 countries around the world based on the data produced by the World Economic Fund (for crime rates), the World Risk Report (for likelihood of major natural disasters), the NHS Fit for Travel website (for health risks), and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) assessment of terrorism risk levels. Thus, given the ongoing security scenario in the world, it is certainly a relief for tourists and visitors from all around the world to come to and relish a place like Dubai with their families and friends without getting concerned of any security issues.

4- Increasing Occupancy Ratio in posh yet affordable Hotels:

Due to this swarming number of people coming in to the country every year, tourists and visitors are always on a lookout to find hotels that are well-facilitated yet affordable for their long stays with their families and friends. In this scenario, there arises a further need to provide such onlookers with feasible and well-structured options. It is in these situations that such hotel investors and owners can earn huge returns on their investments and gain their very well-deserved profits from such occupancies. Thus, it is the reason that every year more and more people are now getting inclined towards investing in Hotel Apartments that come almost with surety and guarantee of favourable returns for such investors.

Hence, we at, are very certain and positive that this new trend will boost the real-estate market even more and help Dubai create an even wider global withstanding. So, for detailed and thorough information on Rove Hotel City Walk and other such Hotel Apartments, check out our website and stay informed.

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