Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Pakistani citizens are typically moving to Dubai from Pakistan because of the city’s increased opportunities for career advancement. The fact that some of the best schools in Dubai are suitable for Pakistani students and some of the best restaurants in Dubai serve Pakistani cuisines demonstrates how well-liked the emirate is among the Pakistanis who call it home.

In Dubai, there are two ways to renew a Pakistani passport. The Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai might be used for this. The alternative is to renew a Pakistani passport online in Dubai.

The online method, if used correctly, can turn a day’s worth of work into a 20-minute task. Simply follow this guide to submit an online Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Services that the Government Portal Does Not Offer Online for Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Please be aware that the following categories are not served by the government portal:

New Passport

The first batch of machine-readable passports was issued.


This option is available to applicants who want to make modifications to their current Machine Readable Passport.

Reprint Exhaust

In the event that applicants need a new passport because they travel frequently and their current one’s pages are running out.

When Passport is Lost

Passport recovery services are not offered through the website.

In these circumstances, you are urged to go to the Pakistan Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate General, which does provide MRP-related services, at your earliest convenience.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

How to Renew a Pakistani Passport Online in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Make sure you have the necessary paperwork before beginning the online renewal procedure for a Pakistani passport from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Documents Needed for Pakistanis in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to Renew Their Passports Online

The following documents are mentioned for different types of applicants:

General Applicants

If a person’s existing passport is due to expire in less than a year, they must submit the following paperwork when applying for machine-readable passport renewal online:

  • Scan copies in color of a current Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), Smart CNIC, National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), or NICOP (both sides)
  • Scanned color copies of current passports (the first two pages and a random page instigated by the system)
  • A color scan of a valid passport, Iqama, residency permit, asylum card, or visa, regardless of nationality

Minors Under the Age of 18

The supplementary Pakistani passport renewal paperwork necessary for children (Pakistanis less than 18) includes:

  • Copies of the Family Registration Certificate or the electronic B-form will suffice in the absence of a Smart Card
  • CNIC copies of the parents (both sides)
  • If the parents are divorced, copies of the court order or the guardianship certificate are required
  • Few Attestation Form Copies can be downloaded from the portal
  • A copy of one of your parent’s death certificates, if they are deceased

Government Employees

The following papers will be needed if the candidate works for the Pakistani government:

  • True color images of a CNIC, NICOP, Smart CNIC, or NICOP (both sides)
  • If the applicant is an officer or official in the government, the armed forces, or a semi-government/autonomous body/corporation, they must present a No-Objection Certificate (NOC). The responsible department will have to validate or verify the NOC.
  • Copies of color-scanned copies of recent passports which must be the first two pages and one random page prompted by the system
  • Copy of valid visa, iqama, asylum card, residence permit, and another passport with other nationalities is scanned in color.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Other Documents needed in addition to the mentioned documents

You will also require the following items in order to renew your Pakistani passport online in Dubai quickly and easily:

  • Most recent picture submitted by applicants (less than 5MB in size)
  • The use of fingerprints (less than 3MB in size)
  • A legitimate debit or credit card for making payments while renewing a passport online.

Things to Consider When Renewing Your Pakistani Passport Online

  • It is required to provide colored scans of all supporting documents.
  • Each document shouldn’t be larger than 1MB.
  • The data must be in a usable format (JPEG, JPG, or PNG)

The DGIP e-services portal provides comprehensive information about submitting documents, correctly taking photographs, and fingerprinting applicants.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Renewal of Pakistani Passport Online Application Process in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

After gathering all the required paperwork, you may begin your online passport renewal application at All necessary codes will only be supplied via email because you are applying from outside Pakistan, in this case, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Users who have previously created an account with the Pak-identity system can log in using their username and password. You should start a new application if you haven’t already. Just comply with the procedures listed below after finishing your registration:

  • Open the portal to DGIP passport renewal
  • Click “Create a New Account” after selecting “GET STARTED” (confirmation codes will be sent to you through your email)
  • Create a passport renewal application
  • Provide the postal address for your passport (this can be the house in Dubai you are renting for instance or the Pakistan Consulate)
  • Pay the money for a new passport from Pakistan (refer to the fee structure below)
  • Enter the necessary personal information
  • Type in your permanent address as well as your current address accurately
  • Submit the paperwork which consists of supporting documents and a photograph
  • Download the form related to Fingerprint, then add your fingerprints, and finally, upload it by following the instructions at
  • To prevent mistakes and typos, thoroughly check all of your information
  • Submit your application after signing the declaration

If all the requirements are acquired, the entire application process might take up to 16 minutes.

You may expect to obtain your new passport in 14 days for regular requests and 7 days for urgent requests after completing your online application.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Pakistanis in Dubai May Renew Their Passports Online for a Fee

Depending on the category and type chosen, different prices apply for passport renewals.

Five-year Validity Fee for Online Pakistani Passport Renewal (Delivery Charges and Excluding Taxes)

Normal (36-Pages) – AED 258.73 (PKR 14,736.52)
Urgent (36-Pages) – AED 352.88 (PKR 20,099.04)

Normal (72-Pages) – AED 376.41 (PKR 21,439.24)
Urgent (72-Pages) – AED 541.06 (PKR 30,817.23)

Normal (100-Pages) – AED 399.92 (PKR 22,778.30)
Urgent (100-Pages) – AED 682.21 (PKR 38,856.74)

Ten-year Validity Fee for Online Pakistani Passport Renewal (Delivery Charges and Excluding Taxes)

Normal (36-Pages) – AED 329.35 (PKR 18,758.84)
Urgent (36-Pages) – AED 470.54 (PKR 26,800.62)

Normal (72-Pages) – AED 505.83 (PKR 28,810.63)
Urgent (72-Pages) – AED 752.86 (PKR 42,880.76)

Normal (100-Pages) – AED 541.12 (PKR 30,820.65)
Urgent (100-Pages) – AED 964.61 (PKR 54,941.43)

Please be advised that kids under the age of fifteen (15) are not eligible to apply for passports with 10-year expirations.

Please Note the Following if You Are Applying Online for Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The following is important information you need to know as well during this process:

  • All of the prices shown above are indicative only and based on the prevailing PKR/AED conversion rate.
  • The prices displayed do not include tax.
  • The price does not include delivery expenses.
  • Various delivery fees apply depending on the country. Free delivery is provided to the Pakistan Embassy and/or Consulate.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Additional Important Information Regarding Online Passport Renewal for Pakistanis in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The following is extra information that is important to include in online passport renewal:

  • Through the online site of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, only renewals of Pakistani passports are authorized.
  • If your current passport has expired or has a remaining validity of fewer than seven months, you can apply for a new Pakistani passport online in Dubai.
  • Only the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai will take on situations involving new passport issuance, modifications, or reprints.
  • If you’re renewing your Pakistani passport in Dubai, you may not require an appointment, but for anything else, be sure to schedule one online prior to visiting the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Pakistan Consulate-General in Dubai.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What if You Lost Your Passport?

If you misplaced your passport, you must visit the embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi; you cannot apply online. Perhaps they’ll want a police report.

You may obtain a Dubai Police report by visiting the police station or using the Dubai Police mobile app, but as far as I’m aware, there is a lesser cost associated with utilizing the Dubai Police mobile app or website than with going to the police station.

You can go to your local police station if you reside or work in another State, but please check the documentation requirements with the Pakistani consulate beforehand.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Transportation Options

You may take one of the RTA public buses that drop you off close, ride the Dubai Metro, and then either walk for 10–15 minutes or hire a cab from the Burjuman Metro Station, near Zabeel park; you can check our guide for things to do in Zabeel Park if you are interested as well.

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Final Thoughts on Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

This concludes our overview of online Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. However, it’s crucial to note that the other six UAE emirates follow the same procedure and charge the same fees for online Pakistani passport renewal.

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