EMAAR Properties comes with the BEST New Years’ Gift for its Customers valid until Dec 31, 2018.

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Emaar Properties has announced a new post-handover payment plan and its everything you wished for!

Emaar Properties is a name quite well-known in the Middle Eastern region albeit the development enigma is a renowned phenomenon globally too. However, a name quite well-resonated in people’s minds, Emaar Properties has not just earned this recognition and fame overnight. In lieu of sheer hard work, some phenomenal developmental endeavors in the state, and world-class lifestyle infrastructures, Emaar Properties has emerged out to be what it is today.

Thus, despite all these positives that the development maestro has already earned to its name, Emaar Properties has come up with yet another exciting offer announcing a major post-handover payment plan option for buyers and investors looking to own a property in one of its unique and state-of-the-art developmental communities of Arabian Ranches. With just a 5% pay only policy offer on villas and townhouses in some dynamic community households within Arabian Ranches, Emaar is all set to facilitate the lives of a number of buyers and investors wanting to invest in a major land but shying away because of the onetime full payment scheme most of the property developments entail.

Arabian Ranches is in the truest sense of the word, a representation of the quintessential Arab world. With several property projects available within this major developmental community namely Aseel, Reem, Casa, Samara, Rosa, Lila, Rasha, Azalea, Yasmin, and La Avenida II, the development is definitely a grand upscale venture by Emaar comprising of a number of exquisitely designed and intricately adorned 2BR-6BR Villas and Townhouses.

This highly facilitating payment plan and the offer is, therefore, expected to be a huge grab and is extremely exclusive for all those looking to invest in spacious and commodious properties with the most affordable and accommodating rates. With this new years and Christmas offers, buyers and investors can just move into their magnificent houses at Arabian Ranches against an initial value of 5% of payment only. Yes, you heard it right. Against just a mere amount of 5% of initial payment, you can now own and book a house at one of the most desirable residential communities of the region and relish an unmatched upscale lifestyle with the best set of amenities and facilities it entails.

With this mind-boggling offer by Emaar Properties, buyers and investors can relish the following flexibilities:

  • A 5- Year Service Charges Waiver
  • A 7-Year Post Handover Payment Plan
  • A 4% Discount on DLD Fees
  • 7 Years of Bank Interest Free Payment Plan
  • 7 Years Rental Income

Emaar Properties prides itself by promising this payment plan as a never seen or experienced before one with every property at such convenient prices and plans that one cannot stop himself from purchasing and relishing this investment.

This whole accommodated payment plan is calculated to provide the investors with total savings of (AED 2,486,000) by diving the saving amount at each step as follows:

  • 4% Discount on DLD Fees (Equals to saving AED 188,000 for 5BR Villa)
  • 5 Years Free Service Charges (Equals to saving AED 58,000)
  • 7 Years of Bank Interest-Free Payment Plan (Equals to a saving amount of approximately AED 450,000 to AED 560,000)
  • 7 Years of Rental Income (Equals to AED 240,000 x 7 Years = AED 1,680,000)
  • Thus, total savings equal to AED 2,486,000

And as we elaborated before, this 5% payment on booking and 5% on Handover payment on January 15, 2019 will then relieve the buyers and investors as henceforth, they will have the flexibility and liberty to pay the remaining amount of 80%  in easy installment plans across a period of 5% of it every 5 months, and 10% of it per year for 8 years after the handover plan.

This table provides a thorough account of step by step payment plan and installment options for all the spectacular properties within Arabian Ranches by Emaar offering 5BR’s and above:

Description Due to collect
Immediate 5%
At Handover 5%
5 months after Handover 5%
10 months after Handover 5%
15 months after Handover 5%
20 months after Handover 5%
25 months after Handover 5%
30th months after Handover 5%
35 months after Handover 5%
40 months after Handover 5%
45 months after Handover 5%
50 months after Handover 5%
55 months after Handover 5%
60 months after Handover 5%
65 months after Handover 5%
70 months after Handover 5%
75 months after Handover 5%
80 months after Handover 5%
84 months after Handover 10%
Total 100%

All these details clearly prove that this sweeping offer is certainly a no-miss and should be grabbed as soon as possible given its a Limited Time one and is valid until just the end of this year i.e. December 31st, 2018. Such an out-of-the-box and distinct approach to facilitating people with affordable property investment opportunities are sure to take Emaar way ahead in its pre-eminence and stature within the development community of not only Middle East but on a global level.

Thus, we at dxboffplan.com, believe and hope that such facilitating and feasible residential facilities will provide residents with a more accommodated residential and financial option and more and more people will get attracted to and incline towards making this investment as it is certainly a perfect one for families, couples as well as singles who are looking for a well-catered to, commodious, spacious and provided for lifestyle. Thus, for all the properties by the bespoke master developer, all you need to do is just head to our properties section where we have elaborately explained and featured all the residential developments by Emaar Properties with their commercial brochures, floor plans, payment schemes, and real-time snapshots in absolute detail so that our potential buyers have a proper virtual idea of the development itself. Thus, find this and much more all on our one-stop portal at www.dxboffplan.com.

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