The Fourth Businessman Getting Long Term Visa

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The 10–Year Long-Term Visa of UAE Goes to Rizwan Sajan The Chairman of Danube

As it was said in previous articles , UAE has recently decided to issue long-term visas for only Dh1150  for 10-year visas and only Dh 650 for 5-year ones in order to encourage entrepreneurs , real estate investors and also scientific researchers to come to this country and improve its economy and also protect it from low prices of oil in global market. This seems to be an opportunity for investors as well as an important step in improving UAE’s economy to make more progress in the future. However, the nub of the matter is receiving this valuable visa by Rizwan Sajan the chairman of Danube. Actually, he is the fourth businessman receiving this visa. It will be discussed in more detail in the following.

The 10–Year Long-Term Visa of UAE Goes to Rizwan Sajan The Chairman of Danube

Rizwan Sajan the fourth man to get a long-term visa of the UAE

To be exact, Rizwan Sajan is an Indian businessman and also the chairman and founder of Danube group who has been living and trading in this country for the last 25 years. According to the recent report of Gulfnews website, the Indian billionaire has received his passport in the office of Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri – the director of GDRF – with the stamp of new residency.

During a telephone interview that he has had with Gulf News, he has shown a sense of being grateful of the UAE government to recognize his efforts toward improving UAE’s economy and what actions he has taken during 25 years of being in UAE. He has also said that he owes UAE anything that he has achieved during his professional life and he has reinvested what he earned in UAE due to the immense trust and faith he has in the way this country encourages entrepreneurship. He thinks of this long-term visa as a reaffirmation of UAE government to appreciate entrepreneurship. He also said he is waiting for the “ Golden Residency “.

In addition to all of these , he believes that this action can have a huge impact on attracting new investors from other parts of the world to the UAE’s market due to the fact that all the infrastructures needed to operate a business in UAE besides the support of UAE’s government exist in this country that will lead to prominent progress in the growth of its economy.

Danube Group

Danube group was found by Sajan. It started as a small trading firm. However, it has been making progress since then, and in 2015, the company recorded a turnover of Dh 5.14 billion which is really huge.

UAE, Pioneer in Economic Growth

According to what has been discussed above, the UAE is moving toward building a country even more successful than the present by opening its doors to all talented researchers and entrepreneurs from all around the world that will result in huge success in the future without any doubt.

*writer : Maral Aryanpour

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