Egypt Property for Sale

Property For Sale in Egypt

Egypt is a unique vacation spot in the Middle East, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and the best tourist destination in Mena. Owing to its strategic location, Egypt is also one of the top business destinations for investors and businessmen from all around the world. Egypt is now home to expats from different nationalities who are connected to the international organizations in the country. Keep reading and learn why these people like to invest in Egypt properties for sale and other details of these properties.

Property For Sale in Egypt

The essential points you have to know before buying a property in Egypt:

Buying property in Egypt without having full information on it would be daunting, but do not worry because we are here to help you. First, I suggest you read the below points and keep them in your mind because they are important key points:

  • There are a variety of properties for sale in Egypt from classical houses to villas and apartments.
  • You can choose each type of property for sale in Egypt based on their needs and preferences at different prices.
  • To find out what kind of property for sale in Egypt suits you best, you have to get information about the city, community, amenities, price, and many more factors.

Property For Sale in Egypt

Why do people choose to buy Egypt houses for sale?

Egypt offers different kinds of properties including apartments, townhouses, and villas. And many people from around the world choose to buy these properties whether for investment or accommodation. If you are wondering why these people like to own a property in Egypt, keep reading and find the incredible features of properties for sale in Egypt:

●      The unique blend of architecture and nature of Egypt’s properties for sale:

properties for sale in Egypt offer a unique blend of architecture and nature making them highly valuable, appealing, and special. In other words, you can find villas for sale in Egypt that are located in the heart of lush greenery, near the lakes while you have access to an abundance of world-class amenities!

●      Wealth amenities of Egypt properties for sale:

properties for sale in Egypt offer an abundance of world-class amenities that guarantee the comfort and convenience of residents. Villas and apartments for sale in Egypt offer amenities inside and out. Upscale shopping, entertainment venues, walking trails, lakes, and natural valleys are just a few of them!

●      Breathtaking views of Egypt properties for sale:

Owing to its unique location, Egypt is one of the best destinations to have a house with stunning views. Villas and apartments for sale in Egypt boast stunning views of green wadis, the glamourous city streets, the mesmerizing waters, and much more.

●      An experience of a unique living in Egypt properties for sale:

A unique living experience is what properties for sale in Egypt bring you. With eye-catching views, stunning architecture, an abundance of amenities, and a lot more amazing features, properties for sale in Egypt promise a unique living experience!

What are the best neighborhoods to buy a property in Egypt?

There are a large number of communities in Egypt where you can look for your ideal property. The best residential communities in Egypt are developed by Emaar Misr Properties, and include:

●      Belle Vie properties for sale in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt:

Nestled in New Zayed, Belle Vie is a unique community where you can easily find houses for sale in Egypt. A perfect blend of architecture and natural beauty is what makes Belle vie new Zayed homes among the most desirable properties for sale in Egypt. This 500-acre development not only offers easy access to the main landmarks of the city but also offers amenities of the best kind!

Beach View Residences At Belle View, New Zayed

●      Cairo Gate properties for sale in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt:

With a vision for the best, homes for sale in Cairo Egypt are among the best residential compounds in Egypt offering the best houses for sale. It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City in Egypt offering easy and quick access to main landmarks. Besides, Cairo Gate is filled with amenities such as 24/7 security, beautiful landscapes, world-class hospitality, and a lot more. All of these factors make properties for sale in Cairo Gate in Egypt even more valuable and appealing.

Eden Villas At Cairo Gate Egypt

●      Uptown Cairo properties for sale in Cairo, Egypt:

Located in the heart of Cairo, the Uptown Cairo villas for sale are among the most popular residential units where you can easily find houses for sale in Egypt. It is famous as an elevated haven which is close to almost ANYTHING. Uptown Cairo not only is a perfectly connected residential community, but also an amenity-filled community that guarantees a unique living experience!

Golf Vistas Residences At Uptown Cairo

●      Mivida properties for sale in Cairo, Egypt:

Developed by Emaar Misr, Mivida is a Spanish-inspired community in Cairo offering various types of properties, like comfort villas and modern apartments. A luxury apartment for sale in Mivida is where you can experience the perfect harmony of nature and urban life. Properties for sale in Mivida evoke a sense of California, Santa Barbara, and Tuscany!

Besides, breathtaking views, exclusive clubhouses, a business park, Lake District, and international schools make properties in Mivida among the best houses for sale in Egypt.

Mivida east of cairo Development

●      Marassi properties for sale in North Coast, Egypt:

Marassi is the unrivaled coastal destination on the North Coast of Egypt. It is one of the best residential compounds among the North Coast Egypt developments extending over 6.5 million sqm of impeccably-planned seaside indulgence. Marassi is an amazing place to be owing to:

  • 5 beaches
  • 23 residential villages
  • 3300 hotel keys
  • An 18-hole golf course
  • One of the largest international marinas in the Middle East

So, Marassi villas are the best place to experience the best of waterfront living and enjoy what the amazing country of Egypt has to offer. All of these elements plus easy access to main landmarks and a lot more amazing features make Marassi one of the best communities where you can find properties for sale in Egypt.

Property For Sale In Egypt

What are the different types of Egypt properties for sale?

Generally speaking, there are two different types of properties for sale in Egypt; off-plan and resale or key-ready ones. Off-plan properties are those developments still to be built, but resale or key-ready ones, as their names imply, are ready properties that you can move in just now because they are ready. These two types are similar at some points and different on other sides. About the similarities, I can mention the same buying process and different available housing options, such as apartments, townhouses, and villas for both of these types.

And about the differences, I can mention the price and how you should pay for them. To find more about these types of properties for sale in Egypt read the blow lists.

Main features of off-plan properties for sale in Egypt:

  • You should choose your favorite home from a brochure or plan
  • The exact price is mentioned on the price list
  • You will benefit from interest-free payment plans
  • Usually, they ask for only a 20-40% deposit
  • These properties will register after completion

Main features of resale or key-ready properties:

  • You can simply visit homes and choose your favorite one
  • It is possible to negotiate the price
  • Most of the time, you should pay 100% payment to complete
  • Instant registration of contracts and properties

Property For Sale in Egypt

How much should you pay to buy a property in Egypt?

If you are looking to buy your favorable property for sale in Egypt, you should consider that you have to pay more than the cost of the home for other transaction costs. While a few of these payments are for the seller, as a buyer you have to pay the registration fee, which will differ based on the size of your property. For example, if you buy a 100 sq. m. home, you should pay EGP 500 (US$86). Also, each buyer should pay for the legal fees. The process of property registration in Egypt is very complex, so the Global Property Guide suggests that home-buyers employ an Arabic-speaking lawyer, which means you have to pay a legal fee of around 3% of property value.

This was about the additional costs of buying property in Egypt, but the original price is still the first option you should pay. But there is no exact answer to your question because the cost of property for sale in Egypt might differ based on various options, such as location, amenities, size of the home, number of rooms, and so on. For example, you can buy an apartment in the new October city in Egypt with an average price of 4000 EGP per square meter. But for buying the same apartment in New Cairo, you should pay at least 6000 EGP per square meter.

Property For Sale in Egypt

Find the best investment opportunities among Egypt properties for sale!

Thus, Egypt is one of the best destinations to own a property. Villas and apartments for sale in Egypt are not only perfect places to live but also perfect investment options that should not be missed. Read the above text and learn about all the important details of Egypt property for sale. Then you can search the Dxboffplan portal to find the best opportunities to invest in Egypt’s real estate market. Remember that our professional team is online 24/7 to answer all your questions for free, and you can easily contact them through the site.