Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

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One of Dubai Municipality’s most significant initiatives is, without a doubt, Zabeel Park Dubai. One of the best parks in Dubai is Zabeel Park, which has a lot of trees, greenery, and play areas for kids.

Zabeel Park is the biggest and provides entertainment to spend a great time with your family, especially on holidays. Zabeel Park features a lot of greenery, kid-friendly play spaces, and other amenities.

We will now introduce the best things to do in Zabeel Park Dubai and its facilities:

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

About Zabeel Park Dubai

The Dubai municipality established Zabeel Park in 2005. This park is situated in the heart of Dubai, covering an area of around 52 hectares.

There are three distinct regions in Zabeel Park: A, B, and C. These areas are connected by two pedestrian-friendly suspended bridges, and the park also features an internal train that travels between the three. These sections have special areas constructed especially for children.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

The Most Famous Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park Dubai has a ton of fantastic things to do. Here is a list of the most well-known activities:

  • Enjoy your day at Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park

The Dubai Frame opened in January 2018 and is located in Dubai’s Zabeel Park. This park is one of the top tourist attractions in the emirate. This magnificent monument has a 7,145 square meter footprint and serves as both a cultural and entertainment attraction.

The tour starts on the mezzanine floor, where the frame’s models and built-in displays provide excellent background information about the history of the nation. The guests next take a brief elevator ride to the highest point in the picture, where they can see both the historic and contemporary parts of Dubai.

A secure glass walkway with a clear center is located on the upper floor and provides guests with a unique strolling experience. This floor has electronic screens and identification panels as well that provide detailed information on Emirate’s development stages, as well as kiosks that sell sweets and coffee.

Then, tourists take the elevator down to the ground level, where they may witness an exhibition called “Dubai the Future” that examines the growth of the emirate in 50 years.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Dubai Garden Glow is Another Great Thing to Do in Zabeel Park

It is among the most well-known things to do at Zabeel Park Dubai, which is in Area B.

The first luminous park in the world, Dubai Garden Glow, opened its doors in 2015. It has a 160 thousand square meters in size and is situated in Zabeel Park in Zone B of Dubai. This enormous undertaking in the Zabeel Park region also has a scale model of the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque fashioned from 90,000 porcelain spoons, bowls, and cups.

This area also holds many Zabeel Park entertainment and educational activities for children, such as panda paradise, talking trees, and dinosaur camp. The park contains numerous lights utilized in the models, each of which uses a modest bit of electricity, sending a powerful statement about the need to lower carbon emissions on a worldwide scale.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • The magic garden in Zabeel Park

The magic garden is a realm of magical illusions employed in the visual arts with 25 unique designs of paintings and geometric shapes. It appears to be a work of art of its type that uses geometric shapes to produce captivating visual effects.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • The Dinosaur Park, a Fun Adventure in Zabeel Park

The life cycles of dinosaurs are depicted by animatronic models in this park, beginning with the time of birth. The park offers new interactive activities this season, as well as such well-liked hubs as the Dinosaur Lab, where visitors may experience a dinosaur’s life journey, and the Dinosaur Museum, which features replicas of dinosaur skeletons.

Dinosaur Park became so popular in Dubai last season and has made a record with the 100 animatronics Dinosaurs on display for visitors.

The dinosaur park is established and designed to entertain and educate. When it comes to creating a balance between children’s education and family enjoyment, it has done an excellent job.

Keep an eye out for the dinosaur that broke free from the park and is now stalking visitors across the area.

Dinosaur show timings are at 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, and 9.30 pm Saturday to Thursday, as well as an additional show at 10.30 pm on Fridays.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Experience the Beauty of Zabeel Park’s Ice Park in Dubai

Zabeel Ice Park contains miniature replicas of the most prominent landmarks in the UAE made with 5,000 tons of ice, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Dubai airports, and many more. They are all located inside the park, where it is 8 degrees Celsius.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Watching Shows on the Theater, a Fine Thing to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park includes a large theater as well, exhibiting the best theatrical and artistic shows for entertainment throughout the year.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Ride a Boat in Zabeel Park’s Boating Lake

A well-known lake is also a feature of Zabeel Park Dubai, providing guests with the wonderful option to enjoy boating while in the park using a set of boats that are designated for them.

If you’re searching for a serene and tranquil excursion, you may rent a boat at Zabeel Park and have a boat ride on their boating lake. This is a great little family attraction, especially for younger guests.

Tickets for the Zabeel Park boat excursion cost 40 AED for two persons in a small boat and 50 AED for four people in a large boat.

Each boat offers a 20 minutes ride.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Enjoy the Thrilling Experience of Walking on Zabeel Park’s Suspended Bridge

One of the top things to do in Zabeel Park is to wander around the park’s suspended bridge and take in the beautiful view of some of the most prominent and famous streets in Dubai. There you can have an extensive view of the park, its broad green areas, and its whole different elements.

  • Ride a Train in Zabeel Park Dubai

There is a train in Zabeel Park in Dubai as well that runs across the whole park for just 2 AED to get to know the park’s features and its various sections in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Smart Palm, offering Smart Services in Zabeel Park’s Dubai

Zabeel Park includes the Smart Palm, which offers its visitors free wireless internet services.

  • Many Games to Play in Zabeel Park Dubai for Children

Zabeel Park is one of the most prominent Parks in Dubai for children. There are areas that have been dedicated to children, including a vast range of activities and games that children love to enjoy, to spend an enjoyable time away from parents in full safety.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Hold Barbecues at Grillings Stands in Zabeel Park Dubai

The Zabeel Park also has marvelous barbecuing facilities. Zabeel Park lets visitors bring along various types of foods with them or hold family barbecues. You have adequate grilling pits to flip your burgers, along with chalets to set your picnic under. The kids can also enjoy the devoted playing area while you relax.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Play Various Sports in Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park includes a group of the best playgrounds devoted to practicing a wide variety of sports, such as football, volleyball, tennis, and many other sports.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, DubaiThings to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Zabeel Park Cricket Ground, a Fun Game in Dubai With Your Friends and Family

One of the most well-known activities to do in Zabeel Park is playing Cricket. There is a huge cricket pitch in Zabeel Park Dubai which has been regarded as one of the oldest and most extensive cricket pitches in Dubai. So gather your friends and practice your six-hitting abilities like a pro. This one is an awesome way to partake in some sports activities this Zabeel Park visit.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Jog and BMX On Dedicated Tracks in Zabeel Park Dubai

You can jump on your BMX and show off your talents on the tracks set up at the park, or you can have a wonderful jog through the area. Here, you can conclude your cardio workout or work on your leg muscles.

There is a set of bicycles in the Zabeel Park bicycle area so that visitors can venture through the park’s halls and its three sections and enjoy the ride and amazing scenery.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Flex Your Muscles at Zabeel Park Dubai’s Fitness Class

There are various clubs and fitness sessions offered here occasionally if you’re up for some outdoor workout and calorie burning. Zabeel Park doesn’t just entertain people, it provides an awesome platform as well so that visitors could partake in some fitness regimes to improve both physical and mental health.

Yoga and fitness sessions have already begun in the Zabeel park area thanks to a variety of organizations. Feel free to join up for any of these courses if you intend to improve your fitness through exercise. There is no better spot to begin your fitness adventure than the breathtaking scenery of Zabeel Park.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Visiting Zabeel Park Flea Market, a Fun Activity to Do in Dubai

As one of the most well-liked things to do in Zabeel Park, visiting the flea market is among the most significant Zabeel Park activities. The Flea Market draws a lot of customers looking for great prices on used goods. The market is a brilliant option to buy something you need at a really low price.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

Zabeel Park timings

You can get to visit this amazing park from Sunday to Wednesday from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. You can visit it on Thursday to Saturday as well, from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Zabeel Park entry fees

For adults, the Dubai Municipality has set the ticket price at 5 AED to enter Zabeel Park. The entry is free for children under two years old and those with disabilities.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

Dubai’s best hotels near Zabeel Park Dubai

If you are planning to reside in the U.A.E, make sure to check the homes for sale in Dubai at construction companies near Zabeel Park such as the Sobha company Dubai. But if you are just visiting Dubai on holiday and are not planning to buy any property, you can get to book some awesome hotels near Zabeel Park Dubai. We have mentioned 2 great hotels located near this park:

  • Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

The Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights is among the best Dubai hotels close to the famous Dubai Zabeel Park, which is situated next to Dubai Creek and is 10 minutes away from Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The hotel is also around 20 minutes away from Jumeirah Beach by car. The nearest airport is Dubai International Airport, located only 10 minutes from the hotel.

The hotel rooms are luxurious and modern, providing a panoramic view of Dubai Creek. The hotel has all the service facilities that a visitor needs, the most prominent of which are a mini-bar and air conditioning. The rooms also have a coffee and tea-making facility as well as a private bathroom with a shower, free toiletries, a separate bathtub, and robes.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai

The Renaissance Downtown Hotel Dubai is widely considered one of the top Dubai hotels near Zabeel Park Dubai. It was established recently and is located on the Dubai water canal, just a few steps away from the city center. The hotel is only 7 minutes away from the Dubai International Financial Center, and the nearest airport is Dubai International Airport, which is just 20 minutes from the hotel.

You can select a room among the 9 types of rooms that the hotel owns, and each room is specified by the presence of natural lighting, making the sunshine all the rooms through the windows. All of the rooms have all the amenities that the guests are looking for, such as a 48-inch flat-screen TV, special panels to control lighting, a walk-in closet, a mini-bar, and the presence of large marble bathrooms, containing all visitors’ needs to shower.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

Zabeel Park location in Dubai

Zabeel Park is situated in the area of Al Kifaf, near the World Trade Center, located in the center of Dubai in the Zabeel area in the middle of the commercial area.

How to go to Zabeel Park by Metro?

You can reach Zabeel Park conveniently by taking the Al Jafiliya metro station, being the nearest metro station to the Zabeel area.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

Places to Eat near Zabeel Park

When you stroll through this huge park, you might feel the need to satisfy your hunger. That’s why we have introduced some of the best restaurants in Dubai which are located here. Here are a few:

  • Sky5

Sky5 is a stunning rooftop restaurant that provides great food for its visitors located near Zabeel Park in Dubai. The restaurant is nestled on the 40th floor of The H Dubai and is an impressive place for seeking great nightlife in Dubai. This restaurant has an energetic atmosphere and picturesque views of the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road, assuring that every guest experiences the best of their time.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  • Seafood Brunch

Seafood Brunch is located in the Sheraton Grande. This restaurant is the most suitable place to eat near Zabeel Park. It provides a wide variety of seafood choices, like clams, oysters, mussels, and prawns. The food is very delicious and the presentation of the meal is quite exotic. Even the interiors of the restaurant with industrial elements and sharp design add to the outstanding atmosphere of the restaurant.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

  •  iBurger Za’abeel

iBurger Za’abeel is another great place to eat close to Zabeel Park. It offers the perfect and tasty burgers with international flavors. If you are prepared to dive into the journey of a magnificent burger sensation, iBurger Za’abeel is the place you should definitely consider. This food joint uses top-tier Angus Beef, secret sauces, and great fries to add to the delicious flavors of the burger.

  • Dapoer Kita Restaurant

Dapoer Kita Restaurant is a lovely Indonesian restaurant located in Dubai. The restaurant’s name literally means “Our Kitchen”. You will find an outstanding mixture of cuisines and culture in this restaurant, providing some authentic dishes straight from the beautiful country of Indonesia.

Tips to Visit Zabeel Park

Here are a few tips to consider before visiting Zabeel Park:

  • Visiting the park during the morning is a great way to soak in the fresh air.
  • Make sure to carry a sunscreen lotion with the highest SPF to avoid damage from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Carry sunglasses, hats, a water bottle, face or body wipes, deodorants, mosquito repellents (a handy tool for having a picnic), and much more.
  • Keep all the documents like visas, passports, and other important things safely in a small bag while exploring Zabeel Park Dubai.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable and light cotton clothes as you have to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai

Events at Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park includes every facility that an event organizer is searching for. The entire area is maintained regularly and hosts cultural events and parties from time to time. Some of the most usual events that are held and can be attended at Zabeel Park are below:

  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations
  • Drama
  • Art exhibitions
  • Live musical shows
  • Performing Art presentations
  • Dubai Garden Glow event
  • Sports events
  • Dandiya Nights during Navaratri
  • Holi

Things to Do in Zabeel Park, Dubai


Is Zabeel Park in Dubai Worth Seeing?

So there you have it! This was the article about the top things to do in Zabeel Park Dubai. Zabeel Park Dubai offers its visitors some new entertainment activities that are rather unique to it compared to other public parks in Dubai. The park hosts a sports and technology center as well as many various facilities, making it one of the best places in Dubai for tourists. So make sure to visit this incredible place if you are planning to visit Dubai because it’s totally worth seeing!

frequently asked questions

There are a lot of things to do and explore at the sizable Zabeel Park. If taking the train doesn't appeal to you, renting a bicycle from Zabeel Park will probably allow you to explore the park at your own pace.

Zabeel Park is situated right in the center of Dubai, only a short sprint away from the World Trade Center. While there are several trails to stroll in the park, the designated jogging track, which makes a 2.5 kilometer round of the grounds, is without a doubt the greatest option.

Yes, it is possible to traverse Dubai Frame's glass walkway. This is a fantastic experience so make sure to visit the Dubai frame and take some great shots.

The entry fee costs AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children, along with free entry for children under three years old and disabled visitors. You have to go through a quick security check before entering the Dubai Frame.

Unless you’re a guest, you won’t actually be allowed to see the inside of Zabeel Palace, or even get near it, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The palace is surrounded by lush gardens and faces Zabeel Park, offering you a good view of the Dubai Frame as well.

Sunday to Wednesday 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM Thursday to Saturday 8.00 AM – 11.00 PM

There is a sizable, free parking lot at Zabeel Park that can accommodate up to 2323 automobiles at once. 28 of these parking slots are set aside just for visitors who are disabled.

Using the Dubai Metro is the easiest and quickest way to get to Zabeel Park. Al Jafiliya Metro Station, which is located on the Dubai Red Line, is the metro station closest to this park.

From Jumeirah Beach Residence, you may take the red line for only AED 5 to the Jumeirah Lakes Towers metro station, where you can then take a short stroll to reach Zabeel Park.

Zabeel Park is also accessible by bus. The list of bus stations near the park is provided below. 21 88 C10 C3 C26 C15 E304 X28 You can get to JBR Bus Stop #2 in Jumeirah Beach Residence's busiest tourist district, take the #8 bus to Hubheiba Road, and then change to the #88 bus to get to Zabeel Park. You will spend roughly AED 13 doing this, and it will take you an hour and a half to get to the park.

Public places in Dubai do not quite favor our loving pets. But apparently, some rules are slowly being reformed. Society in Dubai is evolving toward being more sympathetic and understanding towards animals. Although Zabeel Park itself scheduled a "Walk for Animals" event, visitors are currently unable to bring their dogs through the park's gate. You can find many feline companions inside though. Who knows? You can even make friends with a few of them! It is advised to contact the park’s authority to understand the current status of pets’ entry to the park beforehand.

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