fe How Travel Will Look Like In 2021?

How Travel Will Look Like In 2021?

As you probably know, the pandemic has created many challenges for the travel and tourism sectors. This is why the future of travelling seems a little bit vague. However, it should be said that the outlook for the travel and tourism industry in 2021 is bright. This is because airlines and also holiday management companies are trying to adjust prices based on the current situation.

In addition, destination management companies and airlines have provided more support for travelers more than ever for the year 2021. There is also another solution for this problem. There are discussions about travel insurance for the travelers. This kind of insurance is to cover the virus.

Amit Taneja, chief commercial officer at Cleartrip, has said that the UAE government is trying to open travel. Initially, intra-GCC travel is expected to start. Then, opening traffic corridors between their respective countries will be the next step.

According to him, there has not been a change in the cost of flights. However, the prices in the future depend on demand and the situation. Essential business travels are expected to start first, followed by citizens travelling to see family. After that, leisure travel will start. Above all, there is a possibility of lowering the airfares to encourage passengers to fly again!

Jamal Abdulnazar, CEO of Cozmo Travel, has said that the future of air travel depends on how the world will fight the pandemic. Countries will be partially locked down until an effective vaccine is invented, tested, and proven. Until then, people won’t be willing to travel. Airlines might not have permission to operate to all countries as well.

Everything will be back to almost normal at the end, however, the air travel industry will not immediately see any boom. Air travel will be limited to very essential trips. It will be the same for business travel as well, since companies now know how things can move on without the necessity for air travel.

Also, vaccine certificates may be mandatory for visa applications and air travel. Countries may impose more restrictions on visa applicants from countries severely affected by Covid-19. Airfares will become cheaper after the Covid-19 vaccine.

It is obviously true that the travel industry has suffered huge losses. The only way to recover from this situation would be to boost occupancy rates on flights and hotels as well as ancillary industries.

Therefore, there is still hope that holiday destinations will be filled with travelers in the year 2021 despite this challenging time. So, pack your bags for the year 2021, and get ready for an adventurous travel in spite of the tough situation.

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