Packing 101: Moving Tips for Next Residents of New Properties in Dubai

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Searching through new properties in Dubai is a lot of work, and so is the moving process. If you plan to transfer to another home and community, you can be too preoccupied with a lot of concerns that you may forget some things. Consider some of these moving tips before you pack your bags to reside in your new home.

Moving Tips:

  1. List everything.

Before you get excited with the packing, start slowly but surely by making a list. First of the moving tips is keeping a notebook to write every item that you will bring with you. Sort your lists by category (Kitchenware, adapters and cords, books, etc.) and write the corresponding items that fall under it. Create labels of each these category that you will stick on the separate boxes that will carry your supplies. Also create extra labels for fragile items.

  1. Prepare your supplies.

Buy a good number of large boxes. Make sure you get more boxes than what you think you need so you will not neglect to pack last minute items like beddings, towels, clothes and cleaning supplies. Get a strong and heavy-duty packaging tape to close the boxes securely. Get bubble wraps or old newspapers for fragile items and have your scissors always in handy.

  1. Pack ahead of time.

One of the most important moving tips is making sure that you pack way ahead of your schedule. First, secure items that are not frequently used like books, picture frames, home decor and occasional clothing (summer/winter clothes or formal wear). Keep rarely-used cooking utensils and appliances (e.g blender, pressure cooker) packed separately. Waste bins can also be packed ahead. Clean it so you can also store some things inside of it. Place labels immediately after putting the items inside the box so you will not forget its contents after sealing it.

  1. Secure important & valuable items.

It is necessary to keep important paper documents in a secure container. Essential files and documents like diplomas, land titles, birth certificates, school records and recent bills, contact listings and bank records contain information that should be kept private. Keep them in a waterproof envelope or case and make sure you personally bring them with you so it will not get mixed up with the other items.

For valuable possessions like jewelry and antiques, keep them safe in a separate bag or box (for big items). Don’t leave these items with the movers. Make sure you bring them with you personally so you do not suffer from any loss.

  1. Separate cleaning supplies.

Last of the moving tips is separating the supplies you need to clean your mess from the old house. Cleaning supplies like vacuum cleaner, rags and cleaning liquid/soap are among the last things you need to pack. Keep them in advance in a separate box without sealing it, to make final clean-ups in the house. Wipe the windows, oven, kitchen cupboards and do not forget to vacuum the floors to leave a good impression to the owner of the house you will be leaving.

Explore your next home and neighborhood

These are just some of the moving tips you need to consider before you stuff your travel bags and fill your boxes. If you are still on the process of scouting for new properties in Dubai, make sure that you know everything about your future community. Browse through our updated list of master developments and new properties in Dubai to explore the features, amenities and nearby destinations that you can enjoy in your next home and neighborhood.

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